MintBox Mini: Compact Linux Mint PC coming soon for $295

mintbox mini

The MintBox Mini is a small form-factor desktop computer that comes with Linux Mint software preloaded. If the computer looks familiar, that’s because it’s a version of CompuLab’s fitlet, a line of small, fanless desktops introduced this week. What makes this model a little different is that it’ll have a green case and come preloaded […]

Writing on air: Fujitsu’s smart ring designed for gesture controls

fujitsu ring

Fujitsu has unveiled a wearable device that lets you interact with computers without touching them. It’s “ring-type device” that you wear on your finger to spell out letters in the air with your finger or perform other gestures. You could use Fujitsu’s ring with a desktop or notebook. But the company really envisions the technology working with […]

Xiaomi Mi Note is a $370 flagship aimed at the iPhone 6 Plus


China’s Xiaomi has gotten a reputation for launching impressive devices with very low price tags — with some selling for under $200. Their new Mi Note shoots well past that mark, but at $370 it’s still a bargain compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. Xiaomi was pretty clear about calling Apple’s slablet out as the competition. […]

HP EliteBook Revolve convertible notebook goes Broadwell

hp elitebook revolve 810 g3

HP is updating its Elitebook Revolve line of 2-in-1 notebook/tablet hybrids with a new model sporting a choice of 5th-gen Intel Core processors. The new HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 isn’t available for purchase yet, but HP has posted details about the upcoming business-class laptop on its website. The laptop features an 11.6 inch, 1366 […]

Report: Samsung wants to buy BlackBerry

bb pp_00

A lot of folks have been suggesting that the only way BlackBerry could save itself would be to start selling phones that run Google Android rather than BlackBerry OS. But if there’s any truth to a new report from Reuters, maybe future BlackBerry phones will run Tizen instead. According Reuters’s sources, Samsung wants to buy […]

Google makes it easier to load custom code on Chromebooks

debugging chromebook

Folks have been loading Ubuntu and other operating systems of custom firmware on Chromebooks for almost as long as Google’s been making Chrome OS available. But now the company’s making it even easier for users to run custom code on a Chromebook, thanks to new debugging features that are available in developer mode. In a nutshell […]

Deals of the Day (1-14-2015)

toshiba 2

Toshiba makes some of the most affordable Windows tablets available, with prices for the Encore Mini normally starting at $99. But right now Microsoft is selling that tablet for $20 off. I still wouldn’t buy that model though, because it has an awful display. But the company’s 8 inch tablet which normally sells for $179 is […]

Oppo R1C smartphone launches in China, has a Sapphire glass back


Chinese smartphone maker Oppo’s latest smartphone features a 5 inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core 64-bit processor, and a 13MP Sony IMX214 camera. But the Oppo R1C‘s most unusual feature is its design: the smartphone has a sapphire glass panel on the back. At a time when many Chinese phone makers are offering products that stand […]

CompuLab fitlit: Small, fanless AMD Mullins PC for Linux, Windows


CompuLab’s latest tiny, fanless desktop computer is powered by a low-power AMD processor, supports up to 8GB of RAM, and is designed to run Linux Mint or Windows 7 or later. The new CompuLab fitlet line of mini computers will be available in February, with prices starting at $129 for a barebones system. CompuLab has […]