Asus C201 Chromebook with Rockchip CPU coming soon

Asus C201 Chromebook

Asus is reportedly planning to launch a new Chrome OS laptop which is described as the company’s “most affordable Chromebook to date.” Since Asus launched two Chromebooks priced at $249 last summer, that suggests the new Asus C201 Chromebook could have a list price of $199 or less.   OMG Chrome has posted an image of […]

Vector smartwatches promise 30 days of battery life


Want a smartwatch you don’t need to charge every day… or every few days… or every week? Vector is taking a less-is-more approach to smartwatches by offering a model with fewer features than some models… but one killer feature: up to a month of battery life. At least, that’s what the company is promising. Vector […]

Microsoft outlines system requirements for Windows 10

win10 surface

Want to know if your computer, phone, or tablet will be able to run Windows 10 when the operating system launches this summer? Microsoft is starting to talk about hardware requirements. For the most part the information the company has released is aimed at system builders to help them figure out what kind of hardware […]

Rakuten acquires library eBook, audiobook provider OverDrive


The company that bought retail portal in 2010 and eBook company Kobo in 2011 is expanding again. Rakuten has announced plans to buy OverDrive for $410 million. OverDrive is an eBook and audiobook distributor that makes digital media available to library patrons, school students, and others. You can use the OverDrive system to borrow or […]

Deals of the Day (3-19-2015)

five nights

Looking for a few good apps or games for your Android or Amazon Fire device? Amazon is giving away more than 30 paid apps for free. That includes popular games such as World of Goog, Cut the Rope, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. You’ll need to […]

MSI Cubi is a tiny desktop with a Broadwell chip

msi cubi_03

MSI has introduced a miniature desktop computer that’s scheduled to hit the streets in late March, 2015. It’s called the MSI Cubi and it’s a computer with an Intel Broadwell processor stuffed into a 0.45 liter case. Update: MSI Cubi systems are now available for pre-order $150 and up. The MSI Cubi features two memory slots (with […]

Acer launches 15.6 inch Chromebook with Core i5 for $500

chromebook 15_05

As expected, Acer has introduced a new version of its Acer Chromebook 15 laptop. The new model features a 15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display and an Intel Core i5-5200U Broadwell processor. It should hit the streets in April for $499.99, although prices may vary in different regions. The Acer Chromebook 15 is already […]

Is this a next-gen Moto 360 smartwatch?

moto 360 2_01

The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch was the first device with Android Wear software to feature a round watch face for a sort of classic watch design. It’s also customizable, thanks to the Moto Maker web app which lets you choose the finish, band, and default watch face. But soon there may be even more options. […]

Microsoft: About that free Windows 10 upgrade for pirates…

win10 start

This week Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would launch this summer, and that it would be a free update for just about anyone running Windows 7 or later… including folks running unlicensed versions of Windows. If that sounded too good to be true, well it’s not. Microsoft really will let folks running pirated copies of Windows […]

Lumia 430 is a $70 Windows Phone with dual SIM support

lumia 430 dual_04

Microsoft offers a range of Lumia smartphones including high-end models with full HD screens, high-res cameras, and other premium features. There are also entry-level models like the recently released Lumia 435 which has more modest specs and sells for just $80. But Microsoft is going even lower: the new Lumia 430 Dual SIM is a […]

Cyanogen OS 12 to bring per-app themes to Android 5.0 Lollipop

cyanogen per app themes

The folks at Cyanogen make a custom version of Google Android which ships on devices including the OnePlus One and Micromax Yu line of smartphones. One of the things that sets Cyanogen OS apart from Google’s Stock Android software is support for themes that can change the look and feel of your device… but sometimes you’ll […]

Upload your music to OneDrive, play it with Xbox Music apps

onedrive xbox

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service lets you store just about any type of file online where you can access it on any device with a OneDrive app or a web browser. But now you can also use OneDrive as a cloud music server. Upload your songs and you can stream them to any device with […]