Google Play Music storage locker now holds up to 50,000 songs

google play music

Four years ago Google launched an online music service that you could use to upload as many as 20,000 songs to the cloud and stream them to your web browser, phone or tablet. Now you can upload up to 50,000 songs to Google Play Music. The service is free for users in supported countries, although […]

Deals of the Day (2-25-2015)

dell xps 11

The Dell XPS 11 is a 2-in-1 ultrabook with a high-resolution display, a reasonably fast processor, and an awful keyboard. In fact, the keyboard is so bad that it’s probably best to think of this machine not as a convertible notebook, but as a tablet that happens to have a keyboard you can use for short bursts […]

Pebble smartwatches could gain Windows Phone support

pebble notifications_01

The Pebble Time smartwatch has already smashed a few Kickstarter records this week, showing there’s plenty of demand for the company’s first watch with a color display. Part of the appeal of Pebble’s watches is that they have always-on displays and up to a week of battery life. But another part of the appeal is […]

New Motorola Moto E does 4G LTE on the cheap

moto e new

As expected, Motorola is updating its low-cost Moto E smartphone by adding more storage, faster mobile data, and a slightly larger screen. The new Moto E 4G launches today for $150 without a contract. There’s also a new 3G model that sells for $120. Both models feature 4.5 inch, 960 x 540 pixel IPS display, Android 5.0 […]

FCC expected to adopt net neutrality rules this week

speed test

Right now there are no rules in the United States that prevent internet service providers from prioritizing some types of content. For instance an ISP could block or slow down traffic from video streaming websites unless the operators of those websites paid a fee. But the federal government could soon prevent ISPs from doing that. Over […]

ZTE Q7-C is basically a bigger ZTE Blade S6 smartphone

zte q7-c

ZTE and China Telecom have unveiled a new smartphone with a 5.5 inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 quad-core 64-bit processor, and 2GB of RAM. If the ZTE Q7-C seems familiar, that’s because it looks almost exactly like ZTE’s Blade S6 smartphone. But this model has a larger screen and a few other features that make […]

Meet the HTC One M9… probably (leaks)

htc one m9

HTC is expected to unveil its next flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress next week… but alleged specs and pictures of the upcoming HTC One M9 have been leaking for weeks. Now a few leaked videos give us the best idea of what to expect yet. Note that HTC hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but […]

Lenovo is rethinking bloatware in a post-Superfish world

lenovo u330 touch

Last week Lenovo acknowledged that it had been shipping consumer PCs with software called Superfish which the company now acknowledges added no value for users… and which it turns out also compromised the security of the computers which were running the software. The company subsequently released tools to remove Superfish from all of its computers […]

Deals of the Day (2-24-2015)

Amazon’s Fire tablets usually sell for $99 and up, with the Fire HDX 8.9 starting at $379 and the Fire HD 6 starting at $99. But right now Amazon is offering 15 percent off all of its most recent tablets, which means prices start at $84. Here are some of the day’s best deals. 15 percent off […]

Google is now rolling out Lollipop for Indian Android One phones

android one 5

Google’s Android One program is expanding to the Philippines and Indonesia, where the low-cost phones are shipping with Android 5.1 Lollipop software. But the Android One program launched first in India last year, and up until recently customers in that country were stuck with Android 4.4 KitKat. Now Google’s Caesar Sengupta has announced that the […]

Pebble Time color smartwatch hits Kickstarter

pebble time_01

Pebble has been one of the leaders in the smartwatch space since the company introduced the original Pebble watch almost 3 years ago. While Samsung, Google, Apple, and other companies have launched their own smartwatch platforms in the years since Pebble entered the wearable space, the company still has a loyal following thanks to features such […]