Lenovo unveils ThinkPad S531 15.6 inch ultrabook

Lenovo ThinkPad S531

Lenovo is launching its first ThinkPad ultrabook to sport a 15.6 inch display. The Lenovo Thinkpad S531 is a large, business-class ultrabook that weighs about 5 pounds and which has a display that you can fold back 180 degrees. The large display means the laptop’s bigger than most ultrabooks, and Lenovo’s using the extra space […]

Fujitsu unveils Lifebook UH90/L ultrabook with 3200 x 1800 pixel display

fujitsu lifebook uh90/l

Fujitsu’s latest ultrabook features a Intel Core i5 Haswell processor and a 500GB hybrid hard drive with solid state cache for quick startup. But what really makes the Fujitsu Lifebook UH90/L stand out is the display. The ultrabook features a 14 inch, 3200 x 1800 pixel IGZO screen. According to Fujitsu, the thin bezel around […]

Intel: More than 50 tablet/notebook hybrids coming, some as low as $399

Asus Transformer Book Trio

Intel says its new chips will power dozens of devices that straddle the line between notebooks and tablets. According to the company there are more than 50 different “2-in-1 designs in the pipeline.” That includes premium models with Intel’s 4th generation Core “Haswell” chips, as well as cheaper, lower-power models with the company’s upcoming Intel […]

Gigabyte unveils new U24, U35 portable notebooks

Gigabyte U24T

Gigabyte’s new portable gaming notebooks aren’t the only new ultrabooks coming from the Taiwanese company. Gigabyte is also updating its ultraportable notebook lineup with a few new models featuring Haswell chips and optional touchscreen displays. Gigabyte U24F and U24T Earlier this year Gigabyte launched a U2442DT ultrabook with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and NVIDIA […]

Gigabyte introduces Ultrablade gaming laptops with 14, 15.6 inch screens

Gigabyte P34G

Taiwanese computer maker Gigabyte is launching two new ultrabooks aimed at gamers. The company’s new 15.6 inch and 14 inch ultrabooks feature Intel Haswell processors, NVIDIA graphics, and relatively slim designs for laptops packing that much power. Gigbyte P34G The 14 inch Gigabyte P34G measures 0.83 inches thick and weighs 3.7 pounds. It packs a […]

2013 ultrabooks to include voice control, touchscreens, longer battery life

2013 ultrabook_02

Now that Intel’s Haswell processors are about to hit the streets, we’re going to start seeing laptops, tablets, and other devices featuring those chips. Many of those devices will be the thin and portable notebooks and hybrid tablets that Intel likes to call ultrabooks. This year’s models should offer longer battery life, quicker wake from […]

Toshiba tacks a hefty $1499 price tag on the Portege Z10t detachable ultrabook


Toshiba’s Portege Z10t is one of the more interesting ultrabook/tablet hybrids to launch so far this year. It’s a two-piece computer, featuring a tablet with a 13W Intel Ivy Bridge processor and an 11.6 inch, 1080p display and a keyboard base which offers extra ports and longer battery life. The Toshiba Portege Z10t officially launches […]