Apple is reshuffling its portable media player lineup… by dropping the iPod shuffle and iPad nano.

This morning MacRumors noticed that Apple had removed those two devices from its website and store, and Apple released a statement to The Verge confirming that the company is “simplifying” its iPod family.

Basically the last iPod standing is the iPod Touch… but the company is making some changes (for the better) to its iPhone-without-a-phone.

iPod shuffle

The iPod touch is now available in two versions:

  • 32GB of storage for $199
  • 128GB of storage for $299

Up until today the 32GB model had been selling for $249, and the 128GB model sold for $399. There had also been 16GB ($199) and 64GB ($299) models, but Apple is killing them off.

While the iPod touch family is getting storage and price updates, the rest of the hardware remains unchanged, which means you still get a 4 inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display, an Apple A8 processor, an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front-facing camera.

You also get iOS 10 and support for the upcoming iOS 11. In other words, what Apple is killing off today is every iPod that doesn’t run iOS.

On the one hand, the move makes plenty of sense for a company that’s putting most of its eggs into its iOS and macOS baskets. On the other hand, there are situations where a small, screenless device like the iPod shuffle is simply easier to use than a touchscreen gadget like an iPod touch: running comes to mind.

Of course, while you can still pick up an iPod shuffle from third-party stores for around $50, there are cheaper options if you don’t need an Apple-branded product.

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15 replies on “Apple kills iPod nano and shuffle, increases iPod touch storage (and drops price)”

  1. Why does the iPod touch still exist? I mean unless they sell it for only $20 what is its real purpose? Can’t you just use an old iphone or a non-active android phone for the same result?

  2. Shame, those iPod Shuffles were great for my morning runs, a lot more practical than carrying a smartphone (I hate those armbands things).

  3. You could go buy an iPhone SE from Best Buy that’s locked to Straight Talk, Total Wireless, or Simple Mobile for $160, it’d be more of a steal than buying a new iPod touch if you really wanted an iPod. Just don’t activate it.

    1. I was about to post something similar – I have seen 5S iPhones recently from $100 to $150 — isn’t the 5S about the same as an iPod?

  4. > what Apple is killing off today is every iPod that doesn’t run iOS

    Apple behaves, too often, like a small company with limited resources. The expensive products mentality because niche and/or smaller market. Maybe that’s what helps keep them focused… I dunno’…

    I’m not an Apple user – just someone looking in from the outside. It used to feel that Apple was full of possibilities – even going back to the 80s when they were juggling a few OSes and product styles. Now they just feel confining. Even their laptops feel confining.

    Back on topic… I wonder how the $1.50 mp3 player you linked to is holding up? Years ago when the Nano was out, I ebayed a chinese nano-clone for $5. It was great to go jogging with – so lightweight but it gave out in about a month.

    1. I am sure Apple would keep selling non IOS iPods if people were buying them. I don’t know for sure what the market is, but I haven’t seen an iPod out in public in a long time. Even at the gym, people are listening to music on their smartphones. Now that the 128 GB touch has had a price reduction, I may pick one up to use as a pda, maybe.

        1. Or buy one of those pay as you go phones…and never pay. I bought one tied to T-Mobile and pulled the SIM card out before I ever turned it on. For less than $40 I got a great podcast/music player. Pay $200 – $300 for an Apple product to do the same thing? Crazy!

      1. I had not thought of an iPhone SE for use as a pda. Less money for a better device. I’m going to look into that. If I can really get it for $160.00 without committing to contract, that would be great.

        I thought about an unlocked Android phone, but I have too many IOS apps that I use on a regular basis. I don’t want to buy them all again for a new platform. FYI, I am not an “IOS is better than Android” person. My preference is IOS because I have a lot of apps for IOS and workflows built around these apps.

        1. If you are planning on using it as a PDA that is understandable. You have a lot invested in the Apple ecosystem. The article was more about media players. If you just want something to play music/podcasts/etc. a cheap Android phone is the way to go.

        2. I just checked. Indeed, Iphone SE is $160 on Wal Mart’s site(that’s what came up first in my search. These are locked versions to various prepaid carriers such as Straight Talk as was mentioned in a previous post. I’ve used unactivated, locked Android phones before. I see no reason you would not be able to similarly use an Iphone unactivated as a PDA.

          1. On the websites I checked, the 160.00 price was for the 32 GB model. I would like to get the 128gb model. So far, the prices I have found for an unlocked 128gb iPhone SE have been in 300 to 400 dollar range. Has anyone see any cheaper prices for the 128gb iPhone SE.

          2. I meant to include the detail that it was 32gb. In my opinion, that’s quite usable and it’s a good price. What you want is your choice, of course. You mentioned the phones you looked at are unlocked. Unlocked versions will be more expensive. Best price I’ve seen on a locked iphone se 128gb is 260 or so(plus tax) direct via Boost Mobile.

    2. Apple is sticking with the business plan that’s made them one of the most profitable corporations in the entire world.

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