Giada F110D is a small, fanless Bay Trail computer

giada f110d

Chinese computer maker Giada has offers a line of tiny desktop computers in a variety of shapes and configurations. One of the company’s newest models is a slim, low-power computer called the Giada F110D. Notebook Italia reports it will be available with a 4.5W Intel Celeron N2807 or a 10W J1900 Bay Trail processor and both […]

Giada D330 is a compact, Haswell-powered PC

giada 330_03

Tiny PC maker Giada has unveiled a new small form-factor desktop computer that’s powered by an Intel Haswell processor. The Giada D330 is a barebones PC which is about 2 inches thickand which support sup to an Intel Core i7 processor. Giada’s targeting system builders and DIY-minded folks interested in building their own little desktop […]

Giada introduces I39 mini-desktop with Celeron J1900

giada i39

Small form-factor PC maker Giada has introduced a new compact desktop computer with an Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core Bay Trail processor and a case that measures just 7.5″ x 6.1″ x 1″. The Giada I39 is a desktop that’s thinner than many laptop computers. The system has 2GB of RAM, a 500GB, 2.5 inch hard […]

Giada introduces D2308 tiny desktops with Haswell + NVIDIA

Giada D2308

Small form-factor PC maker Giada has made a habit of offering tiny, low-power desktop computers. But the company’s newest models pack a little more power. The Giada D2308 series desktops feature Intel Haswell processors and NVIDIA graphics in a PC that measures 9″ x 6.8″ x 2.15″. While there are certainly more compact computers on […]

Giada F300 is a small, silent Haswell desktop

giada f300

Giada’s been offering small form-factor desktops for a few years, often with low-power Intel Atom processors. One of the company’s newest models packs a bit more punch, thanks to an Intel Core i5-4200U haswell processor. But the Giada F300 still smaller than many hardcover books — and it should be virtually silent since it uses […]

Giada is bringing its dual, quad-core tablets to the US

Giada tablets

Giada has been offering tiny desktop computers in the US for the past few years, but now the company also wants in on the budget tablet space. Giada is showing off several new tablets at CES this week, which it hopes to bring to US retailers in the next few months. While pricing hasn’t yet […]

Giada introduces ARM-based desktop computers

Giada Q11

Giada has been offering small form-factor desktop computers for the past few years. Up until recently they’ve all been powered by x86 processors and designed to run Windows. But now the company is dipping its toe in the Android space with a few new ARM-based computers. The Giada Q10 and Giada Q11 ARM-based mini PCs […]

Giada launches i35V nettop with mSATA storage for $160

Giada i35V

Giada has introduced yet another tiny desktop computer. The Giada i35V is the third model we’ve seen this month, and it’s just as little as Giada’s other small-form-factor computers. But what makes the Giada i35V Mini PC stand out isn’t the 1 inch-thick case. It’s what’s under the hood. The computer features a 1.86 GHz […]

Giada launches A51 mini PC with AMD T56N processor

Giada A51

Small form-factor PC maker Giada has introduced its latest tiny desktop computer. The Giada A51 is a $300-ish PC that’s probably thinner than some books you have on your shelf, at about 1 inch thick. Giada says the US suggested retail price for the A51 is $273, but the handful of US retailers that are […]

Giada launches i35G mini-PC: Cedar Trail CPU, NVIDIA graphics

Giada i35g

Small form-factor PC maker Giada’s latest pint-sized desktop PC bundles a low power Intel Atom D2500 Cedar Trail processor with NVIDIA GT610 graphics. While that might not pack enough punch to make the Giada i35G a hard-core gaming machine, this little PC could serve as a media center PC or digital signage device capable of […]

Giada i53 is a 35W Mini PC with Ivy Bridge

Giada i53

Mini PCs are getting a lot of attention these days. But while cheap little computers like the $35 Raspberry Pi and $74 MK802 are interesting platforms for running Android or other Linux-based operating systems, they’re not exactly high performance systems. But Chinese company Giada has been making tiny PCs for years. The company’s Intel Atom-powered […]

Giada D2305 Mini PC packs Ivy Bridge

Giada D2305

Giada has a track record of making small, attractive computers. Most of the devices I’ve seen from Giada in the past have been low power machines with Intel Atom or AMD Fusion processors. But the new Giada D2305 is a small form-factor PC that packs a little more punch thanks to an Intel Ivy Bridge […]

Giada adds Cedar Trail, Sandy Bridge nettops to its lineup

Giada nettops

Giada is updating its line of mini-desktop PCs with a handful of new models with the latest Intel processors. The Gigada 135G, for instance, has an Intel Atom Cedar Trail processor, but packs a bit more graphics power than you’d typically get from an Atom-based system thanks to NVIDIA GF119 graphics. The 135G also has […]

Giada F100 nettop packs an Intel Cedar Trail chip

giada f100

Chinese small form-factor PC maker Giada has introduced a new mini-PC with a new Intel Atom Cedar Trail N2800 processor and the latest GMA graphics. While Cedar Trail chips aren’t that much faster than earlier Atom processors in terms of overall performance, they do feature support for HD video playback. That allows the Giada F100 to handle […]

Giada D2301 mini-desktop gets the Core i-series treatment

giada d2301

Giada has made a name for itself by cranking out super-slim nettops with low power Intel Atom processors over the past few years. Now the company has introduced a souped up model called the Giada D2301 with a choice of an Intel Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 CPU. The small form factor desktop […]