Xiaomi unveils $200 unibody Mi4i


Hugo Barra and Xiaomi took to the stage in New Dehli today to reveal the company’s latest smartphone. What they showed off was a surprisingly powerful new device with a surprisingly low price tag. This is the new Xiaomi Mi4i, an update to their Mi4. It’s both thinner and lighter than the previous model, at […]

BlackBerry 10.3.1 update brings Amazon Appstore to all devices

bb passport_07

Got a BlackBerry 10 device? If you do, you’ll soon see a notification that there’s an OS update waiting for you. And once it’s installed you’ll have access to a whole lot more apps than you did before BlackBerry 10.3.1. That’s because the Amazon Appstore is part of the update. While owners of the two […]

Zrro Box is a different approach to big-screen Android gaming


There are loads of options out there if you want to set up an Android-powered gaming console on your big screen. An ideal experience remains elusive for a number of reasons, from laggy Bluetooth controllers to limited libraries. Zrro (pronounced Zero) is hoping to change all that. At first glance, Zrro looks like pretty much […]

Is Mozilla building a walled garden around Firefox?


Last week over on the Mozilla blog, the Foundation announced a major change that’s coming to a future release of Firefox. In the name of security, they’re going to start requiring that all add-ons be digitally signed. Extensions that are submitted to the AMO (the official add-on repo) will be signed automatically after review. This […]

Toshiba reveals the first Project Ara camera modules


Google’s hoping that the first modular Project Ara smartphones will be ready to ship to lucky residents of Puerto Rico later this year, and those phones are going to need camera. Fortunately for early adopters, Toshiba already has a working snap-in module ready to go. Toshiba will have two Ara-compatible, rear-facing camera modules. For those […]

Rikomagic launches new Bay Trail-T TV boxes


Flip through Rikomagic’s product listings right now, and you’ll find a number of Android boxes powered by ARM chips from AllWinner, Rockchip, and AMLogic. Their newest TV box, however, will run an Intel Bay Trail-T Atom. Update: it’ll be called the Rikomagic MK35. You’ll also be able to pick it up with either Android 4.4 […]

Pipo’s new Core M tablet dual-boots Windows and Android


Pressure from Google and Microsoft might stop big-name manufacturers like Asus from building dual-boot devices. Smaller Chinese OEMs, like Pipo, couldn’t care less. Pipo just introduced a new Atom-powered Windows 2-in-1 last month, and now they’re adding another new device to their line-up. This time it’s a 10.1-inch tablet powered by a 14nm Intel Core […]

CrunchBang Linux developer moves on, recommends switch to Debian


It’s the end of an era, lightweight Linux fans. Philip Newborough has decided that it’s time to move on, and he’s ceasing development of #! — CrunchBang, for the uninitiated. Years ago when Brad and I started working together at AOL’s Download Squad, I purchased an MSI Wind U100. I threw all kinds of operating […]

VivoWatch could be the next Asus smartwatch


With its stylish good looks and a retail price just under $200, the Asus ZenWatch pleasantly surprised a lot of critics when it launched. Now it looks like Asus is preparing to launch another model, the VivoWatch.   Today, a new entry from Asus appeared in the Bluetooth SIG database. As is usually the case, […]

Xiaomi Mi Note is a $370 flagship aimed at the iPhone 6 Plus


China’s Xiaomi has gotten a reputation for launching impressive devices with very low price tags — with some selling for under $200. Their new Mi Note shoots well past that mark, but at $370 it’s still a bargain compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. Xiaomi was pretty clear about calling Apple’s slablet out as the competition. […]

Android 5.0 Lollipop ported to Nexus Player

nexus player_02

Google has been trying to figure out how to attack the living room for quite some time now. This year, with the launch of the Nexus Player, they showed that they were heading in a new direction. That said, Brad noted a few shortcomings in the Android TV experience when he reviewed the Nexus Player […]

Tango pocket-sized desktop supports Windows and Linux (crowdfunding)


Ever wish your PC was more portable? Like tuck it in your pocket portable? If you owned a Tango PC, that’s exactly what you’d be able to do with it. There would, however, be a few tradeoffs. Let’s look at what Tango is first. The team behind it is hoping to raise money through crowdfunding […]

Restore the classic Firefox theme in Firefox 29


It won’t be long before Firefox 29 goes from being a beta build to rolling out to all of Mozilla’s users. When that happens, the new Australis theme will become the default — and not everyone is happy about that. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with the new theme if you don’t like it. Extension creator […]