VolksPC mini PC run Android and Debian Linux simultaneously

debian rk3066

Tiny, low-powered PCs with ARM-based processors like the MK802 or Tronsmart Vega S89 usually ship with Android software that lets you stream videos, play games, or surf the web on a TV. But many of these little devices can also run other Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora. Now the folks at VolksPC […]

Hisense Sero 7+ is a budget Android tablet

hisense sero 7 plus

Hisense is adding another low-cost Android tablet to the Hisense Sero family. The Hisense Sero 7+ showed up at the FCC and WiFi certification sites recently, and it looks like an update to last year’s Hisense Sero 7 LT. The Hisense Sero 7+ features entry-level specs, and it will probably have an entry-level price. The slightly more […]

Dell Chromebook 11 with Core i3 CPU on the way

dell chromebook 11

Acer may have been the first company to launch a Chrome OS laptop with an Intel Core i3 Haswell processor. But it won’t be the last. Dell unveiled details about an updated Dell Chromebook 11 with an Intel Core i3 processor at an event in Japan. Dell already offers a Chromebook 11 for education and enterprise […]

French retailer lists NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE for €400

nvidia shield tablet

Can’t wait to get your hands on NVIDIA’s upcoming Shield Tablet with a Tegra K1 processor and support for streaming PC games over the internet? If you live in France you can already order one from Rue Du Commerce. Sure, NVIDIA hasn’t actually confirmed that the tablet exists yet and the product page was probably […]

First look at Athena: Chrome OS is getting a new user interface


Google is developing a new user interface for Chrome OS. It’s code-named “Athena,” and clues about the new UI have been appearing in the source code for the browser-based operating system for a while. Now Google’s François Beaufort gives us an idea of what it will look like (and how to enable an early version yourself). […]

Deals of the Day (07-18-2014)

dell xps 12

The Dell XPS 12 is a thin and light notebook with a Core i5 Haswell processor and a touchscreen display. You can also tilt that screen back until it’s facing away from the keyboard so that when you close the lid you’re holding a tablet. New models sell for $1200 and up, but you can […]

Lenovo stops selling 8 inch Windows tablets in the US

lenovo 8 tablets

Lenovo has pulled the plug on US sales of its 8 inch Windows tablets. While some retailers still have the Lenovo Miix 2 and ThinkPad 8 in stock, they’re no longer available from Lenovo.com. The company tells PC World that it plans to continue selling the tablets in other markets where demand has been stronger — […]

Acer C720 Chromebook family to get a spec bump

acer c720_02

Acer is expected to launch several new Chromebooks this year, featuring Bay Trail and NVIDIA Tegra K1 chips. The company also recently updated the Acer C720 lineup with a model with an Intel Core i3 Haswell processor. But it looks like there’s another spec bump in store for Acer’s Chromebook family. According to a product brochure, Acer […]

Acer’s first Chromebox is on the way

acer chromebox

Acer was one of the first companies to begin selling Chromebooks, and the company’s low-cost Acer C720 series of notebooks are among the most popular Chrome OS laptops. They regularly show up on Amazon’s list of best-selling laptops. Now it looks like Acer is getting ready to launch its first desktop computer powered by Google’s Chrome operating system. […]

This could be the NVIDIA Shield Tablet (leaks)

nvidia shield tablet

NVIDIA’s expected to launch an Android tablet with an emphasis on gaming this year. Now @evleaks has posted what may be the first good picture showing us what the NVIDIA Shield tablet will look like. Update: A French retailer has given us another look at what could be the upcoming Shield Tablet. The tablet has stereo, front-facing […]