VAIO is back in the PC game, this time without Sony (or international sales)

Now that Sony has spun off its VAIO PC business as a separate company, the new VAIO is back in business. The company unveiled its first new laptops at an event in Tokyo… and they look just like the old Sony VAIO line of laptops.

The difference is they don’t have the Sony name on them… and they won’t be available outside of Japan. Interestingly, they are both available from the Sony store in Japan.

vaio pro

The new VAIO Pro 11 and VAIO Pro 13 are thin and light notebooks with touchscreen displays, full HD IPS screens, carbon fiber cases, and a choice of Intel Core i3, Core i5, cor Core i7 Hasell processors. Pries start at about 120,000 yen, or roughly $1180 US.

The VAIO Fit 15E sports a 15.6 inch display, Core i3 through Core i7 Haswell processor options, an HD or full HD display, and a starting price of 100,000 yen, or about $985 US.

While the new notebooks look familiar, they also look pretty nice. Whether VAIO will sell enough of them to justify expanding the product line and eventually branching out into international sales again remains to be seen.

via The Verge



    Does it have a SD card slot or a Sony Memory Stick slot?

    • Seano

      Haha, great point!

    • Halfey Halphstein

      I think it has at least the SD card slot as that is pretty much standard these days (so far I haven’t encountered any ultrabook not having it). However I don’t think there will be Memory Stick slot because as far as I can remember even the last few batches of VAIOs (under Sony) didn’t come with it. I think Sony has kind of abandoned it but even if there are Memory Stick slot in there I think it would be some sort of hybrid card reader that accepts both SD and Memory Stick. BTW correct me if I’m wrong but AFAIK even PS3/PS4 and PS Vita didn’t come with Memory Stick slot either.