The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 may be the thinnest, lightest 10 inch tablet around. But it’s certainly not the smallest Android tablet, not by a long shot. I got a chance to spend some quality time with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the other day, but I brought along an HTC Flyer 7 inch tablet to see how the two little guys compare.

As you can see in the image above, the tablet with the 7 inch screen is smaller than the one with the 10 inch display. But you already knew that. The Flyer is also lighter, weighing around 0.9 pounds to the Tab’s 1.25 pounds. And it fits more comfortably in one hand.

That said, the Flyer is actually quit a bit thicker than the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

That picture is actually a little deceptive, since it shows the bottom edge of the HTC Flyer which is actually the thickest part of the tablet. But at 0.52 inches thick, the Flyer does look downright chunky next to the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The HTC tablet is lighter, but it’s surprising that it’s not really that much lighter. While most 10 inch Android tablets weigh 1.5 pounds or more, the Galaxy Tab’s 1.25 pound weight makes it feel like a whole different class of device. But it still feels like a machine that’s meant to be held in two hands rather than one. The 10 inch widescreen tablet just feels off balance when you try to hold it in portrait mode like you would an eBook reader.

Another key difference between the Flyer and the Galaxy Tab is that the HTC tablet has a slot for a microSD card. You might not notice this at first, since you have to slide off a portion of the back cover to get at the microSD card slot. But that’s true of most Android smartphone as well.

I know you’re going to want to know which tablet is better, but that’s a tough question to answer. One is a 7 inch model with a 1024 x 600 pixel display, an optional digital pen, and Android 2.3 while the other is a 10.1 inch model with a 1280 x 800 pixel display, an advanced 3D graphics chip, and Android 3.1 Honeycomb. I suspect each will appeal to different people for different reasons.

I also haven’t really spent enough time with the Tab 10.1 to come to any real conclusions, but I should be getting a demo unit soon.

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37 replies on “An HTC Flyer crashes the Samsung Galaxy Tab party”

  1. 1. I totally get your title. 2. I have no idea why people are being such jerks since you even stated you didn’t have a concrete conclusion. Thanks for the specs summary

  2. You know, I must say that I appreciate you taking your time to compare devices in general. People like me who like to review products before we commit to a purchase need writers and researchers like you.
    Now, based on the actual responsibility, which you assume when you decide to post information that is supposed to assist consumers make a choice on the web, I humbly opine that your article deserves a failing grade.1. The title, irrespective of your explanation after the fact, was misleading and therefore a terrible title.2. You really do not compare anything in this article. I am an avid automobile enthusiast and I write some racing reviews. A comparison of the sizes of two cars without any mention of performance, feel or even something as subjective as designer accolades is useless to my readers.I apologize, but I cannot be kind about this. You have wasted precious minutes of a lot of readers’ lives with your pointless article. Like you clearly stated in the second sentence of your second paragraph, “WE ALREADY KNEW THAT”! Everything in your article (and sadly, more indeed) could be gleaned from a casual, one-minute inspection of both devices at any run-of-the-mill electronics shop.Anyway, I urge you to keep writing by all means. We need good writers in this modern world of jumbled information. But please take constructive criticism from your readers. They are, after all, the ones for whom you write. More importantly, wisdom cometh from hearing.

  3. You comparing an Apple to an Orange. Even though, you can not compare the Samsung, which is the best in the tablet so far to the Flyer.

    1. A) What’s wrong with comparing an apple to an orange? They’re both fruits (and they’re not usually capitalized unless you mean I’m comparing the computer maker with the French telecom). It’s not like I’m comparing an apple and a helicopter. 

      B) How do you know it’s the best tablet so far? Do you have one? It doesn’t go on sale in its final form until tomorrow. Even if you do have one, have you tried every tablet?

  4. Wow.  I can’t believe the crap Brad is getting for this minor post.  You lot need to get a life or some tranks.  I thought it was interesting.  First time I’ve seen the two tablets pictured together, for one.

  5. Omg, you are saying” the 7′ one is smaller than the 10.1′ one, but you already know that?” What’s the point of such comparison?
    And you are saying the 7′ one is lighter than the 10.1′ one, worst review ever I read. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 only have something like 580g, while the 10.1′ Xoom/Transformer all weights 730g, huge improvement, not to mentioned the 8.9′ iPad is heavier than Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    I don’t think you have clear idea about what you want to say for HTC Flyer, or just want to help the Flyer’s sales. Compare the HTC Flyer with the 7′ Galaxy Tab might have some good looking, but we already have the HoneyComb 10.1, Flyer is outdated.

    1. on the OS aspect. 
      Oh, the 8.9 iPAD 2 is still heavier than the 10.1′ Galaxy Tab 10.1

  6. Wow, one of the worst reviews in recent days. Flyer is not crashing anything. Look at that thickness!!! Tab 10.1 is prohibitively better than Flyer in every aspect. Even my original 7″ Galaxy Tab looks better than Flyer. Unreal.

  7. We have a 7 ” tablets, and LOVE them. They are so convenient for what we actually use a tablet for. I can’t imagine riding along in the car playing with a 10″ tab, reading a book on a 10″ tab, or even scrolling through pics on a 10″ tablet. We van bring the 7″ anywhere, set it in the console of the car and play Sirius/XM, Pandora, or Rhapsody, then pick it up and check for directions, etc… it fits in our “manbags”, we don’t look to pretentious when we pull it out to do something on it. It’s light enough to pass around so people can look at a pic.

  8. i will be more interested in comparing galaxy tab 7 and htc flyer. galaxy tab 7 is a great media hub throw in any file and it plays very well except 1080p. it also plays mkv file.

  9. Is it just me or is the Sam10.1 screen separating (left corner) in the second picture? 

    1. and this has the retail white back cover, so this issue is also on the retail version??????

  10. I like your tablet comparison posts.  You seem to be pretty unbiased unlike other sites out there.  I’m looking forward to a Tab review, especially battery life and build quality.  The Flyer sure looks thick compared to the Tab, but I would suppose being 7″ and being able to do digital pen input makes up for that.

  11. Thanks love the article it just made it harder for me to chose I love how much thinner the galaxy tab looks and also how nice and simple the design is but I love sense ui! decisions decisions

    1. The flyer is pretty slim and feels great in the hand. But yeah, nothing I’ve used (with the possible exception of an iPod touch) is quite as slim as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. 

  12. Actually I found it to be a very interesting post.  I see no reason why two different sized tablets from two different manufacturers can’t be contrasted. In fact of late, I have been weighing the advantages of owning the soon-to-be-released 5″ Samsung galaxy player over a 7″ tablet (Samsung or otherwise).  I did the same thing when I decided to choose the Archos 70 over the Archos 101.

    1. Yeah, I’m intrigued by the 5″ Tab… it’s pocketable but has a larger display than a phone. Unfortunately it’s going to have a phone-like 800 x 480 pixel resolution. I’d love to see someone come up with a 1024 x 600px 5 inch Android device. 

  13. i m planning to buy an android tablet…

    galaxy tab and asus transformer are my choices..
    can u please add asus also to the comparison so that it will become easy for me to choose one
    will be very thankful to u.

  14. Author why are you comparing 10 inch tab o 7 inch. You have no point in this article to write. Also galaxy tab has dual core processor vs single core processor. You should not reviews because you happened to get that product. Maybe your intentions were not write like this but it really looks a trash article

      1. Wait a second, so you are suggesting that devices of similar build shouldn’t be compared against each other and that only devices of very differing builds should be compared?!?

        So comparing a VW Beetle to a Monster Truck — that is an appropriate comparison in your view, but comparing a Xoom to a Asus Transformer would be a waste of time?

        1. No. If you haven’t looked around, I’ve reviewed dozens of netbooks over the past few years, with virtually identical specs. It’s the little differences that make one stand out from the next, and so I cover those things.

          But it seems ridiculous that people are upset at me for comparing two devices that actually have some big differences. 

          1. It is the way in which you are framing this “comparison”.

            The title of this post “htc flyer crashes the samsung galaxy tab party”, along with some of the things you state in the meat of the article, suggest that the Flyer is a super device that trumps the Galaxy Tab… which many would suggest is not reality.

            It looks as though you got a few moments to handle this Galaxy Tab, and as such, your article should instead be a “Hands-on” type article, because that is what it is.

          2. Yeah, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the people complaining about this article didn’t get the reference I made in the headline. I literally went to a party that was co-sponsored by Samsung and took the HTC Flyer with me. That’s what it meant.

            I went out of my way in the post to explain that I wasn’t saying which one was better. I’m not sure what part of the article you’re referring to that claims the Flyer is superior… I thought I spent some time talking about areas where each wins. 

    1. Look at the heading you put htc crashes galaxy tab party. When I first read that I thought htc is bringing in 10 inch tablet with better features and speed than galaxy tab.

      1. Nope. I meant it literally. Samsung was sponsoring a party, and I happened to bring along an HTC Flyer to see how the two tablets compared with one another — at least in terms of physical design.

        Sorry if you felt let down by the actual article.

        There is a rumor that HTC is working on a 10 inch tablet code-named Puccini, but the company hasn’t confirmed those plans yet. 

    1. Sorry, I’m not understanding the question/insult. Could you elaborate? Who are you alleging is paying me… HTC? Samsung? Someone else? 

      And what exactly are you calling trash? My writing? The premise of the article? 

      If you can sharpen your allegation a bit so that I know what you’re talking about, perhaps I could respond. Or if you don’t actually want a response and just prefer to make generalized accusations that don’t make any sense, I suppose that’s your prerogative. 

      1. You are comparing apple with oranges . How can u possibly compare a 7 inch with a 10.1 inch tablet . If you want to why don’t u
        Compare HTC with. Galaxy tab 7 inch tablet.Then it will be at par.

        1. These are just the two tablets I happened to have access to the other night and I found it interesting to see how they compared — particularly because there *are* differences. I’m not trying to say one is better or worse than the other — just that while the HTC tablet is smaller and lighter, the Samsung model is actually *thinner*. They also each have their own distinct sets of features.

          I seriously doubt most consumers are in the market for 7 *and* 10 inch tablets, so I figured a comparison of two the most recent tablets, one in each size, might be useful. But I didn’t mean for this brief hands-on comparison to be the end all, be-all.

          If you look through the reviews section of this site you’ll find much more in-depth coverage of the 7 inch Galaxy Tab and the 10 inch Motorola XOOM. I’ll have a full review of the HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon as well. But when a manufacturer sends me an item for testing purposes I send it back after the review is complete, so unfortunately I can’t post side-by-side photos of every device I review. I haven’t had the 7 inch Tab on-hand for months.

          1. Being in the minority and planning to get several size tablets in different sizes, I found the comparison interesting. The more I see of the htc flyer, the lower it goes on my list of possible purchases. After seeing a view sonic 7″ side by side with the galaxy tab 7″, I am more interested in the view sonic as fitting my needs. Bottom line, I’m getting tired of waiting and this article help me to eliminate a potential choice. Thank you

        2. You mean like comparing Oranges to Tangerines.  Since these are not completely dissimilar devices aside from the size difference.

          Apples to Oranges would be more like comparing a x86 system to a ARM system.

          Besides, size isn’t the only considerations for everyone. Features and performance can matter as well, and believe it or not some people like to see all kinds of differences compared to better figure out which would fit their needs the best.

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