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RunCore Pro V Series T50 Is First SATA III (6 Gbps) mSATA SSD

Solid State Disk maker RunCore has launched a new line of high performance mSATA disks. The RunCore T50 is the first SATA III rated (6Gbps) mSATA disk available, and it’s aimed at high-end portable laptops. Right now only a small number of systems actually use the mSATA standard and most are only rated for SATA II. But […]

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Review: MyDigitalSSD 64GB 50mm Bullet Proof mSATA SSD

Solid State Disks come in all shapes and sizes, offering low power, quieter, and faster storage alternatives to traditional hard drives. But they also tend to be more expensive. MyDigitalDiscount’s latest line of SSDs are relatively inexpensive solutions given the price. The online retailer has been producing a line of SSDs for netbooks, notebooks, and tablets […]

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DIY Eee PC BIOS Resurrection

Most of the time when someone says they’re trying to update or downgrade the BIOS on their computer, they simply mean they want to change the software running on the BIOS. But sometimes that’s not so easy to do without physically modifying the BIOS chips — and that’s exactly what Eee User forum member naviathan […]

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Wireless USB Single Chip from Wisair Announced for Computex

Wisair, a semiconductor company that is one of the few providers of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wireless USB solutions, have announced a new Wireless USB Single Chip CMOS solution intended for the tablet market, which they will be demonstrating during Computex Taipei exhibition next week. For those not familiar with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Wireless USB, the technology […]

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Toradex’s xiilun claims to be world’s smallest Atom E6xx PC

Toradex has introduced a tiny computer with an embedded Intel Atom E6xx chip called the xiilum. It’s based on the company’s latest Topaz.  The aluminum die-cast housing is just 6 x 8.9 x 1.6 cm. x86 single board computer (SBC) featuring the Atom chip and Intel EG20T chipset. Toradex says the xilium is the world’s […]

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Super Talent Announces New Small and Fast PCI Bus Gen 2 SSDs

Super Talent, a company probably best known for their budget Solid State Drives and Flash Memory drives, has announced a new CoreStore TM line of SSD solutions. The new drives use the latest Marvel controller (88NV9143) with new DDR ONFi 2 flash memory. And unlike most SSDs, which utilize a standard SATA interface, the Core […]

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Arduino Project: iPod Touch browser-based LCD sketch pad

Picture this: You draw or write something on your iPod touch, and it instantly shows up on a wireless display that’s linked to your iPod touch over a web connection. That’s exactly what young engineer Saeki Yoshiyasu has put together. He’s creatively used a Arduino, with a WebSocket server he wrote with Pythan/Tornado and utilizes HTML5, […]

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Microsoft Set to announce plans for ARM at CES

Bloomberg has reported that Microsoft may announce, and perhaps demonstrate (WSJ), a version of their Windows OS for ARM chips at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  While Microsoft is officially not commenting before the official event, it is expected their efforts will target low-power devices and adds support for a range of both ARM […]