The future has arrived: you can finally play a banana piano

Fruit Piano

A Raspberry Pi project has crossed over the line of innovative idea and into the forest of weird. Thanks to a recent addition to the accessory line for Raspberry Pi that Adafruit offers, one man has turned a bowl full of fruit into a MIDI keyboard, complete with multiple sound effects and adjustable tones. With […]

RetroPie 3.0 turns Raspberry Pi into a classic game console

RetroPie Logo

RetroPie is a project that turns the tiny Raspbery Pi computer into a vintage game system. It’s an operating system based on Raspbian Linux, but what makes RetroPie special is that it comes with a set of emulators that lets you play classic video games. It also includes support for gamepads and joysticks. RetroPie version […]

Amazon Echo: Automate tasks with a talking Raspberry Pi

echo auto

Amazon’s Echo is a voice controlled device that you can use to play music, set reminders, get answers to questions and more. It has a microphone array system designed to let Echo hear your voice requests even in a noisy environment. But Echo also comes with a remote control with media playback buttons and a […]

Set up a virtual private network at home with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi VPN

Want to make it tougher for anyone to track your internet activity? You could pay for a VPN service… or you could build your own. If you have a bit of patience and a Rasberry Pi, the BBC has published a guide for creating your own, personal virtual private network (VPN) to browse the Web […]

Official Rasberry Pi case launches for £6

rpi case_01

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an official case for its tiny, inexpensive, low-power computers. You can pick one up from the Raspberry Pi store or retail partners for about £6 in the UK, which is less than $10 US. While that’s pretty cheap for a PC case, it’s also nearly a third the price of […]

Raspberry Pi Model B+ price drops to $25

model b plus_02

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is cutting the price of the Raspberry Pi Model B+ single-board computer. You can now snag one for just $25, which is $10 off the original price. Sure, the news comes a few months after the team launched the much more powerful Raspberry Pi 2, which sells for $35. But $25 […]

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi, Minnowboard Max

w10 iot core

Windows 10 is designed to run across a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and even holographic computers. It’ll also support extremely low-power devices like the Raspberry Pi 2… and now you can download a preview of Windows 10 for those devices. Just don’t expect to use Windows to turn your Raspberry Pi […]

e-Paper display for Raspberry Pi [crowdfunding]

E-Paper Display HAT

The Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap single-board computer designed with tinkering in mind: there are connectors that let you add a range of existing accessories, or which you can use to design your own. Right now on Kickstarter, you can invest in the manufacturing of an e-paper display that is designed specifically to fit […]

Raspberry Pi-powered Slice media player now shipping


Last summer a team of developers designed a media center called the Slice. It’s basically a low-power living room PC which you can use to play videos, listen to music, stream internet media, and more. Now the first Slice units are ready to ship to backers of the of last year’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The […]

BBC to give a million mini PCs to school kids this fall

bbc micro bit

The BBC has announced a plan to distribute a million tiny computers to students starting secondary school this fall. The 11-year-olds will get one of the BBC’s new Micro Bit devices which are designed to help kids learn to code and use technology. The Micro Bit hardware is still under development, but it’s expected to be […]

Raspberry Pi: More than 5 million tiny computers sold

raspi 2

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold more than 5 million of its inexpensive little computers since the first units shipped in 2012. For $35 or less, folks can pick up a small, low-power computer with an ARM-based processor and support for a variety of Linux-based operating systems… and that idea has clearly appealed to a […]

Raspberry Pi 2 can run Windows 10, Ubuntu Core (and more)

raspberry pi 2_07

The new $35 Raspberry Pi 2 mini-computer isn’t just faster than the original model that launched 3 years ago. It’s also more versatile: in addition to supporting Raspbian and other Linux-based operating systems, the single-board computer will also be able to run a version of Windows 10. Later this year Microsoft will offer Windows 10 […]

Raspberry Pi 2 has a quad-core CPU, still costs $35

raspberry pi 2_06

The Raspberry Pi changed the way we think about small, cheap computers. The little computer sells for $35 (or less) and while it was originally designed for use in classrooms it’s been a big hit with the DIY community, home media builders, and other enthusiasts. Now the Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching the biggest hardware […]

Lilbits (1-16-2014): Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 incoming

t chi t300

The Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 is a Windows tablet with a 12.5 inch, high-resolution display, an Intel Core M Broadwell processor, a keyboard dock for use in notebook mode, and a starting price of $699. Asus introduced the Chi T300 at the Consumer Electronics Show, and it’s not available for purchase yet. But documents […]

Raspberry Pi Model A+ has a 40-pin connector, more compact design

model a plus

This summer the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a redesigned version of the low-cost, low-power mini-computer the team first launched two years earlier. The Model B+ had more USB port than the original Model B, a 40-pin connector instead of 26, and a microSD card reader instead of full-sized. Now a Model A+ is on the […]

Raspberry Pi display accessory will let you build a DIY “Pi Pad”

pi pad

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, low-power, low-cost computer that sells for around $35. But while that price gets you a processor, memory, and a few ports you need to supply the display, input device, and even operating system yourself. What’s made the Raspberry Pi special though, has been the community of hardware and software […]

Pi-Top is a 3D printable Raspberry Pi laptop (crowdfunding)


The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, inexpensive computer that’s small enough to slide into a pocket. But it’s not exactly a mobile device. The $35 computer doesn’t include a keyboard, display or battery. But you can use the Raspberry Pi to build your own laptop. One way to do that is to hook one up […]