Lilbits: Linux on Apple Silicon and the uncertain future of the LG Rollable smartphone

Apple launched the first Macs with Apple Silicon a few months ago, delivering a big boost in performance while also reducing power consumption. One downside of Apple’s switch from Intel processors to its own ARM-based custom chips though, is that you can no longer easily install Windows alongside macOS using Boot Camp, and for a […]

Intel ends 2020 on a strong note thanks to “record notebook sales,” but 7nm chips aren’t coming until 2023

After years of stagnant or declining growth, global PC shipments were up in 2020 due largely to an increase in notebook sales as people hunkered down to work and school from home during the global pandemic. And it looks like Intel rode that success to better-than-expected revenue. In the company’s latest earning report, Intel says […]

Report: Apple’s next MacBook Air will be even thinner, lighter, faster (and have a MagSafe charger)

Apple turned heads when the company launched the first MacBook Air in 2008 – a laptop that was famously slim enough to fit inside an envelope. Last year the company refreshed the line with a new model powered by the company’s M1 processor that delivers powerful performance, long battery life, and a fanless design. So […]

Lilbits: New displays (90 Hz OLED for laptops, 10.3 inch color E Ink for eReaders and tablets)

After years of 60 Hz displays being the norm, many smartphones are now shipping with LCD or AMOLED displays that have a refresh rate of 90 Hz or higher. But laptops? Up until now you’ve been able to get an OLED screen or a 90 Hz or higher display, but not both at the same time. […]

These Linux laptops have Intel Tiger Lake chips, 15.6 inch screens, and weigh less than 4 pounds

System76 and Tuxedo Computers are both taking orders for new thin and light laptops with 15.6 inch displays and support for up to a 28 watt Intel Core i7-1165G7 Tiger Lake processor. As far as I can tell, the new System76 Darter Pro and Tuxedo InfinityBook S 15 are based on the same OEM design, since the […]

Tucows Downloads is retiring after hosting freeware and shareware for nearly 3 decades

Once upon a time when the web was young and trustworthy sites for downloading Windows software were hard to find, TUCOWS emerged and quickly became a top destination for folks looking for the latest versions of freeware and shareware applications, eventually adding support for Linux, Mac and a handful of other operating systems. Nearly 3 […]

Pimoroni introduces PicoSystem portable game system (and other gear) powered by Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 chips

The new PicoSystem handheld game system from Pimoroni is a tiny gaming device with a 240 x 240 pixel IPS LCD display, four buttons, a D-Pad, a Lipo battery, and USB-C port for power. It’s also powered by Raspberry Pi’s new RP2040 microcontroller and supports a software library for coders who want to create their own […]

Beeper puts 15 different chat protocols into one app (even brings iMessage to Android… kind of)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got seven different chat or instant messaging apps on my phone because some people I communicate with regularly use WhatsApp, others use SMS, Discord, Hangouts, and so on. A new app called Beeper is designed to let me (and you) delete some or all of those apps and […]

Raspberry Pi launches custom RP2040 microcontroller and $4 Raspberry Pi Pico board (plus 3rd-party hardware)

Nearly a decade after debuting its first $35 single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching a new Raspberry Pi Pico that sells for just $4. It’s so small and so cheap that you get one free when you buy a copy of the February 2021 edition of HackSpace magazine. But the Raspberry Pi Pico isn’t […]

Lilbits: Asus ROG Phone’s light show, GPD Win 3, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is free for small workloads

The Asus ROG Phone line of smartphones are designed for gamers… and they tend to pack features that only a gamer could love or need like multiple USB ports, ultrasonic “airtrigger” buttons, and support for clip-on accessories including game controllers, desktop docks, and cooling fans. Last year’s ROG Phone 3 had all of those features, […]

ZimaBoard is a hackable single-board server with Intel Apollo Lake (crowdfunding)

Folks have been using inexpensive single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi to create DIY home servers for about as long as inexpensive SBCs have been a thing. But the ZimaBoard is one of the first I’ve seen that’s custom made to be used as a DIY, hackable server. The ZimaBoard is a small, fanless computer […]

One Mix 4 is a 10.1 inch mini laptop with up to a Core i7-1160G7 processor

As revealed last month, the next mini-laptop from One Netbook will be a little less mini than usual. The upcoming One Mix 4 is a laptop with a 10.1 inch touchscreen display and a 360-degree hinge that lets you use the computer in laptop, tablet, tent, or stand modes. Now the company has revealed a few more […]