Pale Moon’s Firefox-based browser ported to Android


Pale Moon is an open source web browser based on Firefox. It’s compatible with Firefox extensions, optimized for speedy performance on modern computers, and it has one killer feature that’s probably done the most to make the desktop version of Pale Moon popular with many users: it doesn’t adopt the Australis user interface introduced with […]

Meet the first games designed for Amazon’s Fire Phone

sabers edge

The Amazon Fire Phone is scheduled to start shipping to customers on July 25th. One of the phone’s most unusual features is a 3D user interface that uses a series of cameras to keep track of what you’re looking at and adjust the display appropriately. Want to do more with the Fire Phone’s “Dynamic Perspective” […]

Lilbits (7-21-2014): Are you ready for 8TB hard drives?


My first desktop computer didn’t have a hard drive. My first system that did came with a whopping 40MB of storage. We’ve come a long way since then. You can buy terabytes of storage for under a hundred bucks. Still, it’s kind of mind-boggling that Seagate has announced it’s begun shipping samples of its first 8TB […]

Tizen update turns the Samsung Galaxy Gear into a Gear 2 (almost)

samsung galaxy gear

Samsung is now offering a free software update to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that kind of turns last year’s smartwatch into this year’s Gear 2 watch. No, the software update won’t give you a slightly faster processor or a heart-rate sensor, but it will replace that Android software that came with the […]

Intel updates Bay Trail, Haswell chip families for low-power portables

Intel Logo

Intel is updating its notebook chip family with a number of slightly faster Haswell and Bay Trail processors including 7 new chips aimed at relatively low-power portable notebooks or 2-in-1 systems. There are 4 new Bay Trail chips which use 7.5W or less, and 3 new 28W Haswell ULV (ultra low voltage) chips for higher-performance […]