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Kairos T-band smart watchband works with your normal watch (crowdfunding)

Say you’re a fan of good old fashioned analog watches, but you kind of like the idea of being able to view notifications, track fitness stats, and control music playback using a wrist-worn device. Kairos has an interesting solution: keep your old watch, but replace the wrist strap with a smart band. The company is […]

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Lilbits (3-24-2014): Closer look at the LG Smart Watch (and HTC M8)

LG and Motorola are among the first companies to announce plans for smartwatches with Google’s Android Wear software. But while Motorola’s watch has been featured in promotional photos and videos and the company has answered many questions about the upcoming device… LG has been a bit more shy about showing off the G Watch. Now […]

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Omate TrueSmart watch finishes Kickstarter campaign with $1 million in pledges

Most companies offering so-called smartwatches are really offering watches that serve as companions to your existing smartphone. The Omate TrueSmart is designed to work as a standalone device: You can even use it to make phone calls. Or you can use it to view notifications from your phone if that’s what you’d prefer. A lot […]

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Pebble E-Paper smart watch release date slips to “Not-September”

The Pebble smart watch, a wrist-wearable device with an e-paper display and the ability to connect to iPhone and Android, raised over $10 million via KickStarter and earned thousand of fans. Initially, the people behind the sunlight-readable watch said it would start shipping in September. Due to demand, the release date will now be after […]

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Lilbits: Pixel Watch leak, a smartphone game controller with a cooling fan, and a pocket-sized modular laptop under development, and

The folks behind the Brave web browser announced this week that they’re adding a De-AMP feature that lets you circumvent pages that use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages. Now privacy-centric search engine and web browser maker DuckDuckGo has announced it’s doing the same for its web browsers and browser extensions. In other tech news from around […]