Qi motion-based UI could make smartwatches easier to use

Quantum Interface Qi Wear

Quantum Interface (Qi) has just launched an invite-only beta version of a motion-based interface for Android-based smart watches. The company’s goal is to make a program that uses motion, eye tracking, and predictive navigation to make it easier to control your mobile device without tapping and scrolling through endless menus. Qi’s navigation interface is designed to […]

Smartwatches prove useful to the deaf community

Apple Watch review

Usher Syndrome Advocate Molly Watt recently wrote about her experience with the new Apple Watch. Considering she was born deaf and is legally blind, you would think the tiny touch screen would be off limits for her. However, her experience shows that smartwatches may be more useful than some folks have imagined, especially for the deaf community. […]

MOTA Smart Watch launches for $50 (will eventually cost $80)

MOTA Smart Watch

Smartwatches don’t have to cost $300 and up. The Pebble smartwatch sells for $150, and a number of companies are working to launch even more affordable options to market this year. Case in point: You can now pick up a MOTA Smart Watch for just $50. There’s a catch: That’s a promotional price if you […]

Smartwatches of HKTDC 2013

Holawin Smart Watch

Samsung and Sony have smartwatches on the market. Google and Apple are rumored to have their own models in the works. And a few smaller companies have raised a lot of money on Kickstarter to launch their own smartwatches, ranging from the Pebble E Ink wristwatch and smartphone companion to the Omate TrueSmart watch which […]

Samsung is working on a smart watch

Sony SmartWatch

2013 could be the year that so-called “smart watches” go mainstream. In the past year we’ve seen new companies such as Pebble and i’m grab headlines by introducing watches that perform many of the duties we usually associate with smartphones. But this year some big players in the consumer electronics space are expected to enter […]

Pebble smart watch to start shipping January 23rd

Pebble smart watch

Pebble is a smart watch featuring a low-power, sunlight readable E Ink display. What makes the watch smart is that you can pair it with an iPhone or Android handset and use the phone to show called ID or incoming messages from email, Facebook, SMS, or other sources. The company raised millions of dollars and […]

Will smartwatches help tablets replace smartphones?


Hot on the heels of the Pebble smartwatch’s success, another company launched a Kickstarter campaign for a watch that does more. Martian Watches have mostly normal clockfaces instead of e-ink displays; the big story here is that you can issue voice commands through these wrist huggers and conduct voice calls. Given the success of smartwatches […]

Pebble E-Paper smart watch release date slips to “Not-September”

pebble smart watch

The Pebble smart watch, a wrist-wearable device with an e-paper display and the ability to connect to iPhone and Android, raised over $10 million via KickStarter and earned thousand of fans. Initially, the people behind the sunlight-readable watch said it would start shipping in September. Due to demand, the release date will now be after […]

Pebble E-Paper watch raises $10 million, over 85 thousand pre-orders

Pebble smart watch

The Pebble is a smart watch with a low-power E Ink display that’s easily readable in direct sunlight. While you can use the watch to tell the time, it can also be paired with an iPhone or Android phone to display caller ID information, text messages, Facebook or email alerts, or other data. It can […]

Sony Smartwatch dissected, found not very hacker-friendly

sony smartwatch dissected

The Sony SmartWatch is a nifty $150 device that you can wear around your wrist and use as a companion for an Android smartphone. It pairs with your phone wirelessly and lets you access Twitter, email, music, weather, and other functions from your wrist. But when hacker Chris Wade took one apart he found it […]

Pebble $115 E-Paper watch will sync with iPhone, Android


Smart watches may be the biggest thing in geeky wrist accessories since watches with tiny calculators built in. For over a decade companies have been pitching watches that can run apps or widgets, connect to the internet, and do more than just tell time. But they haven’t really taken off. Now Motorola and Sony are […]