Liliputing NorhTec Gecko Edubook netbook giveaway

Norhtec Gecko Edubook

We’re digging deep into the vault for the next entry in the Liliputing 2012 Holiday Giveaway. The NorhTec Gecko Edubook is a netbook with an 8.9 inch display, a low power keyboard and a nifty trick up its sleeve: It runs on AA batteries. That makes it easy to replace the batteries if they die […]

NorhTec Gecko Edubook + Puppy Linux: That’s more like it


The NorhTec Gecko Edubook is one of the most innovative netbooks around when it comes to hardware design. It runs on rechargeable AA batteries, making it easy to find replacements pretty much anywhere in the world. The OS and all the data is stored on an SD card, making it easy to upgrade. And the […]

What’s next for the NorhTec Edubook?

10 inch Edubook

After having played around with an 8.9 inch NorhTec Gecko Edubook for the past few weeks, I got a chance to meet up with the folks from NorhTec at CES. They were showing off several new devices including an upcoming 10 inch netbook and the recently launched Gecko Surfboard computer-in-a-keyboard. There was also a demo […]

NorhTec Gecko Edubook with Windows XP, WattOS – Video

norhtec gecko edubook wattos

The NorhTec Gecko Edubook is unlike pretty much any other netbook on the market right now. Sure, it has an 8.9 inch. 1024 x 600 pixel display and a small keyboard. But it has an unusual 1GHz XCore86 CPU which can be popped out and easily replaced. The entire OS runs from an internal SD […]

NorhTec Gecko Edubook with Puppy Linux – Video

edubook puppy

The NorhTec Gecko Edubook that I’m testing this week shipped with WattOS, a light weight Linux distribution optimized to support the netbook’s somewhat unusual hardware. But drivers are also available for Windows XP,and you can configure several other Linux0based operating systems to play well with the Edubook, including Ubuntu, Debian, Zen, and Puppy Linux. Although […]