Lilbits (7-11-2014): Hacking Android Wear

Android Wear may be an operating system for smartwatches… but under the hood it’s a lot like Android for phones, tablets, TVs, and other devices. So it’s not surprising that shortly after the first Android Wear watches started shipping we started to see developers creating custom ROMs.

Want to know how to get a little more out of your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live (or maybe get a little closer to irrevocably damaging it?) Android Central’s got a guide for hacking Android Wear.

hacking android wear

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lg roll

  • Michael Thompson

    It’s these brave early explorers I have to tip my hat to when it comes to hacking devices like this.
    Not everyone is successful. Sometimes the path to glory is paved with tears as devices are bricked in the attempt.
    It is a well of awesomness for which I salute our hacking brethren and cistern…