The Eve V is a surprisingly good tablet from a company that took a very unusual approach. Not only did Eve Tech raise money through a crowdfunding campaign, but the scrappy young company turned to potential customers for input on nearly every important design decision.

While that could easily have led to a too-many-cooks-spoiled-the-tablet situation, or a niche device that would have limited appeal, the tablet Eve Tech sent me to review in late 2017 was actually a really, really good machine.

Unfortunately it’s never been particularly easy to get your hands on one. After running a successful Indiegogo campaign, Eve held a flash sale before eventually starting to sell the tablet outright via its website.

But a glance at the Eve Community forum makes it clear that many customers are seeing long shipping delays, having problems getting refunds, and generally expressing their concern about the viability of the company.

Eve Tech officials have done a little to explain the situation, but as good as the Eve V tablet is, you should probably know what you’re in for before ordering one today.

Earlier this month Eve Tech founder and CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis tried to address customer concerns. In a nutshell, he said that the company is continuing to ship tablets… but that as of July 6th only about 65 percent of orders had been fulfilled so far.

A big part of the problem? After Eve Tech raised over $1.4 million through a crowdfunding campaign, the company transferred the funds to a PayPal account… and PayPal froze the funds due to what looked like suspicious activity. This isn’t the first time PayPal has done this sort of thing to a relatively high-profile user.

Karatsevidis says the company does have components to assemble more tablets, but since funds are only being unfrozen a little bit at a time, it’s slow going.

Meanwhile, the company is promising to issue refunds to customers who are tired of waiting… but that’s hard to do without funding as well. So the company has been seeking outside investment to augment the money that’s being tied up by PayPal.

Since the July 6th update, Eve employees have been posting weekly updates in the Eve Community forum, but for the most part they say something along the lines of “no change to report.” The latest update does suggest that the team is working on improving communication with customers, and dealing with shipping, replacement, warranty, and refund issues more quickly.

With a backlit, detachable Bluetooth keyboard, an active, pen, a speedy SSD, an excellent high-resolution display, and other top-tier specs, the Eve V is still a pretty great tablet… if you can get your hands on one. If you were thinking of ordering an Eve V tablet today, you might want to wait until the company is on better financial footing before pulling out your wallet.

Meanwhile, Intel’s next-gen Amber Lake-Y processors set to launch soon, the tablet won’t have best-in-class hardware for much longer. That could make the Eve V an even tougher sell… and it’s not entirely clear at this point if or when Eve Tech will be ready to launch an Eve V II (or Eve VI, or Eve W, or whatever the next in line would be).

Eve Tech Video Review (November 2017):

thanks for the tip, eve_v_review!

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22 replies on “After making a terrific tablet in 2017, Eve Tech is having trouble shipping units and supporting customers”

  1. I just saw what was said on Unbox Therapy and am glad that I did not precede with an order.

  2. Do not order this is a scam now. I have ordered one year ago and still no computer, and they are not refunding making all excuses. Yet they still have their website open to new orders, absolute joke and scam!

  3. The EVE V is a fantastic machine, even with the terrible delay I was very happy with it. But now I would go back and buy another laptop: simply there is no warranty service. No answer, no help desk, no refund, no assistance. Only an automatic reply… Sorry, but this Crowdfunding is a failure or a plain fraud.

  4. A fraudulent company! I bought this computer in April 2017 when it’s on cloud funding site, and received the computer Jan 2018. In August 2018, the computer stopped to start up. I contacted the company for repair, but after a couple of emails, the company stopped responding. Don’t buy if you don’t want a dead computer with no service support at all. $1400 down the drain! I am report this to the FBI and Finnish government.

  5. Hmm I guess the biggest issue is that a lot of the people from their flash sales are still waiting for units, not the IndieGoGo campaign. And despite struggling to ship, they are still accepting new orders on their website. I wonder how long it will take for an order put in today to ship?

  6. I have an Eve V 16G Ram, i7 and 512 GB SSD. It’s a brilliant device and I use it all the time when on the road travelling and frequent adhoc home use for media browsing, photo processing with PS and Lightroom, Office 365 and even MS Visual Studio. Ok it’s no rocket ship for processing hundreds of layers or multiple file projects but it works brilliantly for the things I do in a portable fashion in fact exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. It took a little effort to get it up and running reliably with my MS Insiders builds but with the appropriate drivers I’m now up running fine.
    The tragedy is how Eve are handling things now i.e promising without delivering and really poor communications. I have some accessories I ordered 18 months ago still to arrive despite my pleadings with them.
    I seriously hope they are able to turn things around as they have the skills technically and I’m sure the Eve gang are trying as hard as they can in the obviously very stressful situation they now find themselves in. Putting the raised cash in with Paypal, in hindsite, was clearly the wrong thing to do as now it seems they have a chronic cash flow issue.
    A real bummer. They really do deserve to have their company succeed.

  7. This is the third project I’ve been burned by, I’m done with it. I made a forum for people to raise awareness/communicate about companies like this
    Ironically, I wouldn’t have lost anything on the Eve V had I known they weren’t a company. All the reviews out there made me think they were much farther along and stable.

  8. Very unfortunate. I ordered mine in Nov. 2016, received it in early 2018. The tablet met my expectations, but the wait did not. Equally annoying is the fact that I had ordered some additional peripheral gear, second stylus and the like, and as of July 27, 2018 – still getting promises that they will ship my extras as soon as they can. I would advise extreme caution when it comes to placing a fresh order. Truly unfortunate as it is a nice device, here’s hoping they can pull off a miraculous recovery.

  9. Hi, I guess I am also one of the lucky ones. I got in around August last year and managed to get one delivered to me around December. For the price it’s a bargain next to a Surface, but yes there are obviously no comparisons when it comes to after sales support and I fear resale value given the current experience. So, touch wood, so far my device had been really good. Some glitches early on with touch and the pen, but software patches fixed them. I use it for work and leisure regularly and have been really pleased. Fingers crossed that this funding issue will be resolved soon and the eve can get on with making great products.

  10. Chargeback your purchase if you can and don’t buy if you haven’t yet. There are so many great alternative devices out there that come with none of the gigantic risk associated with doing business with Eve-Tech. They will take your money and then you’re at their mercy. #evev #evetech

  11. I have to disagree with some of the comments. While some backers did receive machines that had problems, many others (me included) received trouble-free machines that we have been using for many months and are extremely happy with. As the many reviews indicated, the V is an excellent compatitor of the Surface Pro.

    However, I do agree with the comments about how the company has handled sales and support since the backers received their machines. They seem to have built their business model on a fantasy – that they could ship to order without having any inventory or cash. Their communication is atrocious. As one person wrote, they know how to design a great computer, they just have no idea how to sell it. And to run a successful business, you need both.

    It is a great shame.

    1. I agree. I have had very few problems with the device. They knew enough to put it together, but the logistical issues may very well be the end of them – and that would be a crying shame, as they had the audacity to deliver a tablet that met some fundamental needs that Microsoft still has not addressed. Thunderbolt anyone?

  12. Say it with me: don’t pre-order anything from a company that relies on crowdfunding to make its product. Wait until they actually deliver to see how many promises they were actually able to keep. There’s a reason they had to resort to crowd-funding rather than a traditional business model. For companies that already have an existing business and revenue stream, crowdfund all you want. But for startups, crowdfunding is a huge red flag to me, and this is why.

    1. I pre-ordered on Indiegogo and got my tablet some moths ago.
      So they already delivered.
      As far as I know they delivered every crowdfunded device.

  13. Why in the world would anyone transfer that kind of money TO a paypal account? Are they paying their suppliers via paypal or something?

    Edit: nope, they had Indiegogo deposit the money into their paypal account, which seems slightly less bonkers but still not a great plan.

  14. Eve are not a great company and their product is not good. take it from me – i backed them from day 0 and contributed to the forum. i received the machine – all the bells and whistles possible – and it turned out that it was really made by a team of talented people. But, the machine performed terribly and i was forced to return it. Battery. Constant random shutdowns. Resolution issues. Freezing issues. Compatibility issues. You name it and it goes on. They are no more than a cute company that now refuses to give my – and others – money back despite continued support and patience.

    it’s clear they are a small fish in a big playground and the reality is that when you are running a business but using tools like paypal you have a problem. they are talented in the lab but have no idea about business. this company is going down and everyone will lose their money.

    do yourself a favor: go and buy a machine that someone has and can actually deliver.

  15. Paypal has always been a source of trouble for any company relying on it. And there they fucked up once again.

  16. I had ordered a top of the line unit when the indiegogo campaign started. I know they had issues with the screen, but this was delayed a LOOONG time. I had to leave my job and cancelled the tablet after a year of waiting. I was fortunate in that they transferred my order to someone later in the queue and I got my money back. But if you check their web site now, original backers have been waiting for replacement devices, and people that bought devices in the flash sale are still waiting for orders. The company was certainly having a lot of growing pains but the paypal fiasco will probably be the end of them. I mean, the service was OK, for me but it seems it went way down hill since. And right now if your device needs a replacement–you are going to be waiting a long time. Hell, if you flash ordered a device and still have not gotten it, you will have to wait a while to get a refund, if ever. It was a nifty device when first announced, but delays have really messed it up. Hard to start selling an EVE 2 with a new CPU if people are still waiting for the Eve tablet. It is sorry to hear they are having issues with paypal–but really? that is the excuse? Paypal won’t give us our money? Why the hell were the using paypal in the first place? If it is the end of them, then its too bad. But….read their forums. They should really have done what oneplus did and only took limited orders to start , and then scaled up. Having a flash sale when their original backers had yet to receive their tablets was way too ambitious.

    1. I second that.

      Eve team are a bunch of clowns with zero business nouse.

      They do understand engineering but are no more than another failed indiegogo campaign. give it a few more months and they will pull the plug and run.

      1. I’m not a eve-tech fan and it seems like your claim about them pulling the plug is wrong! They are still in buisness and still going onto making new things….

  17. PayPal is a garbage company. It’s hard to imagine that the Eve people thought it was a good idea to put the money into a PP account instead of an actual bank

    1. It’s actually not a horrible idea to keep funds for a project like this in a Paypal account. Many of their manufacturing partners probably take payment in that way, and it’s probably the easiest way to keep funds on hand for refunds, etc.

      Im in the process of selling an electronic product in a crowdfunded fashion (community based, much less formal), and I’m going to keep all funds in Paypal because my manufacturer in China takes payment that way, and any refunds will go back out via PP. Any conversation to my bank, or asking more funds to PayPal later would only incur fees.

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