Deals of the Day (1-22-2015)

amazon prime

Amazon Prime used to just be a service that offered free 2-day shipping on thousands of items in exchange for $79 per year. These days Prime membership still includes free shipping. But it also includes access to millions of songs through Amazon Prime Music, thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Instant Video, and […]

Windows RT tablets won’t run Windows 10

surface 2

Microsoft has no plans to bring its Windows 10 software to tablets running Windows RT. That means the Surface 2, Surface RT, Nokia Lumia 2520, and a handful of other tablets with ARM-based chips and Windows software won’t get all the fancy new Windows 10 features coming to Windows phones and x86-based PCs. But Microsoft […]

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Alpha 2 released

kubuntu 1504

The next version of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system is due in April. Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is currently under development, but you can take a recent nightly build for a spin if you want to test it out before the official launch. Or if you’re looking for something a little more stable you […]

BlackBerry CEO wants app neutrality: iMessage for BlackBerry

bb classic

BlackBerry CEO John Chen thinks the government should mandate that mobile app developers and service makers offer their goods across a range of platforms. Today you can install BlackBerry Messenger on an iPhone or Android device. But you can’t install Apple’s iMessage on a BlackBerry phone. Chen would like to see that change… although it […]

Windows 10 coming to “majority” of Lumia phones

windows 10 phones

Microsoft will launch a preview of Windows 10 for phones in February, with the full version of the software expected to roll out later this year. So what does that mean for folks with smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1? According to Microsoft’s Chris Weber, “the majority of Lumia phones” that are already running Windows 8 or […]

Lilbits (1-21-2015): Will Google launch a phone network?

nexus 6_0

Google is reportedly planning to launch a US wireless network as an MVNO. That means that the company would piggyback on existing network infrastructure instead of building out its own towers. But the idea behind Google’s foray into the Mobile Virtual Network Operator space would be for Google to help drive down the cost of mobile […]

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e laptops for education go Broadwell

lenovo thinkpad 11e

Lenovo is updating its ThinkPad 11e line of notebooks with new models featuring Intel Broadwell processors (or optional AMD chips) and a few other minor hardware tweaks. The ThinkPad 11e family includes a standard notebook with an 11.6 inch screen and a Yoga model which can also be used as a tablet when you push […]

Build a Home Projector for Your Smartphone, No Experience Necessary

Smartphone Projector 1

My best friend is moving to another state next month. Around Christmas, he told everyone that he didn’t want any gifts because it would just mean having to cart more stuff across the country. He isn’t even bringing his television set with him. Of course, I couldn’t just skip giving him a present, and gift […]

Microsoft unveils Windows Holographic (next-gen augmented reality)

windows hol_03

Microsoft has widely been rumored to be working on a virtual reality headset… but it turns out the company’s been developing something that could have even wider-reaching implications. Windows Holographic is a new set of services that will allow users to view and interact with virtual objects in real-world spaces. Windows 10 includes APIs developers […]

Microsoft Surface Hub is an 84 inch all-in-one PC

surface hub_08

Microsoft has unveiled a new member of the Surface family. The upcoming Surface Hub isn’t a portable tablet like the Surface Pro 3… it’s an 84 inch all-in-one computer designed for use in enterprise environments. It has cameras, a touchscreen, sensors, and the Surface Hub runs Windows 10 software. You can use it as a […]

Microsoft shows Windows 10 for smartphones

win10 phone_01

Microsoft’s next version of Windows for phones will be based on some of the same code as Windows for desktop, notebook, and tablet computers. The company is starting to show what Windows 10 will look like on phones. In a lot of ways, it looks like Windows Phone 8.1, but many of the new features […]

Windows 10 is designed to work on tablets, notebooks, and phones

win10 start

Microsoft is starting to show off new features for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. The OS is designed to run across a range of devices including phones, tablets, and notebooks, and the latest builds are designed to make it easy for users to transition from tablet to notebook mode or back again when using […]