HP TouchPad Go dissected for the FCC’s amusement

hp touchpad go fcc

The HP TouchPad Go is a 7 inch tablet which never made it to market. It was a casualty of HP’s decision to kill off its webOS hardware division last summer, just two months after introducing the HP TouchPad 10 inch tablet and watching it flop (only to see it sell like hotcakes once the […]

7 inch HP TouchPad Go reviewed (tablet that never was)

HP TouchPad Go

HP never got around to releasing the TouchPad Go before discontinuing its webOS hardware division this summer. But the company did produce a handful of prototypes of the HP TouchPad’s little sibling, and the folks at webOS Nation managed to get their hands on one. They’ve posted a detailed review of the tablet. It paints […]

Lonely HP TouchPad Go 7 inch tablet spotted in the wild

HP TouchPad Go

Before HP decided to discontinue the TouchPad line of webOS tablets, the company had been working on a 7 inch model to compliment the 9.7 inch HP TouchPad tablet. It was called the HP TouchPad Go, and it was never released. But the folks at Chinese site PalmJoy recently got their hands on a prototype, […]

Cruel twist of fate brings HP TouchPad 7 inch tablet to the FCC

HP TouchPad Go at the FCC

Before HP canceled its webOS hardware line of products including smartphones and tablets, the company was working on a 7 inch TouchPad tablet to compliment the 10 inch model that hit the streets in July. Unfortunately now that HP is pulling out of the webOS tablet business, the HP TouchPad Go 7 inch tablet will […]

This is HP’s canceled 7 inch TouchPad Go tablet

HP TouchPad Go

Just before HP decided to pull the plug on its webOS smartphones and tablets this summer, the company had been preparing to launch a 7 inch tablet called the TouchPad Go. It would have looked a lot like the 10 inch TouchPad tablet which made a splash only after HP cut the price to $99. […]

HP TouchPad Go 7 inch 4G tablet hits the FCC

HP TouchPad Go

HP and AT&T plan to offer a version of the HP TouchPad tablet with an HSPA+ 4G radio soon. It’s already available for pre-order  for $699.99, although I suspect you may be able to find a better price if you wait. AT&T may subsidize the tablet price if you sign up for a long-term contract, and HP […]