ForeverMap 2 brings maps and navigation to the Nook Tablet and Nook Color

When Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook Color then the Nook Tablet, they each cost far less than most slates on the market. The bookseller partially achieved this by leaving out some hardware, such as cameras, Bluetooth, and GPS radios. Despite this lack, it’s now possible to use both Nook tabs as GPS navigation devices. […]

How to stream Hulu on a Google Nexus Q

The Nexus Q is a media streaming set-top device (sphere?) that allows Android smartphone and tablet owners to play and control music, movies and TV shows from the Google Play store and videos from YouTube on HDTVs. If that seems frustratingly limited, it is. But since the Q runs Android and is hackable, the limitations […]

Microsoft unveils Bluetooth keyboards and mice for Windows 8 tablets

Microsoft’s Surface will become a real boy tablet in late October, debuting alongside Windows 8. And when it does become a reality it will have some useful accessories already lined up. The Windows Experience Blog went hands on with some new Bluetooth keyboards and mice designed specifically for Windows 8 and (of course) declared them […]

VINCI kid tablet now has matching app library

The VINCI tablet is one of many slate devices aimed at young children, but is one of the few (if not only) to be FDA safety compliant for youngsters. Since it runs Android, it’s capable of running most Android apps. Now the VINCI company is making finding kid-suitable apps easier with their new VINCI Kids […]

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity bootloader unlock released

ASUS finally released a bootloader unlocking tool for the Transformer Pad Infinity (Transformer TF700T). The Infinity is an ultra-thin 10.1-inch Android tablet with a full HD (1920 x 1200) resolution display and both Wi-Fi and LTE models. Unlocking the bootloader allows users to load custom ROMs onto the device and greatly increases the level of […]

Handwrite your searches with Google’s new feature

Google Handwrite is a new search tool for smartphone and tablet users. Instead of using the keyboard, users can now write out their searches on the screen. Handwrite translates your chicken scratch to text and inserts it in the search box. The tool is available to phones with Android 2.3 and up and tablets with […]

Nvidia Tegra chips will support new Miracast wireless display technology

The ability to beam content from a device to an HDTV or other large display is a coveted feature, especially now that media is spread out across tablets, smartphones, laptops and other portable devices. There are several different solutions, such as Intel’s WiDi, DLNA, Apple’s AirPlay and more, there is no universal standard yet. The […]