Acer introduces TravelMate B117 notebook for education

The Acer TravelMate B117 is a new affordable, portable Windows notebook aimed at the education market. Like a lot of low-cost Windows laptops, the TravelMate B117 has an 11.5 inch display and an Intel Braswell low-power processor. But Acer’s new laptop has a few special features including support for 4GB of RAM, Windows 10 Pro […]

Orange Pi One is a tiny quad-core PC for $10 (plus $4 shipping)

When the original Raspberry Pi launched in 2012 it seemed crazy that a fully-functional computer could be priced at just $35… even if it had a relatively slow processor and other anemic specs. These days there’s no shortage of dirt cheap single-board computers. The Raspberry Pi team even sells a new $5 version. But if you’ve […]

Motorola Lapdock turns $5 Raspberry Pi Zero into a laptop

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 single-board computer that you could use as a low-power desktop if you hook up a keyboard, mouse, and external display. But what if you want to the tiny computer as the brains of a laptop? You could try to piece the components together yourself… or you could just […]

Google, Movidius want to bring visual machine learning to mobile devices

There are some smartphone apps that will allow you to point your camera at an object and receive information about it… but typically those apps have to connect to the internet. But Google and chip maker Movidius want to bring that sort of functionality to mobile devices without requiring an internet connection. The company’s have announced […]

Deals of the Day (1-27-2016)

Yep, the Google Nexus 5X and 6P are topping today’s deals roundup for the second day in a row. That’s because not only can you still pick up an unlocked Nexus 5X from eBay for $300 and up get a $20 Visa card at the same time, but Google is also offering its own $50 off […]

Starry wants to deliver super-fast wireless internet to your home

There are a handful of companies in the US offering super-fast “gigabit internet” service, and most are using fiber-optic cables to do it. But a new startup wants to deliver the same speeds using wireless technology. Starry is a new company from the founder of the now-defunct TV-over-the-internet service Aereo, and the company’s plan is […]

VR for the masses: Over 5 million Cardboard headsets shipped

There’s probably no cheaper way to experience virtual reality (or at least 360-degree video experiences) than with Google Cardboard. Just pick up a kit for around $10 – $20, fold it together, and slide your phone into place to turn it into a VR headset. So are people actually doing that? Yep. Google says in […]

Smartphones could get second screens thanks to a flip cover (Microsoft Research)

A handful of companies have tried to put a second screen on a smartphone by slapping an E Ink display on the back. But Microsoft Research has another idea: add a secondary screen through an optional flip cover. According to WMPowerUser, Microsoft’s research division is developing the technology, and the team is in talks with […]

VAIO’s new laptops coming soon to Japan (and the US)

After spinning off from Sony, VAIO began selling premium laptops and tablets first in Japan, and then the US. Now the company is getting ready to launch a few new models with premium specs… and premium price tags. The VAIO S13, VAIO S15, and new VAIO Z laptops should be available starting in February. VAIO Z […]

BLU Energy X LTE smartphone with 4,000 mAh battery coming soon

Budget smartphone company BLU unveiled 7 new smartphones during the Consumer Electronics Show, but it looks like there may be at least one unannounced new phone on the way. A phone called the BLU Energy X LTE showed up at the FCC recently. The name suggests it’ll be an updated version of last year’s 3G-only […]