Amazon now offers refurbished Kindle Fire tablets for $179

Amazon Kindle Fire

Thinking about picking up an Amazon Kindle Fire, but find the $199 price tag too high? Amazon is now offering refurbished models for $179. Yeah, that’s only $20 off the list price — but Amazon offers the same 1-year warranty on refurbished Kindles as it does on new models. So there’s actually not much risk […]

Android 4.0 update for the Kindle Fire – now with USB mounting

Kindle Fire Android 4.0

One of the bugs that’s been plaguing Amazon Kindle Fire users who have installed early builds of Android 4.0 on the $199 tablet appears to be fixed. Developer JackpotClavin has released a new build of CyanogenMod 9 Alpha for the tablet which adds support for USB mounting. In other words, you can now connect the […]

New Kindle Fire Android 4.0 ROM adds custom lock screen, bug fixes

Kindle Fire with Android 4.0

A group of developers are continuing to work on improved versions of Google Android 4.0 for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon’s $199 tablet ships with a customized version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but by rooting the tablet and installing custom software it’s possible to turn it into an (almost) full-fledged Android tablet running CyanogenMod 9, a […]

Amazon: Kindle sales are up, but profits are falling (for now)

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon is re-iterating that the company sold “millions” of Kindle devices including the Kindle Fire tablet during the holiday season. The company reported its quarterly earnings this afternoon — and as usual, Amazon isn’t spelling out just how many Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, or other Kindle devices were sold. But Amazon says Kindle device sales […]

Amazon and B&N tablets could account for 40 percent of Android tablet sales

NOOK Tablet

Research firm Strategy Analytics estimate that about 10.5 million Android tablets were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2011. That’s more than a 300 percent jump from a year earlier, and the increase in Android tablet shipments means that Android devices now make up about 39 percent of overall tablet sales. But one thing that […]

Apple sold more than 15 million iPads last quarter

Apple iPad 2

Over and over I hear from tablet makers that there’s not really a tablet market yet… there’s an iPad market. While it seems like every day a new Android tablet is announced, nobody is selling as many tablet as Apple yet — and Apple’s numbers just keep growing. The company released its quarterly earnings report […]

Android 4.0 for the Kindle Fire: Now with working audio

Amazon Kindle Fire with Android 4.0

Developer JackpotClavin has released a new build of CyanogenMod 9 for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The latest version of Android 4.0 for the tablet includes one major update: audio now works properly. Update 1/31/2012: There’s an even newer build that includes several new bug fixes and additional features.  When the first build was released in late […]

Amazon release Kindle Fire 6.2.2 software

Kindle Fire

Amazon has released a minor software update for the Amazon Kindle Fire $199 tablet. The only noticeable difference is that there’s now a button that lets you enable full screen browsing in the Silk web browser. It also includes email improvements. Like earlier updates, Kindle Fire software version 6.2.2 will also remove root access. Fortunately […]

Kindle Fire development hits high gear (new custom ROMs, Tune Packs, more)

Amazon Kindle Fire

Now that developers have successfully managed to install CyanogenMod 7, early builds of Android 4.0, custom bootloaders and recovery utilities on the Amazon Kindle Fire, the sky seems to be the limit. Over the past few days several developers have released new software for Amazon’s $199 tablet. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the […]

Repartition your Kindle Fire storage space with FireParted


The Amazon kindle Fire may have 8GB of storage space, but the $199 tablet is partitioned so that some of that space is used by the operating system, about 1GB of available for installing applications, and only about 5 or 6GB are available for file such as music or movies. But if you think you […]

New tools for unbricking a Kindle Fire

Kindle Unbrick Utility

Once you’ve rooted an Amazon Kindle Fire and installed the FireFireFire bootloader and TWRP custom recovery, installing custom software such as CyanogenMod 7 or Android 4.0 is incredibly easy. Unfortunately installing TWRP and FireFireFire can be a little bit of a headache — especially if you’re using a Windows computer. If I had a nickle […]

Stream Amazon Instant Video outside of the US World Wide KindleFire

Amazon Instant Video

The Amazon Kindle Fire is the first Android tablet to support Amazon’s Instant Video streaming service. Users can purchase or rent TV shows or movies from Amazon and stream them over the internet or download them to the tablet for offline viewing. But the service only works in the US and only on tablets that […]

ReaderDock introduces Kindle Fire, NOOK Tablet charging docks with speakers

ReaderDock N-Station

ReaderDock plans to introduce two new tablet docking stations this month, one for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color and another for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The N-Station and FireStation are both scheduled to ship in mid-February, but pre-orders for each will open in late January. The docking stations include built-in speakers […]

Kindle Fire hacking update: Android 4.0 progress, custom TWRP graphics

TWRP Kindle Fire skin

Hackers have been making progress porting Google Android 4.0 to the Amazon Kindle Fire and making other changes to Amazon’s $199 tablet. Developer JackpotClavin has improved his early build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A few days ago he managed to add support for CPU scaling which improved battery life so that the tablet […]

Amazon has sold “millions” of Kindle Fires

amazon kindle fire

Amazon has a way of tooting its own horn without giving out specifics. Today the company announced that the Kindle Fire and Kindle eReader family has been awfully successful this holiday season, but we still don’t have exact sales figures for any of those devices. That said, here’s what we do know for now: Amazon […]

How to install Android 4.0 on the Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

An early build of Google Android 4.0 is now available for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. If you didn’t get the picture from our recent video, it’s still very much a work in progress. While developers have solved a bug affecting the “sdcard” portion of the device, there are still audio, video, and application bugs […]