Egreat i6 mini PC giveaway


The Egreat i6 is a small computer with Windows 8.1 with Bing software, an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, HDMI and VGA ports, and dual-band WiFi. Geekbuying sells the Egreat i6 for about $140, but the store provided us with a demo unit to review. While it has a few odd software quirks, it offers […]

LibreBox mini-PC ships with Ubuntu MATE software


Portuguese company LibreTrend is partnering with the developers of Ubuntu MATE to offer a small, low-power desktop computer that will ship with the Ubuntu MATE operating system. Perhaps more importantly, LibreTrend says its computers ship without any proprietary blobs for the drivers, which means that they’re designed to run entirely free and open software. The […]

Egreat i6 mini PC review


Looking for a small, cheap computer that runs Windows? There’s no shortage of options these days, with many models selling for $200 or less. But some of these cheap mini-desktops suffer from a shortage of ports or poor WiFi performance. The Egreat i6 doesn’t suffer from either of those problems. This little desktop features 802.11b/g/n […]

Mouse Computer launches 64GB Windows PC stick

mouse 64_03

Intel is expected to launch a version of its Compute Stick with 64GB of storage and a Core M Broadwell processor later this year. But what if you don’t want to wait until then to get a model with more storage? Most Windows PC Sticks on the market feature just 32GB of storage (or less). […]

Archos PC Stick is a $99 pocket-sized Windows PC

archos pc stick

Archos is the latest company to introduce a tiny Windows computer-on-a-stick. Plug the Archos PC Stick into the HDMI port on your TV or monitor and you’ve basically got a full-fledged (if low-power) desktop computer. All you need to complete the package is a keyboard, mouse, or wireless control. So how is the Archos PC Stick […]

Lenovo launches $129 Ideacentre Stick 300 mini PC

stick 300_03

As expected, Lenovo is entering the PC-on-a-stick business with a new tiny computer called the IdeaCentre Stick 300. Lenovo’s tiny computer is a lot like the Intel Compute Stick, but cheaper. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300 goes on sale in July for $129. That’s about $20 less than the street price of Intel’s PC stick, but […]

Giada i58B is a tiny desktop with Intel Broadwell

giada i58b

Giada offers a range of small form-factor computers including recent models with Intel Bay Trail and 4th-gen Core “Haswell” chips. The company also recently showed off a prototype of an upcoming device that will feature an Intel 6th-generation Core “Skylake” chip later this year (after Intel actually launches those chips). But what about Intel’s current 5th-gen Core chips, […]

Zotac EN970 mini PC is a Steam Machine without Steam OS


Zotac’s first Steam Machine is a tiny desktop computer with NVIDIA GTX 970M graphics, 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and Valve’s Steam Operating system pre-loaded. It’s expected to be available in November for about $1000. There’s no doubt the Zotac Steam Machine SN970 is designed for gamers. But what if you want […]

Official Rasberry Pi case launches for £6

rpi case_01

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an official case for its tiny, inexpensive, low-power computers. You can pick one up from the Raspberry Pi store or retail partners for about £6 in the UK, which is less than $10 US. While that’s pretty cheap for a PC case, it’s also nearly a third the price of […]

Wibtek Q7 is a stackable mini PC (with projector, battery modules)

wibtek q7

We’ve seen projects to build modular smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches recently. But Chinese company Wibtek is showing off something a little different: a modular desktop PC with stackable components that let you add features including a an optical disc drive, battery, and projector. OK, you could make the case that most desktop PCs are modular, since […]

Giada i80 will be a Skylake-powered mini PC

giada skylake nuc

Giada is showing off a small form-factor desktop computer featuring a 6th-gen Intel Core “Skylake” processor. Intel won’t actually release those chips until later this year, which means the Giada i80 probably won’t be available until September or later. Still, it gives us an idea of what to expect from mini-desktops featuring Skylake chips… they’ll look […]

Shuttle introduces NUC-style mini computers

shuttle nuc

PC maker Shuttle has been offering small form-factor desktop computers longer than most companies. But over the past few years, we’ve seen some really tiny computers from other manufacturers, so Shuttle has decided to launch its own systems based on Intel’s NUC design. Shuttle is showing of the NC01 and NS01 NUC-format computers at Computex this week. These […]

Asus Pen Stick is a Windows 10, Cherry Trail PC-on-a-stick

asus pen stick_01

Intel may not be planning to offer a Compute Stick with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor. But it looks like Asus is. Asus is showing off a tiny computer called the Asus Pen Stick this week at Computex. It’s a PC-on-a-stick featuring a Cherry Trail CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and Windows 10 […]

Foxconn Kangaroo, Quanta Compute Plug join the mini PC parade

quanta compute plug

Microsoft has revealed two new tiny computers coming from Taiwanese manufacturers Foxconn and Quanta. The Quanta Compute Plug is a PC built into a device the size of a power adapter (and which you can actually use as a USB power adapter), while the Foxconn Kangaroo is a pocket-sized desktop computer that you can carry with you […]