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Intel: Classmate 3 coming soon

It seems like just yesterday that Intel announced a major update to its OLPC-not-quite-killer, the Classmate PC. Now the company is poised to shake things up for a second time this year. PC World is reporting that Intel will announce details of the Classmate 3 laptop next month. While the Classmate 2 has a larger […]

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Sylvania gets serious about netbooks, announces G MESO

The upcoming Sylvania G MESO won’t be Sylvania’s first foray into the netbook market. But the original Sylvania G is basically just an Everex Cloudbook knockoff (which is to say it’s based on the VIA NanoBook reference design and has a 30GB hard drive, 1.2GHz VIA C7-M CPU, 7 inch display, and a tiny, tiny […]

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More than 8 million netbooks to ship this year

Taiwan’s Market Intelligence Center projects that more than 8 million low cost ultraportable laptops will ship this year — that’s a pretty impressive number for a market segment that didn’t even exist this time last year. The report suggests that number could more than double next year, with 18 million units shipping. The year over […]

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Naked photos of the Acer Aspire One with HDD, bigger battery

The FCC has published documents related to the next generation of Acer Aspire One Laptops. While the first models to hit the streets sported a 3 cell battery and 8GB solid state disks, the new versions will have hard drives and what appear to be 6 cell batteries. And as with any good FCC photo […]

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India working on a $100 laptop, take that Gartner!

Sure, research analysts at Gartner may say the mythical $100 laptop is at least 3 years away. But apparently the folks at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore never got the memo. Because IDG News reports that they’re developing a laptop that will be sold for just $100, (not $10 as earlier reports suggested) […]

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It’s official: MSI Wind with 6-cell battery gets a $50 price hike

Last week a version of the MSI Wind with a 6-cell battery showed up online for $570. While MSI had originally promised to release the Wind with a 6-cell battery for $499, the company scaled back its plans before launch date due to a battery shortage. If you’re lucky enough to have found an MSI […]