Toshiba Libretto W100 dual-screen netbook to ship in Japan next week

The Toshiba Libretto W100 is a tiny netbook-like device with twin 7 inch displays, allowing you to either view content across both screens or use one display as a virtual keyboard. It’s one of the most unusual laptop designs we’ve seen this year, and it’s expected to have a very un-nettbook like price tag of […]

Android 2.1 update for the Dell Streak tablet features improved keyboard, more

The Dell Streak 5 inch Android tablet isn’t available in the US just yet, but it’s already on the shelves in the UK for anyone who wants a huge phone or a tiny tablet running Google Android 1.6. What, last year’s OS not doing it for you? No problem. Engadget reports that Android 2.1 will […]

Acer introduces dual boot Android/Windows netbook in Taiwan

  As expected, Acer has started showing off a dual boot netbook called the Acer Aspire One AOD255. It can run both Google Android and Windows 7, and comes with software called the Acer Configuration manager which you can use to determine which operating system will load. Like other recent netbooks from Acer, the machine […]

OLPC XO Laptop with normal looking keyboard spotted in the wild

One of the defining characteristics of the OLPC XO Laptop is the little computer’s distinctive green plastic design, which extends to the keyboard which has a membrane-style keyboard that’s resistant to spills and dust. But if you’ve ever actually tried using an XO Laptop, you may find the keyboard take s a little getting used […]