Restore the classic Firefox theme in Firefox 29


It won’t be long before Firefox 29 goes from being a beta build to rolling out to all of Mozilla’s users. When that happens, the new Australis theme will become the default — and not everyone is happy about that. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with the new theme if you don’t like it. Extension creator […]

Google announces Toshiba Chromebook, K-12 Books for Education


Lenovo just introduced two new Chromebooks designed for classroom use, and Toshiba’s getting in on the action, too. Schools that want something a bit bigger than an 11-inch display can now opt for the 13.3-inch Toshiba Chromebook. The 13.3-inch Toshiba Chromebook just went up for pre-order last week, and you can reserve one on […]

SkyDrive will be reborn as OneDrive


Microsoft’s cloud storage and sync app SkyDrive will soon be reborn as OneDrive. The change became necessary after Microsoft got into a trademark dust-up with British broadcaster Sky. Why OneDrive? Microsoft’s probably planning to pitch it as the one drive to store all your files from all your devices, for starters. It’s also a way […]

Radxa Rock dev board packs a quad-core RK3188 for $99


In the market for a quad-core dev board with Android and Ubuntu support for around a hundred bucks? The Rockchip RK3188-based Radxa Rock is now up for sale at several e-tailers. At $99, the Radxa Rock isn’t the cheapest quad-core dev board you can buy. It’s around $40 more than the Hardkernel ODROID-U3, one of […]

Blackphone promises complete privacy, but what will it deliver?


Privacy-minded smartphone users, take heed. There’s a new handset coming called Blackphone, and its creators want you to know that it’s being built from the ground up to provide the most secure smartphone experience possible. But will it live up to the hype? The Blackphone team is comprised of some heavy hitters in the digital […]

CompuLab launches fanless, Haswell-powered Intense PC2


CompuLab’s Intense PC was already pretty cool when it shipped with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. Now it’s available with Haswell chips, making the IPC2 more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor. The aesthetics haven’t changed. The IPC 2 still looks more like a cable modem/heatsink hybrid than a desktop computer. Those fins help keep […]

MSI J1800i is a Bay Trail board and CPU combo for just $60


MSI’s got a nice new mainboard and CPU solution if you’ve been thinking about building your own HTPC or a budget-minded desktop. The J1800i comes with an integrated Bay Trail Celeron processor, and it’s got a suggested retail price of just $60. The j1800i is very similar to the ECS BAT-I. It features a 64-bit […]

Images of next-gen Kindle Fire HD leaked


Clues about Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire HD refresh — like its 1080P display — have already trickled out. Now, there’s a set of leaked images to go along with the hardware specs. BGR got its hands on a handful of photos of the new 7-inch model, and its sources report that the 8.9-inch version is […]

Why the BlackBerry PlayBook is still worth buying


The BlackBerry PlayBook probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s tablet wishlist right now — not that it’s ever been high on the list for most shoppers. Sales have never been particularly strong, and the recent announcement that the PlayBook won’t be upgraded to BlackBerry 10 didn’t help. Nevertheless, the PlayBook is an option worth […]