HyperJuice external batteries offer up to 53 hours of Macbook run time

HyperJuice battery

There’s no such thing as too much battery life… but if there was, the folks at HyperJuice would be on a mission to prove it. The company makes external battery packs that you can use to charge a phone, tablet, or Apple laptop. The biggest model is a 61,000mAh, 222Wh battery which can extend the […]

A few favorites from CES 2014

CES 2014

As the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show draws to a close, we’ve seen the introduction of thousands of new products… some more noteworthy than others. I’m not going to declare any particular device the best of show because that would imply I actually had time to check out and evaluate every single item. But I can […]

Future of Google TV? Meet the Hisense VIDAA Smart TV and Pulse Pro box

hisense pulse pro

Google TV is basically a custom version of Android designed to bring online media and third-party apps to a television, while also allowing you to access live and recorded TV from your service provider. But it hasn’t exactly been a runaway success. Google’s been offering the platform for a few years, but the existing Google […]

Gigabyte Brix Max: Haswell and Android-powered NAS media server

gigabyte brix max

Gigabyte’s Brix line of devices are small computers that don’t look much larger than a small stack of CD cases. Now the company is developing a new model that’s a little different. Instead of a standalone PC, the Gigabyte Brix Max is designed to be used as a network-attached storage device and media server for […]

ZBOX 01520 is an orb-shaped, Haswell-powered PC

Zotac 01520

Zotac plans to launch a range of new mini computers this year, including its first models with ARM-based chips, new powerful models with Intel Iris Pro graphics, and an unusual device called the ZBOX 01520 which looks like the ill-fated Google Nexus Q, but rolls up the guts of a tiny PC and packs them into […]

Nuance brings Swype keyboard and voice assist to smartwatches

Nuance Swype on a smartwatch

Smartphone screens keep getting bigger and bigger, which means typing with an on-screen keyboard is also getting easier and easier. But not all touchscreen devices have big screens — the average smartwatch has a 1.5 inch or smaller display. So how do you enter text? Nuance things it has an answer… or two. The company […]

Kurio introduces smartphones, 4G tablets for kids

Kurio 4G tablet

Kurio has been offering Android tablets for kids for a few years. Now the company is expanding its lineup by offering kids’ tablets with integrated 4G LTE and a Kurio Phone. The smartphone is a pretty basic Android phone designed both for kids… and for parents who want to be able to monitor and control […]

AMD shows off Nano PC powered by Mullins chip


Chip maker AMD isn’t quiet ready to launch its next-gen, low-power Mullins processor. But the company is showing off one of the things you can do with a quad-core Mullins chip using a Nano PC concept. The Nano PC is a little PC that’s small enough to hold in your hand, but which has 2GB […]

Huawei Tron game console is like a next-gen Ouya

Huawei Tron

Chinese electronics maker Huawei is showing off a tiny new video game console that takes a few pages out of the Ouya playbook… but it’s launching about a year later than the Ouya and it features more powerful hardware. The Huawei Tron runs Google Android software, connects to your TV via HDMI, and lets you […]

Razer introduces Nabu smartwatch and activity tracker

razer nabu

Razer may be known for making gaming equipment, but the company is also getting ready to launch a product designed to get you up off the couch. The Razer Nabu is a wearable device that’s part smartwatch, part activity tracker, and potentially much more. The Razer Nabu is designed to fit around your wrist like […]

Hands-on with Sony’s Walkman ZX1 HD audio player with Android

Sony Walkman ZX1

Now that you can use pretty much any smartphone as an MP3 player, dedicated portable audio players aren’t as common as they once were. But Sony thinks there’s still room for a device that puts media playback front and center. The company launched a high-end portable audio player powered by Android in Japan in 2013, […]

ZTE Eco-Mobius modular smartphone concept

ZTE Eco-Mobius

Motorola isn’t the only company working on designs for a modular smartphone that could be easy to upgrade by simply popping out a camera, memory, or even CPU module and throwing in a new one. ZTE is showing off a concept it calls Eco-Mobius which could let you upgrade a smartphone or tablet without replacing […]

Hands-on with the Archos Smartwatch family

Archos E Ink smartwatch

Archos plans to launch three different smartwatches this summer, with prices ranging from $50 to $129. All three models are designed to pair with an iPhone or Android device and let you view notifications on your wrist or control media playback using on-screen controls. There are three models. The cheapest will cost $50, and it […]

Zotac to launch mini PCs with ARM chips, Android or Ubuntu for under $150

Zotac freescale

Zotac is adding two new computers to its ZBOX Nano lineup. But unlike most of the company’s mini PCs, these won’t feature x86 processors and ship as barebones systems. The new models are powered by ARM chips and will ship with a choice of Android or Ubuntu Linux software. They’re expected to launch in the […]

Toshiba introduces 5-in-1 concept PC

Toshiba 5-in-1 PC concept

Toshiba is showing off a PC concept it calls a 5-in-1 PC. It’s a notebook that becomes a tablet, and a presentation machine, and a few other things. At first glance, it looks a lot like the 2-in-1 tablet/notebook hybrids that have flooded the market in the past year, but when you remove the keyboard […]