Mirabyte FrontFace touchscreen UI for Windows now available for preview

While Microsoft has taken steps to make Windows 7 a bit more touch-friendly than earlier versions of the operating system, it still relies on tiny toolbars and other elements that were clearly designed for a mouse and keyboard rather than a fingertip. Mirabyte’s FrontFace user interface is designed to replace the default Windows shell with […]

Sharp positions its new eBook reader as an iPad competitor

The lines between eBook readers and tablet computers are getting thinner by the day. Companies like Pandigital are pumping out eBook readers with color displays that are basically Android tablets designed primarily to run eBook apps. And companies such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble keep adding functions to their dedicated eBook readers such as […]

KeyCase iPad Folio iPad carrying case turns Apple tablet into a notebook

Sure, tablet-style computers let you walk around the house pretending you’re in a Star Trek episode. They can be good for surfing the web, watching videos, or even writing short messages. But if you want to get some serious work done, nothing beats a full sized keyboard. But who says you can’t have your cake […]