Amazon offers a few different streaming music services, including Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music. But the company also lets users upload their own music collection to Amazon’s cloud servers and stream it anywhere… at least for another month or so.

The company has announced it’s retiring its free and paid Amazon Music Storage subscriptions. You can still sign up until January 15th, or upgrade an existing plan. But come January 2019, you’ll no longer be able to stream your uploaded music.

Up until now, Amazon’s offered two options: a free plan that lets you upload up to 250 songs, or a paid option that lets you import up to 250,000 songs. Both are being discontinued.

Amazon has already killed the ability to upload music using the Amazon Music app for PC or Mac.

But I’m honestly not sure why you’d bother at this point, since the service is on its last legs.

Google still lets you upload up to 50,000 songs to your Google Play Music library for free… for now.

via Neowin

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10 replies on “Amazon is killing off its Music Storage subscription service”

  1. I just called Amazon. Guy in the “music department” told me that while the service is going away, people who already have it are grandfathered in and still get to use it paid or free. So that’s good to know since i use it to stream to my alexa devices. But the part in this story saying come Jan 2019 you wont be able to stream confuses me.

  2. Here’s a thought, Congress is going to vote on Net Neutrality. It’s not over yet. So, why don’t we stop complaining and start writing and calling (barraging your zip-code’s representatives) and tell the Republican GOP Senators that they had better vote to overturn the FCC ruling. Ajit Pai is just a figure head of a government agency. Agencies can not truly act and pass these types of laws which is clearly a law of corruption and, Pai needs to be fired asap, without the backing of Congress and a measure by congress. Remind your Senators and Congressional Reps that the primaries (which we all need to start going to more than the main elections as those are were the crooks can be weeded out and the main 2018 elections are coming up and America is FED UP with the blatant corruption and we will vote the bastards that side with Pai, OUT OF OFFICE! We currently have 19 Republican Senators willing to vote for Net Neutrality to be restored. We need one more Republican Senator to over-rule the repeal of Net Neutrality. So, how about let’s stop complaining and start doing by calling and writing. Takes 10 minutes as you need only call 3-4 offices.
    We do what we can.

  3. This is going to make Alexa much less useful for me AND make me much less likely to buy music from Amazon 🙁

  4. With Net Neutrality about to die, I bet Comcast and AT&T will charge extra for the use of other company’s streaming services. Netflix has got to be scared. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box must all be in the cross hairs too.

    1. When ISPs start asking for more money for streaming services, I really hope that the streaming service makes it public which ISP is asking for more money and how much. It’s just a matter of time, but if it’s not made public knowledge, then we can’t prove the net neutrality naysayers wrong. People need to know why their streaming service bills go up and why free services are being discontinued.

      1. I think it would be AWESOME if Netflix raised the prices of one account at a time.

        So you’re on Verizon?
        Okay, Verizon is charging us 20% extra, so here’s an extra 20% on your bill. And label it as “Verizon Double Charge” on the Tax Invoice.

        Or say you’re on Comcast?
        Okay, Comcast is charging us 37% extra, so here’s an extra 37% on your bill. And label it as “Comcast Double Charge” on the bill.

        People will get fed up quickly on the subject. It’s about being transparent. And calling out injustices whenever you see it. That way people might end up signing up to which has the lowest fees, and this could tank Comcast/Verizon. Eventually there would be a carrier which doesn’t charge, and people would flock to it, until the entire industry pretty much tosses stops (ab)using it. The only issue is that this is only Netflix, other companies need to do the same such as Google-YouTube, Facebook, Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Hulu, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, etc etc

        1. I’m not clear what the situation is in the United States. Do Comcast and Verizon allow other ISPs to use their networks to carry data to individual homes? If not, it would seem that the upfront cost of building a new network would make it difficult for new competitors to get started. (My impression is that even a company as big as Google has run into difficulties.)

          Here in Canada, independent ISPs can use the existing cable and telephone networks to deliver data to end users, at rates set by the CRTC (the equivalent of the FCC). This allows the newer ISPs to offer services for competitive prices and/or without data caps.

          1. Yeah but the Government controls the existing cable and telephone networks. Good luck with that! Sooner or later ISPs competing to sell you better services becomes a joke when the Government controlled infrastructure everyone is forced to share becomes overloaded. When that happens, then Big Government will step in and “fix” the problem by taking everything over so they can be “fair” and sell everyone the same thing. It looks like that’s what is happening right now in Australia with their “NBN” thing – and what a mess that is.

  5. Wow, that was fast. Bandwidth is about to get extremely expensive. I’m sure all the tech giants are going to start paring back their services in the weeks to come.

  6. Uhoh. I liked Google’s service much more — the songs are also integrated into one list if you pay to stream, while Amazon’s music app needed two tabs at the top to switch modes — but I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

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