Meet some of the first Android Wear apps

Getting ready to spend $199 or more on an Android Wear smartwatch, but want to make sure it’ll work with some of your favorite Android apps? No problem — Google’s just added a new “Apps for Android Wear” section to the Google Play Store.

Now you can see which Android apps have features designed specifically for use with Google’s new smartwatch feature.

apps for android wear

Out of the box you should be able to see notifications for incoming calls, text messages and chats on an Android Wear device and you can also use it to search the web, make an appointment, or perform other basic tasks.

But now that app developers are adding support for the platform it looks like you can also practice a foreign language by glancing at your wrist, order food for delivery, view weather forecast details, get news headlines, and more.

Not every Android Wear-compatible app seems to be on Google’s list yet. But it’s probably worth keeping an eye on whether you’ve already god a smartwatch or you’re thinking of buying one.

via Android Police and +Android Developers