FreedomPop brings its free mobile data plans to Europe

FreedomPop is an unusual wireless carrier that offers up to 500MB per month of free mobile data… in hopes of getting you to pay a bit extra for more data.

The company sells mobile hotspots and smartphones (with unlimited talk and text) in the United States by piggybacking on Sprint’s wireless network.

Now FreedomPop is beginning to roll out service in Europe, starting in Belgium.


The European mobile operator landscape is a bit different than the US market. Customers in Europe are used to buying their own phones and getting a SIM card from a carrier, so FreedomPop won’t sell phones. Instead it’ll offer SIM cards to customers.

Don’t live in Europe, but planning to take a trip? US customers will be able to grab an international SIM from FreedomPop and put it in their phone before traveling.

Once you’ve got a SIM, just pop it in your iPhone or Android device, installed the FreedomPop app, and you get 500MB of free data per month along 200 free voice minutes and 500 text messages. Want more? There are monthly plans that included unlimited talk, text, and data for a monthly fee.

Note that voice calls and SMS are routed over the internet, so call quality may vary depending on your internet connection.

FreedomPop is launching a trial with Dutch wireless carrier KPN. Eventually the company plans to expand into additional regions including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Asia.

via Techcrunch

  • lol

    plans to expand into additional countries including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Asia. <- 😀

    • Brad Linder


  • buzz86us

    I wish they were like that here GSM gives me a larger range of phones that I can use with the service.

  • guy

    What was that service that offered to roll over your data to the next month? Or am I making up memories?

    • another guy

      you’re not making it up, i was wondering the same thing, but can’t remember it.

      • The_Cageybee

        Was it giffgaff?

  • Jules Kondo

    So is this out in Holland with KPN?

  • captain irrelevant

    FreedomPop is known to do some random charges on your account. Scraping your money away from you bit by bit.