Windows PC stick + touchscreen monitor = All-in-one desktop PC


The Hannspree Micro PC is a pocket-sized Windows computer that you can plug into the HDMI port on a display to run Windows apps on a TV or monitor. The recently-launched PC-on-a-stick is available from a handful of stores for around $200 and up. But UK-based retailer The Stick PC Store is offering an interesting bundle: […]

Hongpad Intel Box is a tiny, Bay Trail desktop computer


Another day, another tiny PC. A Chinese company called Hongpad is selling a box powered an Intel Atom Bay Trail-T processor with a wholesale price of $70 to $80. While the Hongpad Intel Box is being sold as a TV box, it’s capable of running either Google Android or Windows 8.1, so there’s nothing stopping you from using it […]

Intel unveils NUC mini PC with Core i7 Broadwell

intel nuc

This year Intel will launch its first NUC mini-desktop computer to feature an Intel Core i7 processor. The NUC line of computers are tiny desktop PCs with Intel chips. They’ve been around for a few years, but up until now you haven’t been able to find one with anything more powerful than a Core i5 chip. […]

HP Pavilion Mini desktop is now available

hp minis

HP introduced two tiny desktop computers at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and now select models are available for purchase. The HP Stream Mini is an entry-level model with a starting price of $180, while the HP Pavilion Mini has more powerful hardware and a starting price of $320. Update: As of January 25th, 2015 the […]

Minix Neo Z64 mini PC now available with Android, Windows


The Minix Neo Z64 is a small, fanless desktop computer with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of solid state storage. What makes this little guy interesting though, is that it’s available for purchase with a choice of Google Android or Windows software. Geekbuying is taking pre-orders for both versions, […]

Mouse Box wants to build a mini PC into a mouse

mouse box_02

Computers seem to keep getting smaller and smaller… but you still need to connect a keyboard, mouse, display and other peripherals to make them useful. But what if your computer was your mouse? A Polish startup is working on a project they call Mouse Box, and it’s basically a mouse that houses the guts of a […]

Hannspree Micro PC: Another tiny Windows PC-on-a-stick

hannspree micro pc_01

Hannspree’s Micro PC is a tiny computer with an Intel Bay Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The Micro PC a bit larger than a typical USB flash drive, but plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or monitor and you’ve got a fully functional Windows PC. Unlike some similar devices, […]

MeegoPad T01 PC Stick ships with unlicensed Windows 8.1


The MeegoPad T01 is one of the smallest computers available with an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 software. Unfortunately it turns out it doesn’t come with a licensed version of Windows. Retailers started selling the MeegoPad T01 and similar devices in November, and now that customers are starting to receive their units it’s become clear that […]

ECS Liva X mini PC now available for $210 and up

ecs liva x_01

ECS has updated its Liva line of mini desktop computers. The new ECS LivaX is now available from Newegg for $210 and up. The little computer measures 5.3″ x 3.3″ x 1.6″ and houses a low-power Intel Celeron Bay Trail processor and support for Windows, Ubuntu, or other operating systems. ECS offers the Liva X in two different configurations. […]

Esense Mini PC Stick D1: A colorful Windows PC-on-a-stick


Another day, another Windows PC small enough to fit in your pocket. The Esense Mini-PC Stick D1 is a computer-on-a-stick with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and up to 32GB of storage. It’s designed to run Windows 8.1 software, but like the upcoming Intel Compute Stick, I wouldn’t be surprised if it can also […]

MintBox Mini: Compact Linux Mint PC coming soon for $295

mintbox mini

The MintBox Mini is a small form-factor desktop computer that comes with Linux Mint software preloaded. If the computer looks familiar, that’s because it’s a version of CompuLab’s fitlet, a line of small, fanless desktops introduced this week. What makes this model a little different is that it’ll have a green case and come preloaded […]

CompuLab fitlit: Small, fanless AMD Mullins PC for Linux, Windows


CompuLab’s latest tiny, fanless desktop computer is powered by a low-power AMD processor, supports up to 8GB of RAM, and is designed to run Linux Mint or Windows 7 or later. The new CompuLab fitlet line of mini computers will be available in February, with prices starting at $129 for a barebones system. CompuLab has […]

Egreat’s Wintel Mini PC lineup


Chinese manufacturer Egreat brought its latest Android TV boxes, Windows mini-computers, and EZCast/Miracast media streamers and wireless display devices to the Consumer Electronics Show last week. While the most unusual device I saw was probably the Egreat i5 desktop computer that’s barely any thicker than the USB ports it houses, the company also had several […]