Google Android L ported to the Nexus 4 smartphone (unofficially)

Want to try out Google’s upcoming version of Android, but don’t have a Nexus 5 phone or Nexus 7 tablet? If you’ve got a slightly older Nexus 4 smartphone then you’re in luck — there’s an unofficial port of the Google Android L developer preview available for that phone.

At this point Android L for the Nexus 4 is based on the official Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 builds, it’s very much a work in progress, and there may be even more bugs than you’ll find in the officially supported versions.

But when have those things ever stopped people from flashing custom ROMs?

android l nexus 4

Members of the xda-developers forum figured out how to get Android L up and running on the Nexus 4 on July 5th, and developers have been trying to squash bugs at a furious pace.

Updates version 33 and later seem to be the most stable so far, with support for WiFi, 3G, camera, and other hardware are working, and you can load the Google Play Store and other apps.

Update: Developers are making some pretty serious progress: Bluetooth, NFC, and SuperUser are all working. If you’re looking for a ROM to flash, check out hte Android l preview thread at xda-developers for the latest beta.

Still, make sure to backup your phone before flashing this unofficial firmware. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll want to go back to KitKat or whatever ROM you’ve been running at some point.

via /r/Android 

  • Mobile_Dom


    • Aditya Parama Hadi

      The moment when I heard about android L, I was wondering will my nexus 4 still able to run it. Now that I know it will, I’m a happy man.

  • Syko Pompos

    It is actually a mix between n5 and n7 2013 plus some kit kat

  • Kingu Prima

    do you think there will be an official release for nexus4 ?

    • Bailey Grant

      I think so, and hope so.

    • Cal Rankin

      Eventually, yes. They released the AOSP code for Android L for the Nexus 4

  • Marlo

    I tried it last night. The first boot took some time but it ran awesomely smooth! The transitions and animations are so fluid. Pretty much comparable to the fluidity of iOS now.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    Well, I will definitely try this latest preview of Android L version on my Nexus 4, once it gets fully charged on qi wireless charger.

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