Cisco begins taking Cius enterprise tablet orders

Cisco quietly began taking orders for the Cisco Cius tablet this month. If you haven’t heard much about it, that’s because you’re probably not a corporate IT department. The company isn’t offering the tablet through retail channels, but instead advises customers to contact their “Cisco field representative” or channel reseller. The tablet will begin shipping […]

Contour brings a context-sensitive interface to KDE Plasma Active

As KDE developers continue to build the device-independent Plasma Active Linux environment, other pieces of the UI puzzle are falling into place as well. Pieces like Contour, which the team bills as a “context-sensitive user interface that adapts to…current activities and behavioral patterns of the user.” As you can see in the screenshot, part of […]

You’ll be able to install Windows 8 “Portable Workspace” on a USB flash drive

People have been figuring out ways to run operating systems from portable USB flash drives for pretty much as they’ve been available. But while installing a Linux distribution on a USB key is often pretty simple, Windows is another story. Sure, you can run Windows from a flash drive, but it’s kind of a pain. […]

Kogan introduces Ubuntu notebook, Android tablet in Australia

Kogan Electronics is launching three new budget computing products in Australia: an Android tablet, an Ubuntu notebook, and a set-top-box that brings Android to your TV set. Honestly, I have a hard time getting all that excited about yet another Android tablet, but Agora’s model does have one thing going for it — a low […]