Liliputing giveaway: G-Box Dyno mini PC + Ainol Novo Elf II tablet

Ainol Novo Elf II and G-Box Dyno

The G-Box Dyno is a tiny $69 device designed to let you run Android apps on a TV. It’s about the size of a USB flash drive, but features an Amlogic AML8726 ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, WiFi and HDMI. It’s a pretty well-built mini PC which comes with a version […]

First Look: $69 G-Box Dyno Android 4.0 mini PC with ARM Cortex-A9

G-Box Dyno Mini PC

The G-Box Dyno is tiny desktop computer that sits in the palm of your hand. It’s got the guts of an Android smartphone or tablet, but it doesn’t have a display or touchscreen. Instead you plug in a keyboard, mouse, remote control, and TV or monitor to run Android apps on a big screen. At […]