Velocity Micro unveils 3 new Android tablets

cruz tablet

The folks at Velocity Micro already have a couple Android tablets under their hat, but the company has decided not to stop with the Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablets T301 and T103. This week Velocity Micro announced three new tablets, with screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10 inches. The first is a 7 inch […]

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader $200 Android tablet gets the hands-on treatment

cruz reader

Velocity Micro plans to start shipping two Android tablets in the next 6 weeks or so. The Cruz Reader is a $200 tablet with a resistive touchscreen display that’s designed primarily as an eBook reader which also happens to run Android which means you can run third party apps, play videos, surf the web, and […]

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet offers Android 2.1, capacitive display for $300

velocity micro cruz tablet

Velocity Micro is now taking orders for two Android tablets the company first introduced a little over a month ago. One is marketed as a 7 inch color eBook reader, while the other is pitched as a multipurpose Android tablet. Both are available for pre-order today, but won’t ship until early September. Velocity Micro Cruz […]

Velocity Micro announces line of cheap Android tablets

cruz reader

Velocity Micro plans to launch a line of Google Android powered tablets with prices ranging from $149 to $299. The first to hit the streets will be the $199 Cruz Reader and the $149 Cruz StoryPad. Both are 7 inch tablets with 800 x 600 pixel touchscreen displays, and both are due out in August. […]

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet with Android 2.1, Adobe Flash

velocity micro cruz tablet

Apple may or may not eventually succeed in pushing the world toward a future where Adobe Flash isn’t the most popular format for web video and casual web-based video games like Farmville.But we don’t live in Apple’s world just yet, and while a number of companies have developed apps that will stream live video to […]