Samsung Exynos ModAP chip is its first with integrated LTE modem

Samsung’s newest smartphone chip is the company’s first Exynos processor to feature an integrated LTE-A modem. That means phones with new Samsung Exynos ModAP series chips will support 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile broadband and they won’t need a separate application processor.

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More realistically, this could mean Samsung won’t need to offer multiple versions of its phones in the future: the company’s last few flagship phones have featured Samsung Exynos processors in some markets, but Qualcomm chips (with integrated LTE) in others.

The Exynos ModAP features a quad-core, 28nm application processor,a signal processor for cameras up to 8MP, and support for an Exynos RF companion chip for enhanced connectivity.

All told, the Exynos ModAP series chips won’t be the most powerful processors Samsung offers at launch… but they could be some of the most versatile and they could pave the way for future chips with higher performance¬†and integrated support for speedy mobile network connections.

  • BoyKay

    This is definitely for bread and butter models, at least for now in its current guise.