Deals of the Day (10-25-2012)

NOOK Color

Sure the B&N NOOK HD will be available in a few weeks for $199 and up. But if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you can buy B&N’s first 7 inch Android tablet for the price of a GooPad mini.

The bookseller is selling refurbished NOOK Color tablets in its eBay store for just $99.

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  • So the (refurbished) Nook Color has finally reached $99. If you’re not fussed about the lack of HDMI or a camera or mic, and are happy installing a custom ROM then I would heartily recommend picking one up for that price (though you might want to wait and see if the legendary $99 Google tablet becomes a reality on Monday).

    I’ve had the alpha build on CM10 (Jelly Bean) on it for several days, and apart from issues with crashing while sleeping with the charger connected (a simple reboot fixes that) and some apps complaining that they need an SD card installed, it has been exceptionally stable — far more so than the last few CM9 builds I installed.

    It’s still not exactly a powerhouse tablet — running more than one app at a time gets a little slow — but it’s well built, has a good screen, and is ideal for casual gaming (Angry Birds, etc) or other basic stuff.

    • nards barley

      not fussed about those, but I am fussed about bluetooth.

      • It wasn’t announced as part of the spec, but I believe the Nook Color does have Bluetooth.

    • buzz86us

      I like mine for just traveling nice cheap tablet where I don’t have to worry a lot if I lose it. I installed a build of CM7 because I wanted access to comixology (which the nook doesn’t have). CM7 takes up low resources and when reading my battery lasts forever. Between this and the touchpad I don’t see a reason for upgrading for a while unless a good deal persuades me.
      The $99 Nexus tablet(if it exists) is purportedly rumored to be using a variant of the WM chip from via which means I might as well keep my nook color, but if it uses an RK3066, Mali Graphics, an IPS screen and a decent sized battery then I don’t see a reason not to buy one however I highly doubt it but we shall see. A similar tablet to my description goes for $120 but with google’s volume and their habit of near break-even from the nexus 7 it could be done.

      There is a rumor that they are announcing a thinner lighter nexus 7 which I am thinking has a higher probability of being real.

  • NoOne

    I want my 85GB of laptop memory for $30! Although I don’t get how you get 86 from 2×4… Typo?