Vivaldi is a web browser for power users (with roots in Opera)

vivaldi browser_01

There’s a new web browser in town… and it comes from the makers of one of the oldest web browsers around. Vivaldi is a web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux that includes features for power users including keyboard shortcuts, the ability to save notes about the pages you visit, and a speed dial function that […]

Lilbits (7-29-2014): Why the Vivaldi open source tablet failed

vivaldi tablet

Once upon a time a group of developers working on the open source KDE Plasma Active desktop environment for mobile devices figured it’d be cool if there was a tablet designed specifically to run the software. So they tried to find a device maker to offer truly open hardware with no proprietary components. It would […]

KDE team pulls the plug on the Vivaldi tablet, Improv board projects

improv board

Two attempts to bring the ethos of free software to hardware have met an end. The group of folks behind the KDE desktop environment have been trying for a few years to deliver a tablet with wouldn’t rely on proprietary software. More recently they unveiled the Improv Board, a small, cheap computer module designed to ship […]

Lilbits (7-22-2013): CyanogenMod Nemesis, NVIDIA Shield, KDE Vivaldi etc


Don’t like the version of Android that came with your phone or tablet? Don’t worry, there’s a good chance you can unlock the bootloader and replace it with custom firmware — and CyanogenMod makes some of the most popular, most stable custom ROMs around. So when the team posts a cryptic video about an upcoming […]

Vivaldi KDE Plasma Linux tablet delayed, devs looking at new hardware

KDE Plasma Active

The Vivaldi tablet is a project from the KDE development team aimed at introducing a tablet with open source Linux-based software with the KDE Plasma Active user interface. But the project has run into some speed bumps, and now the team is looking for new hardware partners. Developer Aaron Seigo first introduced the project in […]

KDE launches Partner Network for Vivaldi Tablet, other devices

Vivaldi Tablet

The Vivaldi Tablet is a 7 inch tablet with an ARM-based processor and an open source operating system based on Mer Linux and KDE Plasma Active. It’s expected to ship next month for around €200. The US price hasn’t been announced yet. You can sign up for ordering information at the Make Play Live website, but […]

Zenithink C71 tablet on sale for $76 (make your own Vivaldi Linux tablet)

Zenithink C71

At about $125 or less, the Zenithink C71 is already one of the cheapest tablets available that can run Google Android 4.0. But today Pandawill is selling the tablet for even less. You can pick one up today only for $75.99. Not only can this tablet run Google’s latest operating system though. It’s also the […]

Vivaldi Linux tablet update: 1GB RAM, add-ons store

Vivaldi tablet

The team behind the Vivaldi tablet is getting ready to take orders from customers soon. The tablet looks like any other Android device — but it will be the first device to ship with KDE Plasma Active software running on the Mer Linux operating system. Developer Aaron Seigo has provided a few updates about the […]

Vivaldi open source tablet launch pushed back a month

Zenithink C71 / Vivaldi tablet

The Vivaldi tablet is a 7 inch tablet with an 800 x 480 pixel display, a 1 GHz AMlogic processor, and Mer Linux operating system with the KDE Plasma Active user environment. It was expected to ship in May, but developer Aaron Seigo says the date has been pushed back by about a month. A […]

Vivaldi tablet with KDE Plasma Active dissected

Vivaldi tablet dissected

The Vivaldi tablet is a 7 inch tablet and open source KDE Plasma Active software. The €200 tablet is expected to start shipping in May, but the folks behind the official Vivaldi user forum at got their hands on an early unit — and they’ve ripped it apart to see what makes it tick. There […]

Spark Linux tablet renamed Vivaldi

Vivaldi tablet

A group of developers at KDE have been working to offer a tablet with free and open source software based on the KDE Plasma Active user interface. Up until recently that tablet was called the “Spark,” but developer Aaron Seigo says that trademark issues have prompted the group to choose another name. So the tablet-formerly-known-ask-the-Spark […]