LG G3 Stylus is a mid-range, stylus-equipped smartphone

lg g3 stylus3

As expected, LG is adding a stylus-toting model to its line of G3-branded smartphones. The LG G3 Stylus looks kind of like LG’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note line of pen-enabled phones… but it’s not really. That’s because while the original LG G3 is a top-tier phone with high-end specs, the LG G3 Stylus has the […]

Zotac’s first ARM-based mini PC coming in September for under $200


It’s been almost 9 months since Zotac started showing off its first tiny desktop computers to feature ARM-based processors. Now the company is getting ready to start selling its new ZBOX Nano D518 with a Freescale i.MX6 Quad processor. It’s expected to go on sale in September for less than $200. Japanese site Ask-Corp.jp has […]

Lilbits (8-25-2014): The future of smartwatches looks… round

samsung logo

Motorola’s doing it. LG’s doing it. So is Samsung… reportedly. All three companies are apparently working on smartwatches featuring round watch faces. Smartwatches aren’t exactly common these days, but if you have seen one in the wild, odds are that it’s had a square or rectangular design. Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 with a round face […]

HTC to reveal its first 64-bit smartphone

htc desire 820

Android phones with 64-bit ARM chips are coming. That’s not a big surprise, since mobile chip makers have been unveiling 64-bit processors left and right and Apple’s iPhone 5s already has a 64-bit processor. But apparently the time for Android phones with 64-bit chips based on ARMv8 architecture is almost upon us… HTC has confirmed […]

Is this the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact tablet (and smartwatch)?

sony xperia z3 compact

Sony is holding a press event on September 3rd to announced its latest mobile products. We could see the company’s next flagship smartphone as well as new tablets or smartwatches… and maybe we’ve already seen some of those devices. The company shared some photos on Facebook recently… including a now-removed image which appears to show […]

HP Chromebook 14 with NVIDIA Tegra K1 coming soon?

nvidia tegra k1

It looks like Acer may not be the only PC maker with an NVIDIA-powered Chromebook on the way. According to listings at a couple of different online stores, HP’s got a Chrome OS laptop with an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor in the works as well. The HP Chromebook 14 with a Tegra K1 “Logan” processor […]

Deals of the Day (8-25-2014)

lastpass android

You know it’s a bad idea to use “1234″ as your password for Facebook, your online banking account, and every site you visit. But how are you supposed to remember dozens or even hundreds of passwords? You aren’t — you should probably be using a secure password manager instead. LastPass is one of the simplest and […]

Firefox OS phones arrive in India

intex cloud fx

Smartphones running Mozilla’s Firefox OS software aren’t widely available in the US yet, but the maker of the Firefox web browser has announced that they’re coming to a market that’s potentially even bigger this week. The first Firefox OS phones will be available in India this week. The first Indian phone to run the browser-based […]

LG to round out its smartwatch lineup with… a round watch

g watch r

LG plans to launch a new smartwatch next week. Like the company’s first G Watch, it’s expected to run Google’s Android Wear software. But while the LG G Watch has a square design, the new LG G Watch R will be… round. The Korean electronics company posted a teaser video on YouTube… and although it’s […]

Now you can root Google’s Chromecast (again)

chromecast root

It’s been over a year since Google started selling Chromecast. The $35 device plugs into your TV and lets you use a phone, tablet, or desktop web browser as a remote control while streaming internet video from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and many other services. Shortly after the Chromecast launched, developers started trying to find […]