Apple patent filing gets us excited for potential hybrid Smart Cover/display

Last year around this time Apple filed a patent application for a flexible screen that looks like a seriously souped up Smart Cover for the iPad. Though a patent filing doesn’t mean that this product will ever come out, it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. Flexible displays have been on the horizon for years, so […]

Google’s beta culture infecting the hardware side of the business

Remember last week when I said that Google was moving its habit of beta launching software, getting tons of users, killing it, then resurrecting elements as different software had now moved into the hardware realm? We’ve now reached the “kill it” stage with the Nexus Q. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise for a […]

Microsoft releases Windows 8 to manufacturers, new tablets and laptops on the horizon

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 has finally reached the RTM stage, which means that the company is releasing the final version to manufacturers. Given that the operating system is due to launch in late October, this release comes right on time. And soon consumers will see the fruits of this labor. We already know about […]

Tablified Market update improves UI and makes app less ratchet

Tablified Market is an app that helps Android tablet owners find apps made specifically for larger screens. The Google Play store doesn’t do a very good job of highlighting tablet-specific apps or warning users when an app needs stretching to fit on a 7 or 10 inch display. Tablified Market takes that frustration away. While […]

More official Nexus 7 cases emerge, including keyboard folio

Accessories for the Google Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet are finally coming out of the woodwork. Official cases started shipping recently, and now UK site Mobile Fun is showing off even more ASUS-made add-ons. The two most interesting are the Rotating Stand Case and the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. Unfortunately, there’s no price information or firm […]

Install Jelly Bean on the Motorola Xoom without breaking root, locking bootloader

The 10.1-inch Motorola Xoom, the first Honeycomb tablet, is now the second tablet to get the official Jelly Bean release. However, owners who want to keep their tablet hackable generally hold off on official updates in case they break rooting or lock up the bootloader. Luckily for those users there’s now a way to get […]

Casio Paper Writer tablets combine digital pen and paper-based input

Casio’s Paper Writer tablets are designed for people who want a digital life but can’t let go of paper or are more comfortable dealing with a pen. The Paper Writer V-N500-WJ, V-N500-J, V-T500-WJ, and V-T500-J not only feature pen input on the tablet screen but also come paired with paper notepads that allow users to […]

ASUS Tablet 810 makes FCC appearance

The ASUS Transformer Tablet 810 (TF810C) is the company’s 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet running on an Intel CPU — not to be confused with the 10-inch Windows RT model announced at Computex earlier this summer. The Tablet 810 just made the obligatory FCC stop on its way to launch. ASUS still hasn’t released details regarding […]

Wikipad gaming tablet specs revealed, should ship before year’s end

Android gaming is finally maturing thanks to faster internals and a wee bit more excitement on the developer side. Gamers looking for the next great mobile platform on which to get their fix will want to check out the Wikipad gaming tablet. This 10.1-inch slate will ship with a removable controller that adds buttons, triggers […]