This is what happens when Intel slashes chip prices and Microsoft starts giving away free Windows licenses for small tablets: Prices fall to crazy lows.

During this week’s HKTDC show in Hong Kong, a handful of tablet makers are showing off Windows tablets priced at just $65.

emdoor em-i8170

The Emdoor EM-I8170, for example, is a 399 yuan ($65) tablet with a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. It has an Intel Z3735G quad-core Bay Trail processor.

It certainly doesn’t look like a very good tablet. A picture shows that the screen has limited viewing angles, and the specs paint a picture of a tablet that doesn’t have a lot of storage space for apps. But it’s a tablet running the full-fledged Windows operating system that sells for less than the price of an Amazon Kindle.

Ployer is also showing off a $65 tablet. This model has an 8 inch screen and Intel Atom Z3735F processor. Other details are scarce at the moment.

It’s not clear if or when either of these tablets will be widely available in the United States. But dirt cheap Windows tablets are already starting to make the rounds here. The Toshiba Encore Mini 7 inch sells for just $119, and WinBook TW800 8 inch tablet is even cheaper.

via Mike Cane

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23 replies on “$65 Windows tablets show up in Hong Kong”

  1. can we get an American version of Lilliputing,,frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing about new technology coming out and only being available in Asia….I thought these were 3rd world countries, where do these people get their money from?? yeah 65 dollars there , 260 here…what gives

  2. I wonder if any of you know where to buy that cheap 7″ tablet online?

      1. That is just the news page! I want the page where we can order the device online… >_<

  3. The resut of Intel`s force feeding the market. That chip would have othervise tipped the price over $100.

  4. So can you put Android or Firefox OS on them to actually use them for something?

  5. Honestly at that price, ignore the screen — probably remove it — use the battery and the board and you have yourself a decent x86 embedded development board. All be it, probably lacking decent GPIO, but you can always use a USB breakout board for that…

  6. Android is doomed for tablets and laptops, it will only remain as a force within the cellphone market. Sad reality, you cannot compete against the bigger fish(chipzilla), it was just going to be a matter of time. Right now in US and canada, the least expensive Android tablet goes for $69(retail at walmart), and the least expensive windows tablet goes for $129(walmart too), at this rate, eventually within the next 6 months both will cost the same, at that point nobody will pickup an android tablet maybe only as a gift for little kids or stuff like that. I love Paranoid in my Nexus 5 and would never trade it for an iphone, but android os was never designed to be part of a 10″ tablet, also the android ecosystem for tablets is a joke.

    1. Right, because it’s all about the hardware isn’t it? So people won’t mind having two different OS’s on their phone and tablets? And it’s funny how millions of people (not little kids) are very happy with their “joke” Android tablets.

      1. I don’t mind having three different OSs for my phone, tablet, and laptop. 5″ iPhone 6, 10″ Windows tablet, 10″ Android tablet (which I’m going to donate soon because I never use it anymore) and 15″ MacBook Pro. Nice and diverse.

    2. If it turns out that way then you can ultimately thank android for getting wintel off their big fat butts to develop better stuff, because I can’t see this as happening otherwise.
      That being said, I am looking forward to the time when I’m ready to try one for my own.

    3. My kids love their Android Asus TF300 filled with about 50 educational games and activities. I basically have to hide it or they would be on it all day long. I also have some repurposed older phones for portable use when they need distraction as well.

      I have both an Asus TF701 for “fun” and a Samsung Ultrabook for work. I think the two ecosystems are vastly different. Would be great if one offered both but for the foreseeable future that won’t be happening.

    4. Maybe right now, but android as many things over windows that will cover up windows in the future.. For example they have a new CPU type. They use newer ARM based processors.. Windows uses old X86 Processors.. Why there isn’t TRUE windows phones? because intel cannot make processors small enough to be in phones…. Why there isn’t ARM based phones? oh wait, there is. Why are arm based phones so bad against X86 laptops/tablets? oh wait, their not. Right now modern phones clock around 2-3 Ghz with 4 cores. Modern laptops and tablets, even PC’s clock around 2-3 Ghz. The GPU in android phones and tablets are not comparable with the ones in PC. They are soo much better. For instance, the new K1 chip is around the same as the Xbox one and PS4. This hasnt been stuck in one of the new phones, but in china it has been in many phones and tablets. The only reason windows is better is probably because it has all of the major applications and developing IDE’s on it and everyone is used to it.

    5. Well, I have a $150 8″ quad core HD IPS Android tablet (my primary device is a Note 3) that I would never trade for equally specced windows tablet.
      And it all works flawlessly.
      Windows is still worlds apart from being equaly simple, usable and touch friendly. And windows marketplace and its apps are actually a real joke compared to Google Play

      1. Also ,Giovanni, please answer what would you use a cheap, small windows tablet for?
        Work? Hook up a mouse and keyboard to a 8″ screen and do bussiness spreadsheets?

        An 8″ tab is made for browsing, reading, movies, and touch friendly gaming.
        All areas that Android has long time covered

  7. Wow… just looked up Ployer, and man, they make a mean Dell Venue 8 Pro ripoff! At $120 I almost feel offended by the copy’s 1GB RAM and 16GB eMMC. Guess this is how iPhone owners feel all the time? Also isn’t 1024×600 too small to run Metro apps?

    1. exactly, what with minimum resolution for Store Apps (which is 1024×768). Does it use downscalling to run them? I’m asking because I have this issue on my NC10 netbook with W8/8.1

      1. Just for the record, you can get a Chinsese Win8.1 tab for $140 with 2GB RAM and a 3735F, WXGA IPS screen, an HDMI output and 32GB eMMC. Not sure about quality thou.

  8. All this means is GOOD $200 Windows tablets aren’t too far off.

  9. But say that’s not all, Brad.
    Don’t forget what else is dropping too:
    You know, stuff like usability, battery life, update schedules and build quality!

    Soon the race to the bottom will be finished and Windows tablets like the Android units that preceded them will make the long slow climb to that holy grail of both price and daily usability.

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