Pixel Qi is dead (but its low-power displays are not)

pixel qi2

Pixel Qi, maker of low-power, sunlight readable displays has closed up shop. In late 2014 we learned that the company’s founder, Mary Lou Jepsen, was now working on a new display technology project for Google X. Today GoodEReader reported that Pixel Qi has pretty much gone out of business. But that doesn’t mean there’s no […]

Trimble launches Yuma 2 rugged tablet with Pixel Qi display

Trimble Yuma 2

Trimble has unveiled a new rugged tablet for outdoor use in construction, transportation, utility work, and other areas where tough build quality trumps pretty design. The 7 inch Trimble Yuma 2 tablet also features a Pixel Qi sunlight-readable display. Pixel Qi screens are a special type of LCD that offers full-color when used with a […]

InHand Hydra-T3: Rugged tablet with outdoor visible screen

InHand Hydra-T3

The Hydra-T3 from InHand is a rugged 7 inch tablet with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, support for Google Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.10, and Windows Embedded Compact 6. It also has a Pixel Qi LCD display which can be viewed in direct sunlight. Before you pull out your wallet, you should know that the […]

$299 kit lets you add a Pixel Qi display to a BeagleBoard, PandaBoard

Tin Can Tools Pixel Qi LCD kit

Tin Can Tools has released a new kit that lets you add a Pixel Qi sunlight readable display to a BeagleBoard or PandaBoard system. Both are tiny computer systems aimed at hobbyists interested in building anything from digital signage to robots with the palm-sized computer as the brains. The Tin Can Tools kit includes a […]

Sol Computer unveils ruggedized, pricey netbook with Pixel Qi screen

Sol Computer Netbook

Sol Computer is a small California-based company that offers computers with Pixel Qi sunlight readable displays. The company’s notebooks and tablets are aimed at customers willing to pay a premium price for a screen that’s visible outdoors, including pilots and other professionals that work outdoors. This week Sol Computer started showing off its latest product — […]

Pixel Qi promises retina-quality low power displays

Pixel Qi power comparison

Pixel Qi‘s low power displays are based on standard LCD display technology — but the company’s screens support a high contrast mode that allows you to turn off the backlight and use the screens in direct sunlight — or in any room where you just want to save power. There are about a dozen devices […]

A dozen products with Pixel Qi sunlight viewable displays now avaialble

Pixel Qi displays

For the past few years Pixel Qi has been showing off its unique display solution at trade shows. And for the past few years folks interested in a display that looks like a normal color LCD indoors and like a high contrast E Ink display outdoors have been wondering where they could buy one. While […]

Joyplus M10PQ tablet features a Pixel Qi sunlight readable display

joyplus m10pq

At first glance the Joyplus M10PQ looks a lot like other cheap Chinese tablets. It has a 10 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor. But then you dim the backlight and the Joyplus M10Q’s one special feature stands out. The […]

French EviGroup PadPro available with Pixel Qi sunlight readable screen


French tablet maker EviGroup has a habit of making tablets with unusual features. For instance, last year the company demonstrated a tablet with head-tracking capabilities. Now EviGroup is offering a tablet with an optional Pixel Qi sunlight viewable disable. The EviGroup PadPro is a tablet with a 10.2 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a […]

Orchard introduces Toughlet rugged tablet with sunlight viewable display

Orchard Toughlet

Orchard has introduced a new rugged tablet designed for outdoor use. It has a 7 inch Pixel Qi display which can function as a full color LCD display or a high contrast (nearly black and white) sunlight viewable display when the backlight is turned off. The current model has a 1.2 GHz Freescale iMX5 ARM […]

Pixel Qi sunlight readable displays at CES 2012


Pixel Qi makes LCD displays that can be viewed outdoors in direct sunlight using nothing but ambient light. In full color LCD mode they still look better outdoors than a typical screen, but you can also cut the backlight entirely and use the screens in a high-contrast, nearly black and white mode that uses as […]

Pixel Qi, Shizhu Technology to produce tablets together

Shizhu tablet with Pixel Qi

A new family of Chinese tablets with displays that are viewable both indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight could be on the way. Chinese device maker Shizhu Technology is partnering with Pixel Qi to develop “a family of tablets.” Pixel Qi’s displays are LCD screens that combine some of the best features of an LCD with some […]

Pixel Qi: Over 3 million screens in the wild

Pixel Qi 7 inch screen

Pixel Qi makes transflective displays that look like full-color LCDs when used with a backlight, but look more like a low power, outdoor readable E Ink when you turn off the backlight on a computer, eReader, or other device. The company has been showing off its technology for a few years, but so far very […]

3M invests in Pixel Qi, enables expansion of sunlight readable display tech

Pixel Qi 7 inch display

Pixel Qi has been producing sunlight readable LCD display technology for a couple of years. Founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who also designed the sunlight readable displays used in the original OLPC XO Laptop, the company produces dual-mode screens that can be used with or without a backlight. When the backlight is on the display […]