Fitbit’s new Alta fitness tracker is all about that bling

Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker is one that the company hopes you won’t be embarrassed to be seen wearing as an accessory. Instead of being ugly and stuffed with exercise-based bells and whistles, the Fitbit Alta is limited in its abilities. But it’s arguably the best-looking Fitbit wristband so far. That’s not to say the Alta isn’t […]

Would you buy a virtual reality device from Nintendo?

Nintendo is “looking into virtual reality” again… about 20 years after launching the ill-fated Virtual Boy. During an investor briefing, Nintendo officials mentioned they’re looking at VR, according to game consultant @serkantoto. In 1995, Nintendo was ahead of its time in terms of virtual reality. The Virtual Boy console allowed users to play games in stereoscopic 3D. […]

Cortana will now remind you to follow through on email commitments

Soon Windows 10’s Cortana digital assistant will be able to scan your emails and remind you of promises you’ve made. Microsoft calls the new Cortana feature “Commitments.” The process is similar to the way Cortana tracks packages and flights. When you’ve told your boss that you will have something finished by a certain date, or you […]

Make a ‘Raspberry Pi Preserve’ data storage

You can preserve a lot of things in jars, including fruits, vegetables… and data. Make Magazine has put together a guide for using a Mason jar into an aesthetically pleasing custom Raspberry Pi enclosure for storing media backup. It’s called a Raspberry Pi Preserve (that name!). Maker Matt Reed explains that he used BitTorrent Sync as the […]

Refreshable braille displays could allow the blind to read graphics

Researchers at the University of Michigan are working on a braille tablet that would display more than just lines of text. Thanks to the use of microfluidics, the tablet could display such complex information as graphs and charts, all while still being mobile. When touch displays became the new standard for mobile devices, it left […]

PlayStation 4 hacked to run Linux

Hacker group fail0verflow recently showed off a PlayStation 4 running Linux at the Console Hacking 2015 conference, marking the first time someone has managed to install a full-blown, desktop operating system on the game console. Although others have tinkered with the PS4 in the past, including a Brazilian hacker group that used a Raspberry Pi to break […]

Everykey 2.0 is a key to unlock…. everything

Cleveland-based startup Everykey produces a small device that’s designed to unlock practically anything with a password or key (including physical locks and car doors) when you get close to it. Walk away with the Everykey in your pocket and and your computer, phone, and car will lock up tight. The company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for […]

Stikbox hides your selfie stick in plain sight

The Stikbox is a smartphone case with the added bonus of having a selfie stick built right in. The company behind this convenient invention is seeking about $50,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter to put it into mass production. The iPhone fitted case is a simple hard shell cover that is relatively thin. That is, until […]