Giada Slim i30 nettop coming to America

Giada has a decent track record of pumping out lustworthy nettops with super slim, and awfully sleek designs. I’ve seen a few models at trade shows over the past few years, but unfortunately I have yet to see a single Giada nettop go on sale int he US. The fact that the Giada Slim i30 […]

Qualcomm reportedly investing $2 billion in Mirasol color eReader displays

While Pixel Qi has been grabbing a lot of headlines for its dual-mode LCD displays which can function as full color laptop or tablet screens or low power, high contrast eReader displays, the company isn’t the only game in town. Qualcomm has been working on its own solution: a low power eReader display with a […]

Kubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04.1 ready for download

The folks behind Kubuntu Linux have decided to drop the separate Netbook Edition once Ubuntu and Kubuntu 10.10 are released in a few months. Instead, netbook-friendly code will be baked into the main operating system and Kubuntu will automatically determine the best settings to use for your computer upon installation. But that doesn’t mean the […]

Acer may not launch Android tablet until 2011

Acer, like virtually every other PC maker in the world, is working on a Google Android powered tablet. But while we had been expecting the device to ship by the end of the year, DigiTimes is now reporting that Acer may wait until early 2011 to launch the tablet. The delay would allow Acer to […]