Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro Tablets

A few years ago when Samsung first launched the Galaxy Tab line, the company got a bit of a reputation because it seemed to put out a new tablet every other week. For a while there Galaxy Tabs proliferated at a rate only rivaled by ASUS’ netbook output. More recently Samsung backed off from that […]

Handwriting recognition broken on latest Galaxy Note models, here’s how to fix it (maybe)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition owners may have noticed that one of the more useful features available on these devices doesn’t work. The default Samsung keyboard includes multiple input options, including one that takes handwritten input. Samsung’s been offering handwriting recognition since before the company released the first Galaxy Note […]

Hands-on: the Dell XPS 11 is a sweet convertible ultrabook with a terrible keyboard

When the Lenovo Yoga first came out, the laptop/tablet hybrid turned people’s heads due to the cool 360 degree hinge that gave it the ability to bend over backwards. The main problem with the design is that in tablet and tent modes the keyboard sat exposed. Pressing on the keys wouldn’t do anything since the […]