Giada i80 will be a Skylake-powered mini PC

giada skylake nuc

Giada is showing off a small form-factor desktop computer featuring a 6th-gen Intel Core “Skylake” processor. Intel won’t actually release those chips until later this year, which means the Giada i80 probably won’t be available until September or later. Still, it gives us an idea of what to expect from mini-desktops featuring Skylake chips… they’ll look […]

Specs for upcoming Intel NUC mini PC with Skylake chips leaked

swift canyon

Intel is set to launch its next-gen series of Core family processors later this year. Code-named Skylake, the new 6th-gen Core chips should offer improved performance and efficiency over the Broadwell chips that are currently on the market. While Intel typically sells chips and not full-fledged computers, the company as offered a line of small […]

Intel NUC mini PCs with Braswell chips priced at $140 and up

nuc braswell_00

Intel is adding a few new low-power models to its NUC line of tiny desktop computers. The new models feature 6 watt processors based on Intel Braswell architecture and price tags starting at around $140 or less for a barebones model. Update: Amazon is now selling the system for about $129. The Intel NUC5CPYH features a 1.6 […]

Intel’s new NUC mini computers have upgradeable lids

nuc lid

The 2015 lineup of Intel NUC mini computers are available with the latest Intel chips, dual display ports, and compact designs. While they have enough USB ports to connect a few peripherals, there’s another way to add functionality to an NUC: by changing the computer’s lid. The lid that covers the top of Intel’s new NUC […]

Intel: Mini PCs getting smaller, cheaper

idf mini_01

Over the last few years we’ve seen small computers get smaller and smaller. The Intel Compute Stick that’s expected to ship within the next month or so looks more like a chunky USB flash drive than a full-fledged computer. But plug it into the HDMI port of nearly any TV or monitor and you’ve got a […]

ZaReason Zini 1550 is a Linux mini desktop PC with Intel Broadwell

zini 1550_01

Linux PC retailer ZaReason has released one of its first computers with an Intel Broadwell processor. The ZaReason Zini 1550 is a tiny desktop computer which sells for $549 and up. It’s based on Intel’s NUC mini PC platform, but unlike some NUC systems, the Zini 1550 comes with memory, storage, and an operating system […]

Logic Supply ML100: A fanless, industrial Intel NUC mini PC


Like Intel’s NUC line of tiny desktop computers but want one with a fanless case… and a rugged design appropriated for industrial applications? OK, the Logic Supply ML100 probably isn’t designed for home use, but it’s an interesting take on Intel’s NUC design. This compact computer features an Intel Bay Trail or Broadwell processor, passive […]

System76 Meerkat is a tiny, Linux PC with a Broadwell CPU

system76 meerkat

Linux PC builder System76 plans to launch a tiny desktop PC with an Intel Broadwell processor and Ubuntu Linux software. Update: The System76 Meerkat is now available for $499 and up. The little computer is based on Intel’s NUC mini-desktop design and measures about 4 inches by 4 inches square. System76 says the Meerkat will support up […]

Intel unveils NUC mini PC with Core i7 Broadwell

intel nuc

This year Intel will launch its first NUC mini-desktop computer to feature an Intel Core i7 processor. The NUC line of computers are tiny desktop PCs with Intel chips. They’ve been around for a few years, but up until now you haven’t been able to find one with anything more powerful than a Core i5 chip. […]

Hands-on: Mr.NUC line of Intel, AMD mini PC kits

mr nuc_04

Realan is a Chinese company that makes cases for small form-factor PCs. But recently the company started offering its own tiny desktop computers as part of the Mr.NUC brand. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Intel offers its own NUC (Next Unit of Computing) line of mini PCs. But Realan thinks their models are more […]

Closer look at Intel’s new Broadwell-powered NUC mini PCs

intel nuc_01

Intel’s NUC line of tiny computers are getting tinier… well, at least some of them are. The chip maker is showing off its latest NUC desktops at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, and there’s a super-slim model designed for use with an M.2 solid state drive, as well as a thicker version which also has […]

Intel launches Broadwell-powered NUC mini-desktop computers

intel nuc

Gigabyte isn’t the only company adding Broadwell chips to its tiny desktop computers. Intel is updating its own line of NUC mini-desktops with new models sporting 5th-generation Intel Core processors. Some of the first models include the NUC5i3RYH and NUC5i3RYK with Intel Core i3-5010U processors and Intel HD 5500 graphics, Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi, […]

Gigabyte BRIX mini-desktops go Broadwell

gigabyte brix

Now that Intel’s 5th-gen Intel Core chips are ready to go, PC makers are starting to announced devices powered by the new processors… and they’re not all laptops and tablets. Gigabyte is updating its BRIX line of mini-desktop computers with new models featuring Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 Broadwell chips. Intel’s new […]