ODROID-C1 is a $35 quad-core, single-board Android/Linux PC


When the Raspberry Pi team launched a tiny, low power computer priced at just $35, it was pretty remarkable. But that was 2 years ago, and while the Raspberry Pi has seen a few updates in that time, it’s still powered by the same single-core 700 MHz Broadcomm BCM2835 ARM11 processor. Over the past few […]

Vivo X5 Max smartphone is just 4.75mm thick

vivo x5 max

Vivo’s latest smartphone is one of the world’s thinnest: the Vivo X5 Max is just 4.75mm (less than 0.19 inches) thick). While the slim design of the phone is its most notable feature, the rest of the specs look pretty good for a mid-range device. It’s not clear if the phone will be available outside […]

ECS Liva X mini PC with Intel Bay Trail on the way

ecs liva x_01

This year ECS introduces a tiny desktop computer capable of running Windows, Ubuntu, or other operating systems. The ECS Liva is small enough to hold in one hand, priced at under $200 (and currently available for just $110), and sold as a sort of DIY kit: you have to put the system board and the […]

LastPass, Dashlane password managers now offer auto-password changing

lastpass auto

Want to keep people from logging into your online accounts without permission? Then it’s probably a good idea to use a different password for each service, use strong passwords, and change your passwords often. Password managers such as 1Password, KeePass, Dashlane and LastPass make it easy to do the first two of those things… and now Dashlane […]

Fedora 21 Linux-based operating system released

fedora 21

The Fedora Project’s latest version of the open source Fedora operating system have released Fedora 21. It comes about a month after the launch of a public beta, and not much has changed since my last article… it’s just that the operating system is now considered stable enough to drop the beta label. Fedora is […]

Windows 8.1 video app adds native support for MKV videos

win8 video

Microsoft recently added native support for the MKV video format to its Windows 10 preview. But you don’t need Windows 10 to have native support for MKV. The company has released a new version of its Windows 8.1 video app which also supports the MKV format. MKV is a container, rather than a video codec — […]

Deals of the Day (12-09-2014)

moto g 2nd

Motorola’s Moto G smartphone is already one of the best Android phones you can get for $180. But if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy one, now might be that time: Amazon is selling the 2nd-generation Moto G for $150 today. The phone has a 5 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel display, […]

Old laptop batteries could bring light to developing nations


Millions of computers are discarded every year: the EPA says that more than 30 million laptop and desktop computers were disposed of in 2010, with about 20 million more going to recycling programs. But just because your old laptop isn’t fast enough to handle the latest video games anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be put […]

Blackphone introduces privacy-focused app store


The makers of the Blackphone offer a smartphone which places a heavy emphasis on privacy and security. It runs a modified version of Android called PrivatOS along with support for encrypted phone calls, text messages, and other communications. But it can be tough finding third-party apps that respect your privacy as much as the operating […]