AMD’s first Ryzen chips are expected to ship in 2017, and the company has said that the octa-core, desktop-class processors are competitive with some of Intel’s most powerful desktop chips.

Now a leaked set of benchmark results from a French publication suggest that AMD isn’t kidding.

But Intel also has some new chips coming in 2017. BenchLife has spilled the beans on some changes in Intel’s roadmap, suggesting we could see some new desktop class processors unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

AMD Ryzen

AMD had already demonstrated the 95 watt processor’s ability to keep up with or surpass a 140 watt Intel Core i7-6900K processor in some tasks.

But you’d expect the company to cherry-pick the tests that show its processor in the most positive light.

It looks like French magazine Canard PC got a chance to run their own tests, and they’ve found that that the Ryzen processor offers performance somewhere between that of a Core i7-6800K and Core i7-6900K chip in most tests involving video and graphics encoding.

When it comes to gaming, the Ryzen processor is closer to a Core i5-6500 or Core i5-6600 chip. That said, while Intel still has the edge in raw horsepower, AMD’s chip should be cheaper and more efficient while still offering competitive performance… something that hasn’t always been true of AMD’s chips in recent years.

Intel Kaby Lake

According to documents obtained by BenchLife, Intel will show off its Kaby Lake-S and Kaby-Lake H processors at the Consumer Electronics Show.

H typically stands for high-power, or high-performance in Intel speak, while S means “performance optimized,” or fast… but not as fast (or power-hungry).

BenchLife says Intel has apparently scrapped the 18 watt Kaby Lake chips that had been planned for notebooks.

But the company is bringing back its R series processor line with new hexa-core 7th-gen Kaby Lake-R processors. As far as I can tell, the last time Intel released R series chips was with for its 4th-gen Core “Haswell” processors with chips like the Core i7-4770R, described as a “desktop processor based on a BGA1364 (mobile) package with high performance graphics.”

via TechPowerUp

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29 replies on “AMD Ryzen, Intel Kaby Lake-R chip details leaked”

  1. Anyone notice the presentation screen in the photo reads AM4 “platfrom” rather than AM4 “platform”? Spellcheck is no good if you don’t use it. Of course platfrom could be a new word I’m not familiar with.

  2. Well, I think because it’s an ES and an early version of the new arch. not to mention the new mobo ( and BIOS/EFI ), the CPU can be further optimized, for gaming purpose as mentioned already there’s no need for full 8C/16T, so the CPU with a lot of games can go for 4C/8T and bring more frequency then ( boost ), it’s just how much the CPU can boost it’s freq. with half of it’s core’s disabled while keeping TDP and thermal in optimum way…

  3. The men/women who comment on threads about these chips seem to be either brainwashed, addicted to controversy, or having nothing else that is fulfilling in their lives. Look at your wives…children…sisters… brothers…aren’t they more important than chips from Intel or AMD? Video cards seem to cause the same issues. A waste of time for both sides of the argument and…quite sad to see ANY threads littered with this nonsense on every tech site I visit.

    I think if there was an argument that should be discussed in the IT community…it is the usurping of individual rights by Microsoft’s Windows 10. Although…in all of their acclaimed wisdom…the IT enthusiast community rolled right over because they stand to lose access their beloved video games. Essentially…sold out – for nothing.

    Essentially…my heart is broken.

    Best Regards,


    1. I have trouble getting in touch with relatives at all hours of the day. Sometimes I take a break from hitting re-dial or knocking on their door to get an idea of what new parts are coming out.

      As far as Windows 10, well I have other freedoms to fight for.
      Gotta pick your battles, and by gum I’m gonna fight for 24 hours access to all members of my family. I mean- restraining orders don’t matter if you’re family, right?

      1. more to “the usurping of individual rights by Microsoft’s Windows 10” point.

        the IT community have in fact written many free tools for exactly this perceived problem.
        simply google “windows 10 privacy tool” and select the tool you require to disable all of these so called problems, or OC run another OS ,try “AROS” over Linux etc,etc for your everyday browsing and chatting ….

    2. au contraire Michaeld, “if there was an argument that should be discussed in the IT community…it is the” universal stipend in the fourth industrial age….

      and what will you all do with all that extra time to provide advanced experimentation for the good of all the worlds people and creatures there of…

      for instance , will you be the next Robert Murray-Smith…
      Hemp Battery – Almost Unbelieveable…
      How To Make A SuperCapacitor – Step By Step

    3. If everyday Internet discussion bothers you so much, get a taste of your own medicine, log out and go do something with your life other than preaching about issues that have been taken apart to death over and over again.

  4. Looks like a console CPU, without the on-die GPU. Hopefully Sony or Microsoft will buy this architecture, cause I am not.

    1. Xbox Two / Scorpio, maybe.
      Not for SONY, at least no new hardware for at least 3 years.

      AMD APU’s are great for light workstations and underpowered consoles, which is great for the likes of GameCube, Sega, Ouya etc etc. But SONY’s PlayStation has always been about mid-range performance. And MS’s Xbox was all about incredible hardware (and software) from PC’s, being brought to a console package.

      Which is why the Xbox One/S and the PS4/Slim have been incredibly weak offerings from both companies. And it is why, that if Nintendo went with 14nm architecture and the latest Pascal graphics, they could surpass PS4 graphics from a handheld device.

        1. Yepp. Based on what we know from rumours and specs;
          When mobile/undocked the Switch will be:
          – Slightly faster than a Tegra 4
          – Slightly faster than a QSD 650
          – About as fast as a QSD 805
          – About as fast as an Intel Atom X7-Z8750
          – Slightly slower than a QSD 653
          – Slightly slower than a Tegra K1
          << so it will be slightly slower than a Xbox 360 >>

          When console/docked the Switch will be:
          – Slightly faster than a Tegra K1
          – Slightly faster than a QSD 808
          – About as fast as a QSD 653
          – About as fast as a Apple A9
          – Slightly slower than a QSD 821
          – Slightly slower than a Tegra X1
          << so it will be slightly faster than a Wii U >>

          One way at simplifying/looking at the Switch is to say that it roughly performs on-par with the Tegra K1 (Kepler) chip found in the Nvidia Shield Tablet wether it is docked or handheld. Obviously docking will make a performance improvement, but it would be entirely used up all to scale the same graphics-level from a 720p resolution to a 1080p resolution.

          So it will be utterly destroyed by the likes of the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 7S Plus, and also the Xbox One. So again, developers will have difficulty cutting down their games and shoehorning it into this performance bracket, on top of the added difficulty of porting x86 deigned titles to an ARM architecture. Just like in Nintendo’s past.

          Overall, nothing special here guys, move along move along.

          1. That sounds decent. My shield K1 still slays asphalt 8 with highest settings, most difficulties are CPU bound which won’t be an issue for the switch. The key is battery, the shield K1 has crap battery life but the lower clockspeeds and chunkier frame might fix that. Also, some developers are saying it’d the easiest current gen console to develope for. (Thank god for Nvidia)

          2. It is decent, but it won’t be what Nintendo wants you to think.
            They want you to think this is a something like a PS4 that can go handheld/mobile, but its not.

            Overall we’re talking graphics-level slightly ahead of the Wii U, at 30fps, and jumping from 720p and 1080p resolution.

            That means it would take a lot of work to try to cut down, restrain, and shoehorn AAA titles. It’s not impossible, but its not very practical for developers who are aiming for the PC market first, then down-scaling already for the PS4 Pro and then the Xbox One. So development will NOT be easy.

            On top of that, there is the added complexity of running games on ARM instead of x86. The lower level coding you go, the better the performance becomes, but the harder it is to develop. I’m guessing both Nintendo and Nvidia will provide tools to make this easy for developers, but overall, it will still require porting or possibly a rewrite of titles. So this should be a big improvement over the likes of Nintendo’s Wii U.

            The easiest “console” to develop for would be iOS, if we’re talking about little games because the SDK is mature and well fleshed-out. Followed closely by Android which gives you a plethora of choices, but has a big performance hit due to its higher-level code. But both mobile systems require a from-the-ground-up write and no porting of DirectX AAA titles from big developers.

            If we’re talking about DirectX and AAA titles and real consoles, well then, the Xbox One S is currently the easiest console to develop for. Followed closely by the PS4 Pro and PS4, and then the Xbox 360 which is very hard to develop for (very underpowered) and the PS3 also hard (powerful enough but because Cell architecture).

            I think the Nintendo Switch will be almost exactly like history repeating itself.
            Lot’s of first-party titles from Nintendo.
            Some interest from third-party developers.
            And a plateau of decreasing interest for AAA titles after 2 years.
            Switch=GameCube, Xbox=XB1, PS2=PS4.
            Whilst the other two consoles continue to get all the attention and love for market share, interest, and titles.

            Besides, the mobile gaming market is dominated by iOS and Android.
            The DS/3DS/New-3DS had limited success in comparison, the PS Vita was a flop. Whilst the PSP had limited success as well, unlike the GB/GBC/GBA which were an actual success.

            So its stupid for Nintendo to attempt to compete with two ecosystems when we have two heavy hitters in both ecosystems; PS4/Xbox and iOS/Android.
            The only way that it seems feasible to succeed would be to go all out.
            However, all we know so far is that the Switch is clunky, not-well made, and underpowered……. so the other parties have nothing to worry about.

          3. The Switch was never intended to compete with the master race and the big two super powers. It was never Nintendo attentions and they for saw this. Nintendo is basicly focusing there games that were split into handheld or console into just one device for its future and its audience, due to change in market. Where dedicated handheld is no longer a thing due to mobiles. And Home console is not so popular itself anymore. As its interest is slowly declining down the road of history. Due to more people building there own super PC’s and connect it to a TV or to many electronics that can play games these days. 3rd party games are usually halfass & ultra half develop these days anyways. And too many rehash games from all type of developers. Cut & paste, change tiltle, person, place or things. But just the typical type of genre. At the ends it really doesn’t matter, because quality games is not a thing these days. Its only like 10% of the gaming industries as a hole actually makes promising quality at best games. While many other developers are dead, defunct, bankrupt, struggle, lose reputation, lose fan base and dies out of history. Too many to say. And Sony cant live wo the need of 3rd pt exclusive devs. Even so, too many games are not worth investing, except for a few. Like wise anyways. It not like 50 million PS4 owners will give 3rd pt devs 50 million success sale to every titles that ever existed on there platform anyways.

            this applies to every platform makers*) people only buy the few here or there. and sale off those that they were not satisfy with. or will not buy it at all, due to reviews from common source. beside waiting for price drops, which devs wont make the desire amount of $$$. also that your wrong about the nds. it was a very successful sale. it had over 150mil+ overall sales with lots of new original ip’s from itself and 3rd pt devs. ninty made billions from last gen alone along with the highly dislike wii by some people. and psp was pretty successful itself. the 3ds bearly hold its own, but pretty much still successful with unmatched sales result compare to psp and nds. at least 50mil plus. and it shows that ninty still makes billions. while psvita and wii-u are below 18mil sales and struggle badly side-by-side. they both flop, we all know it. welp at least vita have lots of games compare to the wii-u. but that means nothing if you can’t beat a simple 50 million mark done by its competitor at the same targeted market with lesser games title. greatness awaits its nothing, but a make belief hopes for idiots,. don’t matter and not necessary these day..the one and only true console survivor and future is always the computer that is hook up to the t.v. with 20+ controllers of any kind and hook up with usb hubs with all support for the ages and last forever and ever with amazing support. thats said. anyway, switch is a mobile at first then a console, due to mobility as a tablet. its only gonna get what is best for a mobile that is arm and nvidia mobile gpu that is well know to be efficient and capable out of all other brand maker. its not a pascal, but at least is not 3 gen old hardware that ninty usually built from. even if it was pascal base mobile gpu. its still inferior in specs in every way compare to original ps4 and xb1. switch still inferior in specs in either way regardless. what sales the switch? beside hype & interest. and reknown ip’s. nintendo can now focus all its ip’s to one device. no more seperate handheld or console skusdk. its games can be quality in visual and design. the gimmick to take it anywhere, play it on big screen or on the go. the convenience of entertainment^ this system will be a success, because there is only one focus in market for them. games will be self promoted, when people play it in-front of others to get there interest. that will gain more sales. high-end power or mid-range hardware is not good for this slim design..remember; powerdraw, cost, heat, durability & reliability. this is a tablet with a dry dock to display visual to the t.v. but you are right about history repeats itself. that usually does not change. its ironic, but most devs hate ninty anyways for years to come. so anyways the big two have no fear we this little company throw out the door.

          4. ^For some sh1t reasons half my writing mess up,. It Didn’t post right >,<`

          5. Lay off the drink, can hardly read this.

            Short long bottom of this is;
            – Nintendo can be a successful software/game developing company.
            – Nintendo can be a successful hardware/console selling company.
            – But they cannot be both, not with their usual recipe.

            Nintendo cannot continue to release a few games here and there, and attempt to sell their own hardware with massively weaker performance. None of the third-party developers care. And people are caring less and less about Nintendo’s first-party titles and are caring more and more about diversity and third-party titles.

            Instead of that gimmicky Nintendo approach (GameCube, DS, Wii, Wii U), which would lead them towards becoming the next Atari. They could probably be a lot more profitable business if they developed mobile games for iOS and Android, and sold games for Steam, Xbox One and PS4…. just like Sega is today, except much much better at it, and more in-line with something like quality like Naughty Dog or Insomniac studious.

            Or if they want hardware, Nintendo could probably be a lot more profitable if they released a home console back in 2013 against the PS4 and XB1. They could’ve charged higher like $499, made it slightly better, and built it with PC specs:
            Eg/ Intel Core i3-4130, AMD FX-6300, AMD FX-8350, Core i5-4460
            Eg/ 4GB-1600 RAM, 4GB-1866, 8GB-1600 RAM, 8GB-2133 RAM
            Eg/ GTX 750, GTX 660, AMD HD7950, AMD R9 290

            Any combinations of those specs beat even the Xbox One S/PS4 Slim.
            Even the weakest in the list; i3, smallest ram, and gtx 750 crushes them.
            Where the most powerful i5, best ram, and AMD 290 would exceed the PS4 Pro.
            And Nintendo could’ve possibly sold 50M units by now.

    2. WTF… this is a first class architecture, but keep buying Intel at unicorn blood price

  5. Do you think Apple will use the Kaby Lake-H in the Macbook Pro 15?

    1. Probably not, considering how they have been prioritizing slim form factors over actual professional needs the last 3 years.

      1. yea, it’s a real shame. Why do laptops need to be so thin anyways? We’re not going to stuff it into our pockets.

          1. I think cargo pants are closer, but yes. 🙂

            The new trend is to make the tightest fitting cargo pants in existence…

        1. I asked the same of my ultra-portable/convertible laptops… I finally settled for a plain ol’ windows workstation after 4 misses since ’12. Mac, ASUS, VIAO, Mac again… and finally and very reluctantly, IBM/Lenovo. The other laptops with similar capability are gaming laptops but with subtle compromises of their own for productivity purposes.

  6. In regards to the Intel “R” series, for audio users the extra cache on
    the previous chip was a true blessing, you simply use the CPU with a PCIe GPU and with that cache many “streaming” tasks (things that typically don’t parallelize well) saw a big enough boost that it’s preferred over almost any modern core up to the 6900K. So this new R chip might have some real legs…depending on application of course =)

  7. As it is mentioned from many, the ES sample used in Canard’s test was running at a low frequency. Also in most games if not all of them, no more than 8 threads are used, which means that not only Rysen loses to a 4core/8 threads i7, but even 6 and 8 core Intel processors lose to a typical 4 core/8 threads i7, because of their lower frequency.

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