Samsung’s Six-core Exynos 7872 Packs More Power For Mid-range Phones

Samsung announced a new processor today, though not one that’s likely to show up in a flagship device like the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy S9. Instead, the latest member of the Exynos family is intended for mid-range phones. That’s par for the course for Exynos 5 series processors like the new 7872. It’s a hexa-core chip built […]

LattePanda Delta is a Powerful, Hackable SBC for the Windows Crowd

Two Decembers ago, DFRobot unveiled the original LattePanda SBC. The Atom-based computer could run Windows 10 and was also fully Arduino compatible thanks to its Atmega32u4 coprocessor. Now the company is ready to launch an updated version. It’s called the LattePanda Delta and DFRobot will be offering four different configurations. They start with an Intel […]

Intel takes a step back from maker boards and kills Arduino 101

Just last week, CNBC reported that Intel appeared to be bailing on the wearables segment. Now it looks like they’re also taking a step back from the maker board market.Intel has published a post on their developer community site that states the Curie-based Arduino 101 has reached the end of the line. A product change […]

Moto Z2 Force packs a shatter-proof screen and MotoMod support for $799

As they generally go, leakers got the jump on Motorola and gave us a fairly detailed idea of what the Moto Z2 Force would look like. Now that it’s been officially announced, it looks like the leaks were right on the money. The second-generation Z Force is built around an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor […]

Galaxy S8 Active leak shows Samsung sticking with a flat display

Samsung equipped the Galaxy S7 with a flat (albeit beautiful) display. You could opt for the Edge if you were looking for something  a little less traditional. With the arrival of the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s curved display went mainstream. The S8 Active, on the other hand, isn’t quite ready to make that jump. If the […]

Android O imminent after Google releases Dev Preview 4

Eager to get your hands on Android O, but not so excited about flashing a beta OS on your devices? You may not have to wait much longer for the next major Android release to drop. It could be happening in just a couple of weeks. Google announced today on the Android Developers blog that […]

Fairphone Retires Its First Phone Because Spare Parts Got Too Expensive

In May 2013, Fairphone kicked off its mission to offer consumers the most ethically-manufactured, repairable smartphone possible. Four years later, they’ve finally had to retire their original device. According to CEO Bas van Abel it was “a bittersweet decision,” but the company “simply reached the point where it is no longer possible to keep supporting […]