Deals of the Day (4-01-11)

  Netbooks, Notebooks, and Tablets Refurb Acer Aspire One Happy 10″ netbook w/Atom N550 dual core CPU for $255 – eCost Acer Aspire 1430z 11.6″ laptop w/Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU for $379 – ViewSonic gTablet 10″ tablet w/NVIDIA Tegra 2, Android 2.2 for $300 – TigerDirect Refurb Archos 7 tablet with Google Android […]

Gigabyte M1005 netbook with docking station now shipping

Gigabyte’s Booktop line of netbooks stand out from the crowd not by offering faster processors, higher resolution displays, or applying any of the usual tricks. Instead, these otherwise normal looking netbooks come with docking stations that let you rest the mini-laptop on its side, plug in a keyboard, mouse, and external display, and use the […]