Tronsmart Orion R28 Android box sports RK3288 CPU, up to 4GB of RAM


Tronsmart’s next Android-powered TV box will be the company’s first model to feature a Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 processor. But that’s not the only thing that will make Tronsmart Orion R28 unusual. The company also plans to offer a model of this tiny computer/media streamer with 4GB of RAM… although the first versions scheduled to hit the streets […]

Deals of the Day (8-28-2014)

toshiba wt8

Think Toshiba’s new $199 Windows tablet is too expensive? No problem… shortly after launch you can pick it up for $20 off from Amazon. Still too much? No problem. Toshiba is selling refurbished versions of a slightly older tablet on eBay for $149… and as an added bonus that older model actually has more memory and […]

Samsung’s first 64-bit chip could launch in September

antutu galaxy note 4

Samsung is holding an event September 3rd where the company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, among other things. If leaks and benchmark results posted online are anything to go by, Samsung’s next big-screen phone will have a high-resolution display, 3GB of RAM, and one of the company’s first 64-bit processors. It’s […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2, IdeaTab S8 leaked ahead of IFA

lenovo thinkpad helix 2

With the IFA show scheduled to start in Berlin next week some companies are spilling the beans on their new products early. Others are having their beans spilled for them. Lenovo falls into the latter camp. Notebook Italia reports the company will introduce a new 8 inch Android tablet and an updated version of its […]

Meet the LG G Watch R: Android Wear with a round face

lg g watch r bigger

LG is preparing to launch its second smartwatch featuring Google’s Android Wear software… and this time it’s round. The LG G Watch was one of the first Android Wear devices to go on sale when it launched this summer for $229. The company’s new model features similar specs, but the LG G Watch R looks a […]

Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch that can replace your phone

gear s_04

Most smartwatches are wearable devices designed to work with your smartphone by displaying notifications on your wrist, letting you control music playback on your phone, or performing other symbiotic functions. The Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch that can replace your phone… or at least it’ll work whether or not you happen to have a phone […]

Firefox OS 2.1 will feature selective app permission

firefox os permissions

When you download Android apps from the Google Play Store you see a list of permissions required by each app. Don’t want to install an app once you realize it would have access to your contact list? Then you can decide not to install the app after all. But despite some developer tools uncovered last […]

Asus launches Fonepad 7 with Intel Moorefield CPU (in China)

asus fonepad 7

Asus started showing off its first 7 inch smartphone with an Intel Moorefield processor in June. Now the company has launched the Asus Fonepad 7 FE7530CXG in China, where it will be available for purchase starting September 1st. It’s not clear if this particular model will be available outside of China anytime soon — but […]

Is the Asus F205TA a $199 Windows notebook?

asus logo

It looks like HP may not be the only company with a $199 laptop in the works. French retailer pc21 has posted a product page for an unannounced Asus device called the Asus F205TA. It’s priced at about 205 Euros including VAT taxes… which means that if and when it comes to America the Asus […]

Toshiba Kira 102 ultrabook launches in Europe

kira 102_01

Toshiba is refreshing its Kirabook line of thin, light, powerful, and expensive laptops with a new model called the Toshiba Kira 102 which launches this week in Europe for 1,649 Euros. That’s about $2,175 US, but the laptop will likely be a little cheaper if and when it comes to America. Like other members of […]

Deals of the Day (8-27-2014)

vulcan excursion

Can’t decide whether you want a Windows tablet or a Windows laptop? There are plenty of 2-in-1 systems available. The Vulcan Excursion XA might just be one of the cheapest I’ve seen. Newegg is selling this 10 inch tablet with an Intel Atom Z3735D Bay Trail processor and Windows 8.1 software for $207 when you […]