The company behind the Android-powered AYN Odin handheld game console have announced they’re working on a new model with a nearly identical design, but one key difference: the AYN Loki is a handheld gaming PC that runs Windows.

According to a brief teaser video, the Loki will be “the most affordable Windows handheld ever created,” with prices starting at $299 $239 for an entry-level model with a 12th-gen Intel Core processor or $499 for models with AMD Ryzen 6000U chips featuring RDNA 2 graphics. Update: The AYN Loki is now available for pre-order, for $239 and up, and it comes in four different versions: AYN Loki Mini, Loki Mini Pro, Loki, and Loki Max.  

AYN will offer several different configurations of the Loki handheld, including an entry-level AYN Loki Mini priced as low as $239, with a choice of an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor based on 12th-gen Intel Core architecture or an AMD Mendocino processor, which is a budget chip that combines Zen 2 CPU cores with RDNA 2 graphics.

While AYN had initially teased only the Intel option, the company seems to have decided to offer an AMD Mendocino option in the days following rival handheld maker AYA’s announcement of the upcoming AYA Neo Air Plus handheld gaming PC which with an AMD Mendocino processor and $289 starting price.

Higher-priced versions of AYN’s Loki handheld will feature AMD Ryzen 6000U series chips with Zen 3+ CPU cores and higher-performance RDNA 2 integrated graphics.

Loki MiniLoki Mini ProLokiLoki Max
Display6 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels

Intel Celeron 7305 (Alder Lake U w/5 cores, 5 threads)


AMD Mendocino (Zen 2)

Intel Pentium 8505 (Alder Lake U w/5 cores, 6 threads)


AMD Mendocino (Zen 2)

AMD Ryzen 5 6600U
Zen 3+ architecture
6 cores / 12 threads
AMD Ryzen 7 6800U
Zen 3+ architecture
8 cores / 16 threads

12th-gen Intel UHD @ 1.1 GHz w/48 eu



AMD Radeon 660M
6 GPU compute cores
AMD Radeon 680M
12 GPU compute cores


LPDDR4x-4266 (Intel)

LPDDR5-6400 (AMD)

8GB / 16GB
LPDDR5-6400 MHz
LPDDR5-6400 MHz
M.2 2230 PCIe NVMe SSD
microSD card reader
128GB / 256GB / 512GB
M.2 2230 PCIe NVMe
microSD card reader
M.2 2230 PCIe NVMe
microSD card reader
WirelessWiFi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
Battery26.5 Wh40.5 Wh46.2 Wh
PortsUSB 4.0 (Intel) or USB 3.2 (AMD)
3.5mm audio
microSD card reader
3.5mm audio
microSD card reader
ControllersFull controller w/Xbox-style layout
Hall Sensor Analog Triggers
Rumble support
Size & weight15mm thick

362 grams

20mm thick






Colorstransparent black, whiteblack, whiteblack, whiteblack, white
Price$239$279 (Intel)
$299 (AMD)
$489 (8GB / 128GB)
$579 (16GB / 256GB)
$649 (16GB / 512GB )

UpdateWhen AYN first unveiled the Loki Mini and Mini Pro, the company said the Intel models would be available with 9W Celeron 7300 and Pentium Gold 8500 processor options, and priced at $249 and $299, respectively. But, most likely due to competition, the company has upgraded the specs for those models to 15W Celeron 7305 and Pentium Gold 8505 processors, while dropping the prices to $239 and $279. 

Backers of the AYN Odin crowdfunding campaign will be able to save $25 to $100 off those prices when ordering a Loki. And according to Taki Udon, the storage is user replaceable, which means that folks who order one of the lower-priced models may be able to upgrade to a larger SSD.

via  @AYNTechnologies (Facebook)

While the teaser video makes it look like at least some models of the AYN Loki will be the same size as the company’s Android-powered Odin handheld, YouTuber Taki Udon says that not all of the Loki models will be the same size, suggesting that the “mini” and “max” refer to more than just the pricing and specs.

That’s not to say that the new model is identical to the Odin when it comes to physical design. It looks like the Loki’s display may be a little smaller than the Android-powered Odin’s 5.98 inch, 1080p display

Another way in which the AYN Loki looks a bit different than the Odin: the company’s Android-powered Odin has action buttons with a Nintendo-style X, A, B, Y layout, while the Loki will have an Xbox-style Y, B, A, X configuration. That change makes sense for a Windows handheld, since Microsoft’s operating system includes native support for Xbox-style controllers.

Other details we can glean from the video include that the USB-C port, audio jack, and microphone all remain unchanged, as do the rest of the buttons, analog joysticks, and the D-Pad.

/r/LokiHandheld (via u/TakiMaki_YT)

It’s unclear when the new AYN Loki will be available for purchase, but you can find more details about the company’s existing Android-based AYN Odin handhelds with ARM processors at the AYN website or its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

That model is available for purchase with prices starting at $197 for an AYN Odin Lite with a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor and Android 11 software (although that model has yet to ship), $239 for an Odin Base with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and Android 10 software or $289 for an Odin Pro with a Snapdragon chip, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Just keep in mind that company is still working to ship units to folks who’ve previously backed the crowdfunding campaign. So you may want to check AYN’s Shipping Dashboard page or Indiegogo updates to get a sense of how long it will take for orders placed now to be delivered.

via Taki Udon, Taki Udon’s Discord server, and Ayn.Technologies (Instagram)

This article was first published May 25, 2022 and most recently updated May 30, 2022 with additional information about the processor and pricing options.

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75 replies on “AYN Loki will be a low-cost handheld Windows gaming PC (from the makers of the AYN Odin Android handheld)”

  1. Taki said that the preview pages will be available at least 24 hours before reservations go live. They also won’t waste people’s time with a pointless “conference“.

    The preview pages might go up today or it might not. That’s what he said but delays seem to common in this space.

  2. Seems like that Mini and maybe even the Mini Pro if it’s not too chunky with its larger battery will be the next realistically pocketable x86 handheld since the Win 2. Too bad the AIR lost the pocketability test with those longer sticks.

    At this price, I’m really tempted to drop my keyboard requirement and finally replace my Win 2 if the Mini is as pocketable as the Odin.

    1. Unless GPD announces a real Win 2 successor (not that 7” screened garbage the Discord fanboys are passing around), then I’ll be getting the Intel Loki Mini. Pro if it’s still at least jacket pocketable.

      GPD has until whenever my Loki reservation is up to at least paper launch a Win 2 Redux. If after, then sucks for me since the money has been spent.

  3. I’m getting the Mini unless the Mini Pro is still pocketable with its larger battery.

    1. Same. The Mini seems very attractive at this price and if it’s as pocketable as the Odin.

  4. I guess they delayed the specs reveal. Probably changing their SKUs. Most of it is just text and renders after all.

    They’re even teasing a lower end AMD Mini that could be the Mendocino. Bet that SKU didn’t exist a few days ago…

    Really hope this paper war actually results in delivered devices this year.

    1. I gotta admit it’s pretty weird watching you guys talk about these two chinese handheld computer brands keep promising increasingly competitive devices within the span of like a week. Kinda seems like one of those things that shouldn’t be happening, but I’m not sure why exactly it shouldn’t or what to expect from a situation like this.
      Since I don’t even want a handheld right now I don’t care enough to research all the drama that’s apparently happening on discord or who owns both brands and what factory actually makes these things, but I guess I’m feeling increasingly inclined to say “wait for someone to review the product before you buy it”.

  5. Hopefully they don’t delay the announcement again. The hype they’ve created could just as quickly turn into negative sentiment with people starting to speculate on things. Usually not positive things.

    1. It’s already starting. Seeing people speculating overly inflated specs that will for sure result in people believing it to be disappointed and some just making up negative things.

  6. I’m guessing several of the AIR and Loki models weren’t even a thing a few days ago, haha.

    It’s nice that these companies are trying to one up each other fighting for consumers’ money. Competition is great!

    Hopefully they all actually deliver and not just putting whatever out there to take away attention from each other and then figure out the details later. For now, I’m looking at the Loki Mini/Mini Pro to semi-replace my pocket friendly Win 2.

    1. Looks like there’s a Mini Pro with a bigger battery now. Not sure what the CPU is.

      They’re starting to get into AIR level SKUs. Although, this increases the chances of finding the model that’s just right for me.

      1. I’d like to throw money at this Mini Pro. When and where can I do this.

  7. When are we getting more info on the Mini and 6600U Lokis? These seem to be the handheld to get so far. Still need some full info though.

  8. Well, all of the gazillion AIR SKUs were just all big disappointments.

    Now I’m looking forward to the Loki announcement. I’m sure it won’t be a long waste of time like AYANEO’s. They really should stop Arthur from making videos and posts. So many pointless words and so little info.

    1. The AIR ended up being a huge letdown. I bet the AIR PLUS wasn’t even a thing 3 days ago…

      Hopefully tomorrow’s Loki event isn’t a bunch of wasted time like the AIR one today that could have been a 5-10 minute video.

      1. Looks like it’s delayed a few days so they can adjust their coupon model for existing Odin owners. Odin owners were complaining about how it works.

  9. If any of these is as pocketable as the Odin, then I’m in. The AIR’s sticks stick out too much to pocket so I lost interest in that.

    Not a real Win 2 replacement but pocketability is a major feature to me.

      1. I guess no free GPD devices for Phawx. Haha

        He’s less trustworthy than MVA now.

  10. Taki posted this:

    Ubuntu support! I’m sure other distros will work as well! Not just GPU drivers but I was concerned about other things. Suspend hasn’t been reliable on the other non-Deck handhelds plus those back buttons, RGB control and other things could have problems. However, official Linux support hopefully means they’re all working great!

    I wonder if they’ll work with Valve for SteamOS integration. The game mode UI is great when you don’t have a keyboard plus those perf controls are nice.

  11. Full reveal (just renders?) and reservations supposedly start tomorrow! Definitely eyeing whichever one is pocketable to replace my Win 2. Too bad it’s not a pocket clamshell though.

  12. I’m very much torn between the Intel and AMD models. Alder Lake CPUs are actually very powerful but the Intel UHD GPU probably leaves much to be desired… However it’s a very good price. I would have to see benchmarks but the AMD model probably has a significantly more powerful GPU which probably matters more :/

    1. Ryzen 6000’s RDNA2 easily gives a thrashing to Intel’s Xe, which itself is only on par with AMD’s Vega, so the AMD model is the clear top choice here.

  13. If I can jacket pocket the 6600U one, I’ll get the 64 GB model and upgrade the storage later. I have some microSD cards I can use initially. I assume it has a reader like the Odin.

    1. I bet GPD, AYANEO and One Netbook are eyeing the Loki line really closely right now. The entire lineup from Mini to Max could be a huge threat to them if Ayn succeeds in making these.

      Neither keyboard nor OLED is going to make it up against these prices for a lot of people.

      1. GPD, One Netbook and AYANEO must be hoping Ayn is full of BS right now. On paper, the Loki series looks to be more of a threat than the Deck.

        1. Deck was always meant as more of a kick in the ass for the entire handhelds market. AYN bringing the Loki out the way they are is exactly the kind of response Valve was hoping for.

      2. Yeah, the Loki teases not only killed all the hype for the AIR but also resulted in less enthusiasm for any of the upcoming handhelds given the wide range of Loki offerings.

        The other 3 small (relative to Valve) players are going to have a hard time justifying their ever increasing pricing if Ayn actually delivers. Doesn’t matter what they have in their feature lists.

  14. Maybe the Loki name is the umbrella term for their Windows line of varying sizes. Similar to GPD’s Win. If so, I’m definitely interested in the Loki Mini if it’s like the Odin. Very pocketable unlike the AIR.

    1. It’d be nice if the 6600U model is as small as the Odin but that Mini and Max naming does seem like references to size.

        1. I’ll get the most powerful one that still fits in my jacket pockets.

    1. If the Mini is the same size as the Odin with the same recessed sticks, then I’m getting it to replace my Win 2 as well since it’s pocketable and cheap enough.

      Too bad about no keyboard but at this price, it’s an okay tradeoff.

    2. I guess that money I allocated for a Win 2 successor is going to Ayn now.

      I’ll get whichever one is the same size as the very pocketable Odin. Saw Taki’s video on how the recessed sticks helps with pocketability.

      1. If Ayn makes good on a pocketable handheld with decent performance, then my Win 2 will sadly finally be replaced.

        GPD probably won’t get my money until they make a real Win 2 successor.

  15. If Ayn can really do this, then I wonder if it opens the doors (or push GPD) for a real pocket clamshell Win 2 successor since the Loki seems small. FSR via gamescope can only lengthen the usability of my Win 2 for so long.

    If GPD makes one, then I hope they ignore people asking for a 7″ screen (bezel-less or not). They really should make it no bigger than the Win 2 (6″ screen max).

  16. Please be real and not end up having some sort of severe limitation. At these prices, even the top of the line model is very affordable.

    The Odin seems very pocketable especially due to the recessed sticks. If the Loki keeps them, then it’d be realistically pocketable too assuming the video is accurate. Unlike the not pocketable AyaNeo Air with comparatively tall sticks that lost much of its hype now (OLED isn’t that big of a deal).

    1. Mr. AYANEO CEO hasn’t showed up on Discord ever since the Loki teaser. He was there on a daily basis pumping up the AIR until the Loki showed up…

      The AIR Discord channel has pretty much turned into a Loki one and doesn’t seem like that’ll revert anytime soon. At these prices, it may even steal some sales from the upcoming larger handhelds.

      I bet that AIR conference is going to try to make OLED seem like some sort of game changer, haha.

      Anyway, at least this is Ayn’s second device (ignoring all the Odin SKUs) so I’m less skeptical than I would have been otherwise. Hope this all turns out well for my bank account’s sake.

  17. My wallet wants to believe. Really hope this isn’t just a bunch of BS. At least this isn’t their first device which also undercut the exisitng Android gaming market.

    Let’s see what happens. This would put all those things people keep saying about costs in doubt. One Netbook, GPD and AYANEO prices have been going in the wrong direction for a while now. As if they’re “premium” devices. They won’t be able to take advantage of being the only one in market either. Not being Valve won’t be an excuse as well.

    1. Yeah, if Ayn really does live up to these claims, then everyone’s going to question the price of all the other non-Steam Deck handhelds no matter their form factor or gimmick feature those have.

      Really hope Ayn swoops in and becomes a major disruptor in this space. Might be more so than the Deck.

    1. I guess I’ll get the $499 model. I’m done with Intel. Unless “Mini” also means smaller since that’d be more pocketable.

    2. This can’t be true. A $299 Alder Lake model would likely be no better than a Pentium Gold model. Maybe a Pentium 8505?

      This would be worthless, because emulation gamers have plenty of ARM handhelds capable of similar performance. And PC gamers have no need for that level of performance. Maybe some people who want to play some older games, like Skyrim?

      1. seems like you really under estimate Alderlake Architecture, that pentium is faster than i5 10210u in multicore, and much faster in single core like 50%.

        also Emulation need fast single core, That pentium has better single core than i9 9900k or Ryzen 9 3950x which were desktop Top processor few years Ago.

        with windows you have Wii U, ps3 and xbox 360 emulators which are not available in Android, also Switch emulation is matured in Windows compare to android.

        1. I’m not worried about the CPU performance, it’s the GPU. It would be great for PS1, PS2, Gamecube, and some Wii games. But so are cheaper ARM handhelds, like the Odin.

          1. That Pentium has iris Xe G4 same Gpu available in i3 11th gen, its perfomance is around 940mx and its capable of Emulating switch and Wii U without a problem, Also in future Xbox 360 and ps3.

            Even Games like GTA v and Witcher 3 will be playable 720p around 30fps.

      2. Not really useless. People have been asking for a cheapo Win 1 tier handheld for a while now and that price would be fair for a Pentium handheld.

        1. And when i say Win 1 tier, I mean compared to everything else on the market.

      3. I don’t believe that has iris xe though. Would need to see what cheap ones have it.

        1. Fair enough. Technically even Intel’s UHD graphics for 12th-gen chips is based on Intel Xe architecture, but it’s likely that if this is something like a Pentium Gold 8500 processor that it’ll have significantly fewer GPU cores and lower performance than the chips that get Iris Xe branding, so I’ve updated the article accordingly.

  18. If Ayn makes good on their pretty big claims (I assume base model which may still be decent too), then I hope they enter the pocketable with keyboard space too. Clamshell (preferred) or slider. I’d take either.

    I’m reading even the high-end model is pretty affordable. Sub-$1000 USD (at least they’re teasing this range for existing Odin customers). Meanwhile other companies are getting closer and closer to the $2000 mark since they’ve passed the $1000 one a while ago.

    1. Seems like we’ll find out in 2-3 days on the models and prices.

      It may overlap with the Ayaneo Air stream…

  19. If Ayn isn’t full of it on supposed price, CPU generation and size, then this thing would be a major game changer. I too would just buy it despite being a keyboard fan.

    As someone who only knows what other people say (who probably are just repeating what they heard too) about how much these handhelds cost to build and sell, I’m skeptical. Although I also wouldn’t be surprised these OEMs are marking up their devices a lot since “business is business”.

    1. When these handhelds still costed just $300-700 (Win1 and 2) the “because designing and building these are more expensive than laptops” reasoning still made a lot of sense. Nowadays the prices have just gotten ridiculous. Yes, they used Atoms and Core-Y series chips back then and were cheaper for it, but even if U series and P series are more expensive the markups we see nowadays are just too much. $1200-2000 is crazy in our current market. Yes, back in the first couple generations of UMPCs (before 2010) and even before that with the IBM PC110 there were lots of units that sold for well over $1000 or even over $2000, but that was all before the smartphone boom. Nowadays we have tons of parts availability made for phones and tablets and the chip manufacturers all have powerful chips made specifically for tiny PCs. Even accounting for inflation these Chinese devices cost too much.

      Then again, they’re all likely accounting for low overall lifetime sales, so the prices are high to make sure their margins are good. Of course the Steam Deck seems to prove that lower prices will translate to way more sales, but Valve is already a big name in PC gaming and they have Steam to make up for any losses made on the Deck. These Chinese companies have neither the broad brand recognition nor a supplementary revenue source like Valve, so they’re kind of just stuck. So in the end, all they can do now is either rush to get the latest high end SoCs that will let them make handhelds that are expensive, but are at least more performant than the current best value handheld (GPD and One), or try to sell on the basis of having a smaller and more convenient model, but still decently spec’d (Ayn). Or both (Aya). Or, they could throw all that out the window and maybe try to sell something that’s big, ugly, slow as hell, and yet still expensive (Anbernic).

    2. For the consumers’ sake, let’s hope it’s all real. It’d be great having these companies duke it out for my money. The prices of these handhelds were getting ridiculous.

      Glad they’re not going for the bottom of the barrel quality and features too. I’ve heard mostly good things about the Odin after they started shipping more units.

    3. I’m a pocketable + keyboard fan too so I’ll probably just impulse buy the base model if it’s as cheap as they’re teasing.

    1. I hope Ayn remembers the Win 1 initially went for $299 USD in their “most affordable Windows handheld ever created” statement.

      I’m guessing they’ll have the default TDP lower but if all this actually ends being real/true, then it’ll be a game changer for the handheld market.

      1. At that price and specs, I’d throw out my keyboard requirement and get it anyway. I’ve mostly heard good things about the Odin so it doesn’t seem like a big risk either.

    1. Taki said it’s not ARM on his Discord so it must be PowerPC running Windows NT 4.0.

      Taki also implied he had a Loki prototype at one point.

  20. So I take this will compete directly with Aya’s Neo Air and Anbernic’s weird garbage in the low-spec, “low cost” segment. I would also say they’re all small, too, to help set them apart from the high-spec, low cost Steam Deck, but Anbernic’s thing looks GINORMOUS. But yeah, maybe GPD should return to the low-cost, low spec space with a real continuation to the Win 1 & 2 design.

  21. This killed much of the hype for the AYANEO AIR.

    Although I’m more interested in the SLIDE assuming it actually has recessed sticks to actually make it pocketable unlike the non-pocketable AIR.

    1. Since the AIR is not pocketable despite Arthur’s false marketing due to the sticks protruding like that, I’m guessing many people who’re interested in it is mostly due to the potentially low price but pretty good performance.

      If the Loki undercuts the AIR but still has decent performance, then AYANEO would probably lose some sales to Ayn. Maybe it’s true that all these other handheld makers are charging a significant markup and Ayn is just not playing that same game.

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