Custom ROM builds start work on Android 5.0 (CyanogenMod, OmniROM)


Phone makers like Motorola and LG aren’t the only ones working with the Android 5.0 source code Google released this month. Developers of custom ROMs including CyanogenMod and OmniROM are also working to merge Android 5.0 into their code, bringing better security, a new design language, and other improvements. It’ll take a little while before […]

Raspberry Pi Model A+ has a 40-pin connector, more compact design

model a plus

This summer the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a redesigned version of the low-cost, low-power mini-computer the team first launched two years earlier. The Model B+ had more USB port than the original Model B, a 40-pin connector instead of 26, and a microSD card reader instead of full-sized. Now a Model A+ is on the […]

LG G3 Android 5.0 rollout starts this week


Motorola may have been the first smartphone maker to launch a soak test for Android 5.0, rolling out a pre-released build of Google’s latest software to early testers… but LG wins the race for being the first company to begin rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop to all users of its flagship phone… kinda. LG has announced […]

Samsung Chromebook 2 (Bay Trail) review


Samsung’s latest Chrome OS laptop might be one of the company’s best to date. The Samsung Chromebook 2 with a Bay Trail processor hits a pretty sweet spot between price, performance, and portability… although it does have a few quirks. This $250 laptop runs for up to 9 hours on a charge, packs enough horsepower […]

Android 5.0 rolling out to (some) Moto X 2014 phones

moto x 5

Motorola may be the first company to begin rolling out an Android 5.0 Lollipop software update to smartphone users. A small group of testers with Motorola Moto X 2014 Pure Edition users have started to receive Android 5.0 before anyone else… and that includes users of Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones. It might take […]

HP Stream Windows tablets hit pre-order for $100 and up

hp stream 7_01

HP’s new super-cheap Windows tablets are set to launch this month with prices as low as $100 for the HP Stream 7 and $150 for the HP Stream 8. Neither model is shipping yet, but both tablets are available for pre-order. The HP Stream 7 features a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display, an Intel […]

Surprise: The Google Nexus Player supports Ethernet (kinda)

nexus player ethernet

The Google Nexus Player’s biggest strength is also it’s second biggest weakness (The first is a lack of available apps, but that could change if developers adopt the platform). The first box to ship with Android TV software is incredibly simple to use. Not only does it have a simple user interface, the box only […]

Deals of the Day (11-07-2014)

asus c200 chromebook

Chromebooks are generally pretty inexpensive — some models have starting price as low as $199. But why settle for a Chrome OS laptop that’s supposed to sell for that price when you can pick up a higher-end model that’s had its priced slashed. Today’s daily deals roundup includes two models with Intel Celeron N2830 Bay Trail chips […]

Asus ZenWatch launches Nov 9th for $199


The Asus ZenWatch is a smartwatch with Google’s Android Wear software, custom watch faces from Asus, and a design that sort of straddles the line between square and round. Asus unveiled the ZenWatch in September, and now the company plans to begin selling it in the United States. It should be available starting November 9th […]

Toshiba Portégé Z20t could be a 12.5 inch 2-in-1 tablet

toshiba portege z20t_02

Toshiba introduced a 2-in-1 Windows tablet with an 11.6 inch display and a detachable keyboard dock last year. It’s called the Toshiba Portégé Z10t and it’s a premium device with a starting price of $1499. Now it looks like Toshiba may have a new model with a 12.5 inch screen on the way. A device called […]

Vsenn is designing a modular smartphone (that’s not Project Ara)

vsenn modular phone

Google isn’t the only company working on a modular smartphone project. Google’s Project Ara is an effort to create a platform that lets customers buy the skeleton of an Android phone and then add modules for the processor, storage, display, battery, camera, and other components. The first Project Ara devices could ship in 2015. But […]