Next-gen B&N NOOK tablet on the way

B&N NOOK lineup

Barnes & Noble is preparing to launch its first new tablet since 2012. In its latest financial report, company officials say B&N is in discussions with hardware partners to develop a new color NOOK device that’ll launch in early fiscal 2015. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until next year to see a next-gen […]

5 Tablets that changed the Android landscape

Samsung Galaxy Tab Original

You can’t swing a dead cat5e cable around without hitting an Android tablet these days. It’s almost hard to believe that tablets weren’t always part of the Android landscape. I mean, there were some attempts to put Android on all kinds of platforms in those early days. Later there were a few large-screen Android tablets […]

B&N is done making NOOK tablets, will keep delivering NOOK eReaders

nook hds_140

Barnes & Noble is pulling the plug on its NOOK tablet line, and will stop manufacturing new Android tablet, although the retailer will reach out to other device makers. In other words, you may still be able to walk into a B&N store and buy a tablet with the NOOK Shop preloaded a year from […]

B&N NOOK Color gets official CM10.1 nightlies (Android 4.2)

NOOK Color with CyanogenMod 10.1

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color was the first popular 7 inch Android tablet to sell for under $250. It went on sale in the fall of 2010, and while the tablet features a highly customized version of Android designed to work with B&N’s app and book stores, it didn’t take hackers long to figure […]

NOOK Color gets Android 4.2 with CyanogenMod 10.1 Alpha

NOOK Color with CyanogenMod 10.1

It’s been almost two and a half years since Barnes & Noble released the NOOK Color, and it’s been over a year since the company stopped offering any significant software updates for the 7 inch tablet. But just because the NOOK Color has been discontinued doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old color eReader new […]

Deals of the Day (11-16-2012)

B&N NOOK Color

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color may be starting to show its age, with an 800 MHz single core processor. But B&N’s first Android-based tablet still has a pretty great screen, long battery life, and a case designed to be easy to hold during long reading sessions. Today CowBoom is selling pre-owned models for just […]

NOOK Tablet price drops to $159, NOOK Color goes to $139

NOOK Tablet

Starting November 4th, 2012 you’ll be able to pick up a new B&N NOOK Color for $139 or a  NOOK Tablet for $159. Barnes & Noble is cutting prices of its first two Android tablets to help set them apart from the NOOK HD which has a starting price of $199. Update: Prices have fallen […]

Deals of the Day (10-25-2012)

NOOK Color

Sure the B&N NOOK HD will be available in a few weeks for $199 and up. But if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you can buy B&N’s first 7 inch Android tablet for the price of a GooPad mini. The bookseller is selling refurbished NOOK Color tablets in its eBay store for just […]

CyanogenMod 10 Alpha brings Android 4.1 to the NOOK Color

NOOK Color with CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1)

Almost exactly two years after Barnes & Noble first released the NOOK Color, a team of independent developers have released an unofficial build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the 7 inch tablet. Update: This is now an official build. You can download the latest builds directly from the CyanogenMod download page. The NOOK Color […]

B&N to phase out NOOK Color, keep selling the NOOK Tablet

NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble may be launching new tablets in November. But the company isn’t ready to discontinue last year’s model yet. You’ll be able to pick up the NOOK Tablet even after the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ hit the streets in a little over a month. The company is finally getting ready to retire […]

Deals of the Day (9-06-2012)

B&N NOOK Color

Sure, next-gen tablets and eReaders are all the rage these days. But that means you can get a pretty great deal on older models. Refurbished Barnes & Noble NOOK Color tablets are going for just $120. That’s not a bad price for a device with a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, an 800 […]

B&N drops NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet prices ($149 to $199)

B&N NOOK tablets

Barnes & Noble is knocking $20 to $50 off the prices of its NOOK tablets running Google Android software. You can now pick up a NOOK Color for $149, an 8GB NOOK Tablet for $179, or a 16GB model for $199. The price cuts come the better part of a year after B&N introduced the […]

ForeverMap 2 brings maps and navigation to the Nook Tablet and Nook Color

ForeverMap 2

When Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook Color then the Nook Tablet, they each cost far less than most slates on the market. The bookseller partially achieved this by leaving out some hardware, such as cameras, Bluetooth, and GPS radios. Despite this lack, it’s now possible to use both Nook tabs as GPS navigation devices. […]

Deals of the Day (5-03-2012)

NOOK Color

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color may not have a dual core processor or a microphone, but that’s about all that’s separating this 7 inch Android tablet aimed at readers from the newer NOOK Tablet. Barnes & Noble normally sells the NOOK Color for $169, but the retailer has just dropped the price to $149, […]

B&N to spin off NOOK business, Microsoft to invest $300 million

NOOK Tablet

Barnes & Noble has announced it’s creating a new subsidiary which will house the company’s digital and college businesses. That means that the NOOK eReaders and tablets and digital book divisions won’t be under the same roof as B&N’s nearly 700 book stores in the US — but NOOK eReaders will still be tied to […]

Deals of the Day (3-26-2012)

NOOK Color and NOOK Simple Touch

It’s not uncommon to find refurbished NOOK Color tablets for $149 or less… but today Barnes & Noble is going way further. You can now pick up a refurbished NOOK Color for $129 from the B&N eBay store… or add a NOOK Simple Touch eReader for just $20 more. The NOOK Color has a 7 […]

Barnes & Noble doesn’t really want you sideloading apps on a NOOK Tablet

NOOK Tablet with Kindle app

It was a bug, and Barnes & Noble fixed it. That’s how representatives from the company described the fact that when the NOOK Tablet shipped in November, users discovered they could download some Android apps from the internet (instead of from the B&N Shop) and install them on the tablet — until Barnes & Noble […]

Barnes & Noble offering free (or cheap) NOOKs to periodical subscribers

NOOK Color New York Times

Barnes & Noble is now offering discounted NOOK Simple Touch, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablets to customers that sign up for subscriptions to the New York Times or People Magazine. Here’s how it works: Get a NOOK Simple Touch eReader for free with a 1-year NOOK subscription to the New York Times (at $19.99 per […]

ReaderDock introduces Kindle Fire, NOOK Tablet charging docks with speakers

ReaderDock N-Station

ReaderDock plans to introduce two new tablet docking stations this month, one for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color and another for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The N-Station and FireStation are both scheduled to ship in mid-February, but pre-orders for each will open in late January. The docking stations include built-in speakers […]

Deals of the Day (7 inch tablet edition 12-27-11)

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color

If the number of people visiting my site after searching for “Kindle Fire root” is anything to go by, it looks like a lot of people found Amazon’s $199 tablet under the Christmas tree this year. But it’s not the only cheap 7 inch Android tablet around. Not by a long shot. Here’s a roundup […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color software update brings Netflix, comics, more

NOOK Color

The Amazon Kindle Fire isn’t the only $200 tablet getting a software update. Barnes & Noble has just rolled out a software update for its year-old NOOK Color tablet. NOOK Color v1.4.1 includes a number of updates including: Support for streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix (for $7.99 per month) Comics and graphic novels […]

NOOK Color hackers working on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Android 4.0 n the NOOK Color

The Amazon Kindle Fire isn’t the only $200 tablet that’s already running an early version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A team of developers has started porting ICS to run on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color. Barnes & Noble released the NOOK Color last year, and recently dropped the price to $199 to […]