Alienware 13 gaming laptop supports optional desktop graphics cards

alienware 13_002

Dell unveiled a new 13 inch gaming laptop this summer, and now the Alienware 13 available for purchase for $999 and up. It’s the company’s smallest laptop designed for gaming and it combines an Intel Haswell processor with NVIDA GeForce GTX 860M graphics, 802.11ac WiFi an Ethernet jack, HDMI and mini DisplayPort, and 52 Whr battery. […]

Windows 10 to get OS X-style touchpad gestures

w10 task view_02

The next preview version of Windows 10 will include better support for users with multiple monitors as well as support for new touchpad gestures that let you minimize apps or switch between apps. Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore showed off an early preview of Windows 10 Build 9865 at an event in Europe. Some of those […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2015) tablet on the way

galaxy note 2015

Samsung appears to have a new 10.1 inch Android tablet with support for pen input on the way. Several pages on the Samsung website mention a new device called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2015). That doesn’t look like a typo either — the same page also mentions the Note 10.1 (2014) which launched late […]

Deals of the Day (10-28-2014)

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon touch

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is a 14 inch ultrabook that weighs about 3 pounds, features a Lenovo TrackPoint button, a carbon fiber case, and 4-digit price tag. Right now the cheapest model available from is selling for $1,124. But Woot has models on sale for as little as $900. The best deal is probably […]

Verizon says Motorola Droid Turbo gets 2-days batterylife

droid turbo dl

The Motorola Droid Turbo smartphone will be available from Verizon starting October 30th for $200 and up. As expected, the newest member of the Droid family has a high-resolution display, a fast processor, and some of the same software features that make Motorola’s other phones special, including Moto Actions and Moto Display. The Droid Turbo also […]

ARM’s next-gen graphics promise 4K support, better efficiency

arm mali t860

Chip designer ARM has unveiled its next-gen graphics, video, and display technologies. ARM licenses its designs to other companies so it’ll be a while before the first processors with ARM’s new technology hit the streets. The first products with ARM Mali-T800 series graphics, Mali-V550 video, and Mali-DP550 display processor technology should launch in late 2015 or […]

HP Pro Slate 12 and Pro Slate 8 Android tablets mean business

hp pro slate 12_02

HP plans to launch two new Android tablets aimed at business users. The HP Pro Slate 12 features s 12.3 inch, 1600 x 1200 pixel display, while the HP Pro Slate 8 has a smaller, but sharper 2048 x 1536 pixel screen. Don’t get confused by the name — the Pro Slate 8 is different from the HP Slate […]

Would you pay a subscription for ad-free YouTube?

youtube ad

The head of YouTube says Google is considering offering a subscription-based version of the online video service. Speaking at the Code/Mobile conference this week, Susan Wojcicki suggested that one way to do that would be to offer subscribers an ad-free experience. What do you think? Would you pay a monthly fee to get rid of the […]

New type of LCD can display static images with no power


One of the reasons E Ink displays like the screen on an Amazon Kindle Voyage use less power than an LCD screen like the one that’s probably in your laptop or desktop monitor is that E Ink only uses power when the text or images on the screen change. When there’s just a static image […]

Windows 10 adds support for 1024 x 600 pixel displays


Want to install Windows 10 on an old netbook (or a cheap Windows tablet) with a 1024 x 600 pixel display? No problem. While you can run Windows 8.1 on a device with a low-resolution display, you’ll get an error message if you try opening the Windows Store to install any Metro/Modern apps. That was […]

Deals of the Day (10-27-2014)

dell venue 8 pro

In the market for an 8 inch Windows tablet? The Toshiba Encore 2 WT8 normally sells for $200, but you can snag one at the moment for $170. But you can also get an even better deal on the Dell Venue 8 Pro which is an older tablet… but one that has more RAM and […]

Microsoft Office 365 users now get unlimited cloud storage

onedrive unlimited

Microsoft has been pushing its Office 365 subscription service pretty hard, and now there’s one more good reason to pay for an Office subscription instead of paying a 1-time fee for the latest desktop version of Office. Sign up for Office 365 and not only do you get to use the latest Office apps… you […]

Fitbit launches Charge, Charge HR, and Surge fitness trackers

fitbit surge_02

Fitbit is one of the leading names in the wearable fitness tracker space… even though the company’s Fitbit Force has been offer the market for months due to a recall after users complained of skin rashes. Now the company’s launching a new line of devices including updated activity trackers and its first watch. Hopefully none […]

OnePlus One pre-orders open today (until 2:00PM)

oneplus one_01

There’s good news for folks that’ve been trying to get their hands on a OnePlus One smartphone: you can order one without an invitation today. There’s also bad news: you can only place orders between 11:00AM and noon Eastern Time and there’s no guarantee your phone will ship promptly. Update: Not surprisingly, it looks like […]